“Sorry for the Long Post, here’s a Potato” originates from glaDOS in Portal 2

All these offerings and confusions about offering potatoes for long posts just come from fanboys who enjoyed Portal 2 so much they decided to incorporate it into the 9Gag culture. A lot of people who have never played Portal 2 have no idea what the meaning of the potato reference. It just sort of became a running gag that took on a life of its own. Up to this point, I only found the references confusing and mildly amusing. Now I see it as very nerdy and interesting.

Or maybe, the potato reference was made more popular by the Yogscast Lewis and Simon making jokes about it. But they took the potato reference in a different way by saying that they are potatoes instead. They don’t offer you as a reader a potato, so much as call themselves the potatoes.

Also, I believe the potato shape may refer to someone who is overweight and dumpy looking. There may be some kind of physical representation that comes from the potato lore. Either way, the potato can take on unique shapes that sometimes may appear humanistic in its own art-form.

bandicam 2014-12-29 15-02-47-125

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