How do You Beat the Summer Heat? Just Move to the Pacific Coast.

The fog rolls in during much of the morning. You don’t see the sun until the afternoon. The winds maintain a cool and steady relief over the area, even when the sun has a chance to beat down on the area. People are more relaxed. The lack of excessive heat seems to influence people’s perception of their world around. A cool, calm steady climate in the summer lead to positive attitudes all around.

While, in contrast, the Midwest gets assaulted by sun blasts. People fight for shady spots to get relief for their cars. The sun moves throughout the day, so you can’t always be in the perfect spot all day unless you can park right next to the trunk of the tree.

Just look at the contrasts between coastal living and further inland. It makes for a very difference experience in how you interact with the land.

Vlog: Food Bank food got me sick again. Why do I keep going back?

This is actually the first time I went to this particular food bank. I ask my question because I have went to a lot of different food banks throughout the western US. The majority of them have not gotten me sick. Although, I can avoid some food choices that I believe will get me sick. But who am I fooling, it can be hard to tell what is clean just by looking at it.

This infection felt terrible, sapped my energy for a few days and took away quality time as I fought the infection. The only plus side is that I masturbated a lot more during the sickness. It’s so odd to me how the sickness increases my sex drive. Why does that happen so much? My nerves get a little more sensitive and masturbating suddenly feels better.

I like to think that maybe every orgasm can help eject the infection. Is this possible? That would be crazy if true. I am probably just enjoying some pleasure to help overcome my pain. Perhaps the extra blood rush boost can be helpful, I don’t know. 

Drain the Mexican American Swamps in California, USA (Video)

I look at the Mexican populations in Salinas, California and see people who don’t appreciate the area they live in. They act like these cities are Gods gift to them. Many, many Mexicans believe that California still belongs to them. Sure they defeated the Spanish to win California. Sure the Mexicans feel robbed that their win was short-lived, roughly 20 years. Who wouldn’t feel like candy was taken from a baby?

Mexico won California in about 1821. Mexico loses the state to the US in 1849. Ever since then, the Mexicans have been plotting to win the state back. If they can’t win the state by direct war(which will never happen), then they will try other methods. So far, they seem to be building their Mexican Mafias that work within only their own cultures. Ofcourse there are some Mexicans who extend an olive branch to the gringos for good business deals, but ultimately the Mexican operatives in America mostly serve Mexico.

Mexicans don’t care about serving anybody else. They will fight to kick people who are not Mexican out of the state and away from their communities. How are the Mexicans so effective at maintaining their cultures? Because they have their own language and customs they practice between each other. They practice racism by mostly favoring other Mexicans. An outsider does not have a chance in competing within a Mexican community. The American Constituion does not apply to the Mexicans. They can work around it, especially with practicing their own language.

Mexicans should be more afraid of the ICE Van along the California Coast.

The real estate prices are higher for a reason and there is no room for the illegal aliens to enjoy this part of America without being documented.

I look at the terrible weather that the Midwest people have to endure and feel very sorry for them. That Midwest weather kills homeless people. It prevents vegetation and creatures from thriving. Nothing can easily adapt to the wide swings in the climate and weather patterns. It’s too bad so many Midwesterners feel so disassociated from the California coast because of the cost.

But if someone can take a closer look at the coast, they will find many ghettoes which have developed in strong pockets around the area. Criminal thugs have walled off sections of California and enforce their own systems of Justice. Just look at what the Mexicans are doing to secure their foothold in the area. They fight in very different ways from other cultures.

Mexicans are willing to devalue their own properties, while, in turn, increasing the value of their rich neighbors. Through low-wage labor, the Mexicans are loved by their rich neighbors. In fact, the rich show their appreciation by trying to protect the illegals. The rich will accept the undermining of the Customs system to embrace more Mexicans into the country.

Mexicans are very deceitful. They offer this low-wage work, but they get more than just the wage anyway. They have set up their own Mafia system of trading. Many only speak Spanish, and that is the official language of their Mafia. They protect their own. One Mexican asked why we don’t see homeless Mexicans? They protect their own, ofcourse. It can be quite easy to make an underperformer erase from the community.

Garbage day is an extra smelly day, I noticed in Redwood City. That could be a perfect time to kill another undocumented alien and dispose of them in all that stinky mess. If the area is extra stinky and dirty, it’s even easier to murder another undocumented person and dispose of them without a trace. No one asks any questions.

Does Mexico keep a Missing Person list for their public to see? Probably not. They probably don’t have a very sophisticated method of documenting their own citizens. So, the illegals who arrive in America are probably accustomed to the lack of documentation in Mexico already.

I would love to see a change of hands on the West coast. Too many people suffer from the heat waves of the Midwest and don’t realize how rough the really have it. Too many Mexicans are taking advantage of their Mafia on the coast to squeeze out any potential Americans from moving west. Drain the ghetto swamps of the West Coast. As nice as the weather is, this Utopia should be tainted with the thugs who have been allowed to settle here. Too many rich people have excused the criminal behavior for their own gain of having bigger house and more manicured lawns. They have very short-sighted goals.

Kids seek simple patterns while adults can follow more complicated ones.

As I waited in front of another library, so kid sits near me and starts playing a video on his mobile device. I heard a consistent cheering from the sound and it got me thinking about how kids have difficulty following complicated patterns. They probably are very entertained by simple patterns and find comfort in those patterns. It might give them a sense of control over their small lives. But at what point do they get bored of it? Or can you really get bored of certain observations?

When a kid learns their first word, probably, “daddy”, they can repeat it constantly. The kid might think “daddy” can be applied to everything, until they are taught it’s more complicated than that. The learn the pattern for daddy is very short. It only connects them to their dad. When the child learns more complicated patterns, they understand that there are even more complicated patterns of “daddy” to observe.

Need more Cream Corn in Your Life? Here is an easy way to prepare it.

Using frozen corn kernels immediately after they are frozen might be the best way to crush them them. At least, that is what I have found so far to be the case. If you wait until they are thawed, they can get a bit more rubbery. But I really haven’t tried it yet. This is a new discovery for me and there is room to expand options and choices. 

I almost feel like the guy who invented peanut butter. You simply crush until it’s a complete creamy texture, which is very nice to consume.

Who’s Jealous of My Level 8 Rank as a Google Guide? Top Rank Expert Here.

This rank never even existed a few a days ago. But with the update to the Google Maps they added more features for the Googles Guides that are interesting. They didn’t really offer any extra perks of any significance, but certainly gave us bragging rights. They separated the men from the boys in expanding the ranking system. 

I was remained a high level 4 in the end game of further point collection. A lot of other level 4s relished at being in the highest ranking at the time. The only goal after that was just to get as many points as desired without anything in return. It was just about the enjoyment of the process in collecting points. But I wasn’t even sure how the point system worked exactly, since no diagram was easy to find. But it all changed now, giving us a nice, clear perspective on what is going on with the Guide system.