Obesity Psychological Babble is Nonsense.

I hate reading about how people are afraid that their significant other will leave them if someone loses their unhealthy weight. I also hate reading about how people lost faith in humanity because they notice they are treated better by their peers for having lost their weight. Also, those people who say that being obese means nothing if you have true love for someone.

All these obesity forgiving statements are stupid and foolish to have. Obesity is a real problem and there are very good reasons for society to shun the fat people. Yes you will be treated differently when you look unhealthy. You will be treated like you are a sick person. Because that is what is happening to your health, you are very sick and suffering.

Fat people are closely associated with alcoholics. They both suffer an addiction to sugar extracts. The difference is whether the extracted sugar is fermented or not. They both derive a lot of pleasure for their addictions and make up a lot of excuses to find ways to get permission to continue their unhealthy behaviors.

The psychological dependence on sugar has gripped the nation even worse than before prohibition. The women’s suffrage movement to make alcohol illegal was in response to a lot of increasing car accidents that were occurring. But now, the hospitals are over flooded with too many cases of diabetes and obesity related health issues.

It’s time to get the Marketing departments regulated and stop trying to change the language in favor of forgiving obesity. This whole fad has just a very effective marketing scheme to sell the excess corn syrup that the government subsidized and it has worked too well for too long.

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