There are a lot of Successful People Who Should Jump in a Lake

I don’t envy most of these successful people in the world because they seem to value possessions I don’t care to have. I don’t care about a good 95% of the products sold in any discount store, like Walmart. Yet, somehow I should be trying to get myself excited about being able to buy more junk like every one else.

If people want to ground themselves to a property, like trees, then they should be rewarded for it. But why should I, in turn, be punished? The whole system is set up to encourage us to strive for an American Dream of owning everything. Everyone should own a pot to piss in. There must be more to life than burying ourselves in our possessions.

I really appreciate food alot. I don’t really own it for very long, which is great. I would hate to have to stare at it and ask what am I going to do with this food. The solution is already present: I eat it when I get hungry. All I really need is food to get through the day, and water. With food, I know I will use it when needed on a measured basis.

I don’t care to own too many possessions because many times they could sit in my car without being used at all. I have a foldable ruler from the early 1900s that I don’t even use. Why am I holding onto it? I don’t even need it. I could make just a little more room for other things instead.

Clothing seems important in the winter time mostly. When it gets cold enough, I need to layer up to sleep at night. I get a little scared, at times, of not having enough winter clothing to use for the cold nights. Everything I carry around in my car is the maximum amount of insulation I normally use. I don’t need anything fancy, just layers of insulation. I don’t even have a heater, just rely on body heat.

My biggest fear is getting sick in the bitter cold and fighting to stay warm outside. But, I have gotten through it many times in the past.

On The Bicycle Ride to Kelso Library, Washington, I saw no shade trees

Kelso is a tough place to find shade trees. Heart of the timber industry without a doubt. When a city says they started out as a lumber town and you don’t see any large trees in the area, you better believe it. There used to be massive trees throughout the whole Pacific Northwest until lumbermen and pyromaniacs moved into the area. Just look between 7:17 and 8:19. You will see a log cabin that was made after a great fire erupted in Kelso. The man salvaged what he could in 1850.

White man burned up and screwed up a lot of forestry. Cannon Beach suffered a huge forest fire because a pioneer wanted to burn some brush, but he burned down the forest as well.

Here is an area of Kelso, Washington:

bandicam 2015-07-06 15-04-59-035

I don’t know where to protect my car from the sun in Kelso. I need to look around more and see.

The U Lock is a Great Deterrent Against Bicycle Thieves

But they can still work around a good lock and take anything that isn’t securely fastened down, such as my seat:

Later, I went to Lowes store to get a bolt and nut that cost almost $2. Unfortunately, I’m not able to tighten the nut yet because I will need 2 tools to do so. That will cost even more money, but I can secure the seat onto the bicycle and the thieves will need to have their own tools to steal my seat.

I don’t like the seat the thief left me, but it is usable. I can’t be in a big rush to blow another $20 on another square seat. I will suffer for my mistake in leaving my bicycle seat vulnerable to thieves. I will also be thankful they didn’t take the whole bicycle. I bet if I used one of those cable locks, it would have been gone by now.

Mexicans Speak English in Longview, WA unlike most other places

Many cities in Oregon and Washington have large groups of Mexicans who speak only Spanish. I don’t understand the language, so assume they want to be ignored by English speakers. It’s not like the Mexicans are a lower class -I wait in line at the Food Banks next to them. They make a conscious choice to speak how they want to speak.

I think many Mexican groups are defiant of English speakers. I believe they hate much of the American way, but something still encourages them to stay here. It’s possible they believe that Mexicans will grow larger and the Spanish language will, in turn, expand with them. But it doesn’t look like all Mesicans are on board with exclusively speaking Spanish.

It was a little refreshing to hear English being spoken by Mexicans at the Longview Food Bank the other day. Every other city I was in before that, including Mount Angel, Woodburn, Salem, Seaside, Tillamook and so on all had exclusively Mexican Spanish speaking cultures. What do they talk about? Only they know.

Is it up to me to learn Spanish? People have to extend their hand to show a willingness to work together. I have to admit that I don’t really care to learn anymore Spanish than I Know. I have found that I don’t like most of the Spanish speakers anyway. They think too differently from me, in general. They are entertained by different mediums of entertainment that seem annoying too.

Polka music seems to be largely a part of the Mexican Spanish language. Those sounds will blast from people’s cars as they drive down the streets. Many young Mexicans have turned their polka music up very loudly.mits annoying, but on the positive side, it has no bass. They only have treble up loudly.

This is just w theory, but I think the Mexicans with the smaller beady-looking black eyes tend to stick with Spanish. The Mexicans in Longview had larger pupils that touched each eye lid. I find larger pupils to look more attractive in eyes, than small pupils. Small pupil people look scared all the time. They look more like victims.

But, I’m wrong about small pupils, because I know a girl back in Wisconsin who has small pupils and spoke mostly English. But that is Wisconsin and things are a little different.

Why do USA Killers Shoot, while other Countries Bomb?

Culture is shaped by its regulations and resources. Also media may be a factor, with movies and video games. People say that the video games don’t have much impact, but we can clearly see that the U.S. Killers clearly  prefer to shoot a mass amount of victims rather than blow them up.

It’s certainly a lot easier to blow people up by tossing a grenade rather than using an automatic rifle. You can drop and run, like the Boston Marathon bombing. They got their message across without exposing themselves immediately. The shooters know they are going to be discovered immediately, but something tells them that it’s ok.

Maybe it’s easier to train for mass shootings than explosives. They all have to do their research before they set out on their mission. Should I blow up this crowd of people or shoot them all down? Maybe it depends on the event. People move around a lot and it can be hard to blow them all up effectively. Picking off unarmed victims may be more rewarding.

There was the Olympic bombing in the US with Eric Rudolph. Why couldn’t he shoot people up instead? He made a decision that bombs were a better idea. Then there was Ted Kazinsky. He preferred bombs over shooting as well. Maybe the choice between bombing and shooting is pretty even in the US. I don’t know.

Oh No, My Yahoo Email is almost full and they will terminate my account. What do?

 I have reason to believe that “wishyouwell” had something to do with my email being full now. I will have to click all the links and do all that they say to get this straightened out now. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told my email was full. Somehow ignoring them seems to solve the problem. I wonder if it will work again? My luck can only stretch for so long.