Before Trump, Mexicans were paying $500 for fake documents. After Trump, that price has gone up!

After my “incident” in Hyrum, Utah:

I did a little research into the city. It’s an easy search, since they managed to make the national news a few years ago:,_Utah?wprov=sfsi1

I still wonder why these cops were so hard on me? Did they think I was trying to sell fake documents to the Mexicans by using drugs as the reason that they needed to search my car? A dog can’t detect fake documents, can it? The bigger crime would have been forgery and human trafficking. This document forging has been a problem in Hyrum. Without knowing the full details, I ask how it’s conducted. I mean, how do the Mexicans even contact the artists who create the documents?

So, Juan wants to come to America and live the good. What is the first step that he takes? While I he has made it to the Tijuana border, it seems like a dead end. The wall is growing bigger and the security is stronger. Where is someone who can help him? Was Tijuana the best place to go to figure things out? Is there an office full of coyotes to sneak across the border? There may be. He just needs to walk around a bit and see what businesses are available. Watch the people. What kind of interactions are happening?

Many people around here don’t seem to have much to do. What do they know? Should he look for illegal document-makers first or just try to sneak across the border first. Nobody seems to have very good equipment for forging believable American documents. Maybe it’s better to sneak across first, and work on getting the fake documents in America. It might be easier to find a tech whiz who gone bad in the Silicon Valley. Juan may have heard how the city is a “sanctuary city”. But, once you become a citizen, legally or illegally, he doesn’t need the sanctuary anymore.


Choose to be a Soggy or Sunny Homeless. Both require unique gear.

When you are poor and without a car in America, you may want to commit to either the sunny lifestyle or the soggy one. To carry all the gear necessary for both lifestyles may be very difficult. 

Look at the native Americans and the healthiest populations seemed to exist in the drier climates. The museum in Santa Cruz, California claims they have records that their area held the largest populations before the white settlers. The Indians seemed to live on the coast, but they probably had a ritual to avoid the flooding season. There is a very nice forest in the hills. Many probably went on hunting expeditions between the redwoods in search of elk. 

I wouldn’t doubt that elk could reach Mexico and further south by following the coast. There should have been enough for them to eat. I have seen dandelions growing in Los Angeles. The dry weather can be welcome for practically any land mammal. 

The soggy homeless people deal with a lot of mold issues. I had to throw a lot of things from my car from mold, which only takes a few weeks to take a strong hold. If you read the Lewis and Clark journals, you find they had a real tough time at Fort Clatsop with all the rains. Clark repeatedly complained of spoiled meat, not jerking the meat enough, not bringing the animals back soon enough, wet wood, and committing more men than usual to the process of jerking their meats. But on top of that, it was a little difficult to hunt food. Although, they didn’t have to trade with Indians too much. The party could live off the land a little with some trouble. Most they had trouble with too much rain.

Homeless people need to lay down on the ground more often than the rest of the population. In the rainy areas, homeless need to find dry spots, which will usually be man made structures, downtown and usually a business. This causes a conflict with the business owners. When homeless want to create dry spots on their own, they are at risk of conflict with the police.

Homeless people in the dry areas have many more options for ground to sit upon. 

My Health has gone from severe anxiety to borderline dementia over time.

But recently, my dementia seems to have increased at a more rapid pace due to my weight gain and problems with cooking in my car. The propane immediately causes dizziness that can last for hours. On top of that, the foods that I have been cooking also have been a problem. Even though there are some benefits with potatoes, I think they are causing a terrible weight gain as well.

I have seen warnings about potatoes being a problem with high glyceme. But I didn’t believe they really were a serious problem because they are a whole food. But, I am discovering that even some whole foods might also cause weight problems as well, especially when overeaten. I am happy to report that I don’t find the potato to be very addicting, but they can possibly be over eaten in some ways. 

I suspect that GMO would be the next logical problem to consider. These potatoes that I cook, many of the extra large ones will be hollow in their center. If you think rationally, no potato in its right mind would want to have any kind of hollow center. There is no benefit for a potato to be hollow. This hollow appearance isn’t a pretty sight either. It’s brown, like it is rotting. I cut the brown spots when I can and that includes the hollow centers as well. So, I am left much less potato to eat.

It seems that buying the extra large potatoes is no extra benefit because they tend to develop more brown spots and also hollow out in the center. Not to mention the changes that must go through the potato before they reach the strange changes. How can we be better consumers of the potato to avoid the disruptions that they experience on the GMO farms?

We need to see what the aerial parts of the potato looks like. There is a good chance that the stems and leaves have gone through some changes as much as the potato itself. The whole plant needs to be on display so we, as consumers, can compare the difference between the original potato, maybe a potato from 50 years ago, and today’s monstrosity.

I suspect that I might be suffering my obesity problems from the GMO potatoes and sweet potatoes. Something is still not right in my diet. I have already been turning down foods at food banks that have added sugar extracts. Do I also need to turn down the oversized GMO foods as well? Apples that seem to last a year. Potatoes as big as my foot. How can I draw w line when the whole foods are also messing with my health? I can’t give up the grocery stores or food banks because hunting and fishing is nearly outlawed on all levels. We don’t have many healthy wild choices left. I feel so powerless to stop my weight gain problems.

“The Sky is Blue” or “Thin Blue Line”? It doesn’t take much for a Cop to investigate you and demand your ID.

An anonymous caller can alarm cops that a suspicious person is in an area. The cops ask no questions and show up assuming the person who got called on is most likely guilty. A caller is qualified by being the first person to report suspicious activity. This is called “Swatting” and people have gotten killed over these kinds of calls. It’s more important for the cop to identify the suspect than it is the caller. 

Many times, the caller will report a greater crime than what is happening to create more alarm for the police. The caller may have in their minds a profile that they want to report without confirming their observation. The cop caller knows they have a limited time to call. They have to consider how long the response time would be for a minor criminal activity compared to a more serious one.

When you ask the cop why he wants your ID, he can just give the answer that the sky is blue, or the grass is green, so let’s see some ID. A picture ID. They will lie about their own names because they don’t believe truth is important. They will stretch the law beyond its written intention. They are confident the judge will side with them because cops are the ones who blindfolded “Lady Justice”. The judge will throw their book out the window as best they can while blindfolded. The judge will rule in the cops favor on the basis of credibility. 

I am a cop baiter. I don’t call the cops. I bait them. Simply conducting myself in a lawful manner, I will bait cops. I don’t discourage calling cops, but I do encourage being truthful about the actual situation. By adding a serious allegation, you can turn the suspect into a victim of police abuse. 

When people get angry, they seem to have less of a tendency to settle on getting even and more of a tendency to 1 up their victim. By calling the cops, who are supposed to be the last line of defense, you are increasing the chances for someone getting killed. A cops presence will raise your chance of death. The cop is paid to kill people or hurt them, disable them. The tools a cop carries are very specific to causing pain to other people. Not everybody carries tools around to cause so much pain to other people.

So, You want to Breach the Security of Facebook Data Center? Here is the first thing to do.

Let’s have a fantasy role-play scenario here. When I went to the Facebook Data Center in Prineville, Oregon, I know I had the anarchist fantasy. I don’t doubt that everyone in Prineville has asked the question of what would happen if? Facebook even knows there are some sick twisted people who want to do harm to their network. Facebook, itself, located in Menlo Park, California is practically on an islan (good security). You know they have amazing security, but they also want to make the campus look flowery for all the buttercup employees riding their light blue bicycles in and out of campus.

But the security set up is a lot different in contrast between the headquarters and the data center. The data center looks almost like a prison grounds. There is no illegal entry, yet there is no escape either. An armed guard walks the perimeter of the fence. He watched me very closely as I bicycled past. However, behind Facebook the security looks very weak. You could practically put on an orange vest and hard hat and walk onto the property like you got something to do. How far can you get?

If found it interesting how the Facebook data center is completely unmarked anywhere on the building. You would have no idea who owns it if you walked around that area. But it’s very rare for people to just causally stroll around the data center. It’s a little out of the way for all travelers. Unless if you have a passion for temperate desert scenery.

However, the headquarters has a nice little trail that wraps all the way around their island for regular people to enjoy. That was nice of Facebook.

Here is a tour of the outside of the data center:

0:00 Google Maps overview of Facebook Data Center to 1:40

The data center center is going to be over twice the size as shown on the map. It was only a desert landscape 8 years ago. Timed perfectly with the Obama Administration.

1:40 Bicycled to Ochoco Wayside State Park

2:02 View of Les Schwab Tires. This is the headquarters and where Les started his business.

4:32 More overlook of Prineville

5:28 edge of butte looking at city

6:56 comments of butte vegetation

7:17 viewing mountains visible from butte

7:44 start of trail to backside of Facebook

8:15 continuing on trail

8:42 getting closer

8:55 old brick

9:15 visible sign to prevent trespassing

9:38 Seeing a massive amount of construction. Two huge cranes?

10:22 Zooming in on the construction progress

11:23 Decided to go around the edge of the fence

12:01 Fence line takes me far away from Facebook.

12:26 Oregon State Parks sign

12:40 Does FBI visit the Facebook Data Center much?

12:50 at the butte, you can walk around the fence.

16:33 view from the butte edge

17:08 Construction visible from the butte edge

17:37 Inside the fenced area along the butte.

19:10 Heading in direction of landfill

19:55 This road is “No Trespassing” but no sign available where I entered. That happens a lot of places.

20:50 Gate guard didn’t see me leave. No big deal.

20:55 National Guard nearby Facebook.

21:15 National Guard sign

21:34 intersection of Tom McCall Rd and Houston LK Rd.

21:51 Another gate guard shack. 3 in all for construction.

22:02 Best security fence money can buy

22:20 Security guard walks fence perimeter.

23:13 Humane Society with a sign, “no trespassing”.

23:39 Road is being redesigned for Facebook and also Apple Date Center nearby.

24:32 No expense is too great for construction of this area.

24:48 ends Facebook tour. Start other problems.

24:59 Librarian Director in Prineville put a note on me car!

25:20 Reading note

25:28 Confronting the Director in his office; Prineville

28:44 Groundskeeper at Juniper Hill Park, Madras, Oregon taking pic of my car.

29:11 groundskeeper confronts me.

30:53 he is concerned with this trash

30:59 Somebody in handcuffs in Madras

31:13 more footage of Facebook Data Center from my iPod. The rest is iPod footage.

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Never Join a Club that requires You to Damage Yourself First! Lose it club, Loose Skin Club, Overeaters, Fat Girls Club

There are some groups to avoid. Even the premise of these groups is disgusting. Who wants to meet other people who have damaged themselves as well? There is nothing to brag about with these clubs. Do you want to shout about how great this group is from the roof tops? Are you proud to wear the badge? I wouldn’t be.  I can’t stand obesity. It’s something that needs to enforce the culture of shame upon. No fatty should be left to feel secure in themselves. There is nothing positive with fat people. They suffer terrible health problems, and depending how bad their condition, they are looking at a lifetime of irreversible damage. 

Many of these fatties still don’t get it. They took extreme measures to gain their weight. Then they take extreme measures to lose it. Then, they think the homeostasis of their body is simply going to return back to normal and they can carry normally and forget they ever got fat. The body doesn’t forget what you did to it. Your body scarred, calcified and strained to deal with that obesity for however long you lived that way. Your body is not going to let you off so easy.

Why not start a club that fights the sugar factories? I would be proud to represent a group of people hell-bent on destroying all of the sugar-extract factories. Dump Sugar Club!

What would the landscape look like if there was no Cascade Range?

We all know that from reading the Lewis and Clark journals, that the buffalo would have been grazing on the west coast if it wasn’t for those troublesome Rocky Mountains. But that only covers one large herd of animals that thrived in the central plains, but never the west coast. If you removed the Rocky Mountains, those herds probably could have out-competed the mountain animals, like the mountain goat.
The Cascade Range expands across an incredible distance north and south. Some might argue it extends from Mexico to Canada. But the more visible portion of the Cascade Range is clearly in Oregon and Washington. I crossed over the Range into Bend and it was the most gentle slopes. But when I drove to Yakima, Washington, it was one of my most treacherous drives. They had to close the road for a little bit, because a boulder smashed it to pieces after I drove through:

You can see a drastic change in the climate and vegetation from the west side compared to the east. It’s obvious on the picture option on Google Maps. You see a lot of green on the west side, while it mostly brown on the east. The east side experiences a “rain shadow”. You can call the east a “temperate desert. While the west is a “temperate rain forest”. They have very different experiences.

If you read the Lewis and Clark journals, they say that the Indians they encountered on the west side, we’re not the healthiest people that he met. But this was due to the frequent soggy conditions. On the other side of the Cascade Range, the people looked dirty more often (obviously from lack of rain to clean them) and many also looked unhealthy, but this was probably more to do with the lack of food.

I think the dry conditions are probably better for our health, but then we run into problems with food scarcity in the area. On the other hand, even though there is enough water on the west of the Cascade Range, it’s too much and it causes soggy health problems that kill animals as well.

Either side of the Cascade is an extreme in climate and vegetation that is tough to bear. So, I ask, what if there were no Cascade Range? It would be impossible to blow it all up with dynamite to level it all. Waste of time and resources. But I just ask the question in theory is all.