Damn Bums keep messing things up for the rest of Good People!

I was hanging out in a “strip mall” parking lot. Let me just say that all malls of any kind usually have tight security. Sitting in my car, I had a guy in a truck approach on my drivers side. There was a label “label” “Ajax” which denoted his company name on the side of his truck. He was the maintenance guy for the parking lot. He is self-employed to perform more than just trash pickup. He also runs the bums off the property. I was his next target in his sights. What did I do?

He accused me of sitting in the parking lot over night last night. Really? What do you have on camera? I can’t say what I have on camera. This dodgey answer says that he had no camera on the spot. Where are you getting this information from? I have a witness who claims you stayed parked in that spot over night. Oh really? You should question your witnesses credibility then, because their observation was wrong. Sure I spent the night in your parking lot two nights and also three nights ago as well. But I never spent last night in your parking lot. That person is mistaken.

Ok I have to check my sources again. But let this be a warning to you that I see you have been parked in your spot for a very long time. Ofcourse you old notice I was parked here for a long time. I have been the only car parked here for many spaces around me. It would be very hard not to notice me. I see you are using the library and I will give you permission to do so. Oh thank you kind sir, you are most generous with your graciousness. You’re welcome.


5 Hours after Trump announcement, CNN doesn’t work? Glitch?

Maybe something is wrong with a server somewhere? This announcement:

Is alarming. If CNN is being blocked, that would be an interesting strategy to funnel the source of news into Twitter. Imagine having all the control of this news story while the oppositional news sources struggle to get back onto the Internet. Could Trump be sponsoring DDOS attacks and controlling the media. His strategy has always been to go on the offensive. You don’t “win” by being on the defensive all the time. Trump took a page or two from Giulianis book called, “Leadership”:

Substituting Raisons for milk may not be working as planned. My Sweets Addiction needs help.

I gave up milk for a little bit and tried to rely on dehydrated fruits for that sweet taste instead. Boy, have I been eating a lot of dehydrated fruits -mostly raisins. I feel a little guilty eating so many. I’m not sure if they are a good option because it seems that I am starting to experience the repurcussions of the dried fruits, which is coming out in different ways from the problems of over consuming milk. 

Problems with dried fruit: dizzy vision, weak breathing.

Problems with milk: full gut feeling, constipation.

I’m trying to get a variety of sweets, but I really crave the intense sweetness. I grew up on candies and have a hard time shaking that habit. I wonder what my cravings would have been like before the candy? Maybe same.

Should I bring milk back into my diet a little more? I was drinking up to 1 gallon of milk per day for many years, roughly. I still believe that milk is very beneficial, but maybe not in too large of quantities, especially when I’m not exercising enough. 

4 Days of Rain on the Oregon Coast Killed Me. 

I can’t believe how bad my health got from all that excessive soggy rain. I thought I could handle it again. I was close to the coast a few years ago in Tillamook, Oregon. It rained for days on end as well. I didn’t get any serious health problems besides the lack of exercise. I was wet and cold, but never got dizzy. I never struggled to breathe. My heart didn’t go crazy and cause wild dreams that would drive my mind to new lows. The rain has seemed to push my body to extremes that it was not accustomed to.

I couldn’t find much relief from the soggy rain. I blamed my diet and changed to eating more pungent foods to support my lungs. As unpleasant as the onions were, I’m not sure how helpful they were. They probably helped, but not by much. I blamed eating too much sugar, too many peanuts, oats, raw foods. At least my gut was really struggling with those foods. 

As I get older, my body develops more problems. Maybe I struggled more with the soggy weather because I have an appendicitis issue now. Maybe it was when I gave into my sour cream addiction that my heart struggled even more. I didn’t have those extra health problems back in Tillamook. I also didn’t have the stress from the Coquille cops hounding me about all their fake laws.

CALL FLOOD! BunnybootsInk was arrested because of School Shooting politics; Springfield, Oregon

These petty tyrants think they are protecting the interests of the children, but that is debatable. Can we expect more arrests to occur like this from the political movements that started with the latest school shooting? You can become a victim of a crazy political movement that expresses anger over strangers entering school grounds. 

Bunny Boots said that he was supposed to be given a warning first. But with the new political sway a warning is clearly bypassed for the safety of the children. Now, let’s fill up those courts with extra charges of trespassing that would normally not have been given before the school shooting. It’s like we have passed through a new paranoia gate as a culture. The fear from one incident has all schools scared for their lives and everyone is at risk.

Here is me talking about those dirty cops some more:

Oops this one:

Life after Coquille is not the same, and it’s not just because of the cops. Oregon

My car continues to experience a decline in performance. My own health is struggling. The weather, right now, is extremely rainy and cold. There doesn’t seem to be many enjoyable options to consider at the moment. Many times I would turn to food, but with the intestinal infection, I really need to target my diet for drying out the dampness and cold that is causing problems.

Last night I didn’t sleep so good. So tonight I’m a little nervous as well. It doesn’t make sense to me why I have to suffer from a rapid heart beat while sleeping. Things may feel somewhat stable when I’m awake and moving around, but then I try to sleep and panic takes over. I get very panicky dreams that most likely come from my panicky health problem.

While driving I got into the habit of leaning forward at an extended position so I could talk into the camera. But this seems to be causing more problems for my swollen appendix. I have to lean back or suffer getting dizzy. Yesterday was so bad that I had to stop talking and rest most of the drive. I was getting more and more dizzy. Today was a little more improved. I took stronger measures towards consuming foods that would clean me out better.

Everybody Lies, but when it is to get You shot and Killed then that’s a problem.

I could pretend to know the law like the parks manager in Coquille, Oregon. I could be the one to advise the cops of the law. I would be amazed that the cop listens to me, but if it works that way, I will want to maintain that kind of power over the cops. This will certainly leave people who is really in charge of the city police. Clearly, the police here are not their own entity. They gather a lot of influence from the the other corporate agencies as well. How convenient is it to launch offensives against the public on your own whim. The parks manager must surely enjoy having his own little personal army to do his bidding.

What really sealed my suspicion about the park manager controlling the police interpretation of the law was not his trying to cover his own ads in my magistrate trial for having my car hood up. No. The light really shined when he attempted to erase a video I made that had a few seconds of his business card. He is desperate to avoid controversy in his hometown because everybody adores him. Nobody wants to see him in any dimmer light than the ones that must have been shining on him for a long time now. That light can reflect his bright orange work shirt to a dazzling blaze.

Just listen to him at the city council meetings about the great work he is doing securing grants and rebuilding the entire town single-handedly, and making valiant attempts at covering the parts that are getting moldy from disuse. But nobody really knows what happens in the city council meetings, because the newspaper stopped showing up. There isn’t any media coverage of the city council anymore. They are ignored and this allows them to create their own narratives, which, of course, will involve a lot of back patting.