Yelm Librarian Banned Me from placing my computer on any books; Washington

This is the strangest occurrence that i ever had in a library. I stacked 3 books and then placed my computer on them. Within hours, a librarian asked to use those very books. I was under the impression that someone was in need of using the books at that time. But then the librarian told me that I am not allowed to use any books with my computer.

I could make a bigger deal out of this if I wanted to, but I will just make a note of the situation as it stands. If the Yelm librarians feel that using books to prop a computer on is a bad thing, then that is their opinion. This is the first time I have ever experienced this sort of abrasiveness.

Getting Hot Water is Still Essential while homeless in every season

Although, I will say that it is a little more important to have access to hot water in the winter. But hot water is very useful for cooking and nearly cooking food at any time of the year. I made a video talking about access to hot water here:

Essentially, what I say is that hot water can come from the dispensers in coffee shops or gas stations. Also, you can buy a cheap electric kettle and keep an eye out for plug in sources. Also, if neither of the two options are available, then you will need to rely on making your own fire with propane or campfire.
Here is a video where I talk about the things you can cook with the hot water. They are good staples that you can change up on a daily basis:

Looking for free training to become a policeman? Lose all your money and go homeless.

I have been getting trained by the cops very frequently as a homeless person. They have harassed me and belittled me constantly. They don’t act like enforcers of the law, as much as enforcers of the norm. What they believe to be the norm is what they enforce. Every cop is different too. You can memorize the city codes and ordinances and maybe trump some cops arguments, but reason and logic doesn’t always work with a jerk of the law:

Night Cops Fail to ID themselves and always as though people are guilty of something

Every time I have gotten harassed while sitting in my car, I get treated like I am guilty of something. The cops ask personal questions a lot and it’s very annoying. I am starting to ask their questions right back at them and they act annoyed like I did something wrong. Who is more at fault in this bullying system? The people who let it go too far, or the cops taking advantage of our vulnerabilities?

How do you report that someone is dead on Facebook?

Bob Simenson is dead, yet I get a birthday notification from him. This makes me wonder how many of my friends on Facebook are actually dead. I don’t talk to all of them.bandicam 2015-10-29 12-27-52-348

Here is a video talking with him about Youngevity. I don’t believe this product works after his death:

All Stores are Designed to sell things, even their own buildings

It all depends on whether the buyer offers the right price. To be conclusive, a salesman will generally be open to selling their own soul for the right price. Otherwise, they would never have gotten into the sales business in the first place. There is very little that is honorable in salesmanship or the economy. Sometimes, a franchise can appear to be generous, but it is solely for their own gain. They can’t risk losing their business over any altruistic ventures. Otherwise, in the end they have nothing.

Do you want to buy bubble gum or the store? The right price will get you either of them. Of course, government regulators may require more paperwork with buying larger things, but sales of all magnitudes happen all the time. Do you buy on credit? Can you explain where you got your money? Many times people are able to create money out of thin air to make their purchases (in the form of interest or increased valuation).

Maybe the seller is willing to cut a good deal. When I bought a house, the seller was willing to come down considerably for me. He rationalized that I can be the one who pays for the extra sales tax when I sell. He also borrowed me a little money toward the purchase of my house and he made interest off of me at 8%. he didn’t have to sell me the house at full value because he used other means to squeeze money out of me for the property.

A salesman works on getting the best deals they can find. It just so happens that many will find specialization so in product categories to use their specific knowledge in selling at the best price for themselves. A good salesman knows how to raise the value of a product by upwelling it to the max. It may only take pennies to sell a bucket, for example, but a middle man can raise the price considerably.

In the end when a sales woman has nothing left to sell in a building, they can sell the property too. There is a price on everything in this economy. It seems that anything which is free was already built into the price for something else. Even the very air we breathe for free was built into the price of something else. You are not allowed to breathe free air every where. Try breathing free air at Disneyland and you will get kicked out for trespassing.