Even when town buildings look decrepit, the bank always looks nice

i didn’t realize that there is a trend in how banks maintain such nice properties even as other businesses leave and buildings fall into disrepair around it. I first realized it when I was in Pe Ell, WA. But I saw signs of it a little before that, but just didn’t give it much thought.

In the end, after businesses lose money and the loans are due, the bank will always have the upper hand. They understand the advantages of collateral and risk assessment. Many other kinds of business owners may not be as thorough as a bank. But also, the banks can get bailouts from the government as well whereas any other kind of small town business is left to filing bankruptcy. 

Money exchange is a very important aspect of business and will always get a lot of protection. Otherwise we have to go back to bartering, which can be a pain. How many good turnips are needed to match the value of a goat? Although money is very arbitrary itself. Just watch the prices fluctuate on Overstock.com and you will see how important price is to them.

One very Rewarding Experience is chopping My Own Indian Club

i chopped another handle for an Indian club or caveman club today. This time I went even larger. I could just barely lift the log when I was done. It made me think of one of those grossly large swords that cartoon characters use.  All I could do with it was lift it vertically and then let it drop and smash the vegetation in front of me. The log could flatten a rabbit into a pancake. Unfortunately, the log broke in half and I’m left with just a heavy Indian club.

The chopping was a very good exercise in itself. It’s nice to feel progress of the wood chipping away while I work towards my goal. I don’t need a lathe or spindle machine to make a handle, an axe works great. Everything is nice and smooth and I can touch my thumb to my fingers now. 

I had to drag the log out of the forest because it was so heavy. I might want to lighten it up a little bit, I’m not sure. I prefer to work with what I have and see what I can do for exercises. I think heavier is better. I think it might weight 50 pounds. I can’t do much with one handed exercises. I might want to chop the handle a little more to make room for a better two handed grip. 

Making my own Indian Club may have taken 30 minutes. I was able to find dry wood. But I don’t plan to take it with me. I also don’t plan to come back to Raymond either. This club will be just another temporary Indian Club workout just like the others I put together. 

I enjoy fatiguing my hands. The Indian Club is perfect for that. I notice a difference in my hand strength when I use the suspension trainer. My hands don’t get quite as tired. There is a weird fatigue point that I reach on the suspension trainer that the Indian clubs can compensate for. But the tools work with each other, because I think the suspension trainer does the best job for balancing out strength imbalances. I think my Indian club training and every day habits cause major strength imbalances.

Compare 1800s Cars to 1900s Car and You see Similarities and Differences

Here is s tour of the Carriage Museum in Raymond, WA:

They mostly have 4 wheels and seating arrangements, plus about half of them have some kind of roof or overhead protection. Some even have windows and doors. Many have springs to smoothen out the bumpy rides. Some even have mud flaps and bumpers. Some even have head lamps to make it easier to see at night. So, you see a lot of similarities to compare a carriage to a modern car.

Here is a Car Show that was held outside of the carriage museum:

These vehicles needed more safety features and communication devices because of the added speed they provided. They started getting a dashboard that gives them information on the status of their engine and speeds. They got radios to help keep the driver awake. The engines are shown off with the hood open so we can see what makes them move, but mostly, those are kept hidden. The noise they all produce and pollution they create make it very hard to hear and breathe. But, this is considered better for the animals instead of enslaving them to pull our carriages around.

Carriage Museum Went Through Major Changes from Last Year

Here I recorded footage on my iPhone4 in 2014:

Ok, it may not be easy to see the layout in this video very good. I mostly just looked closely at carriages.

Here is the outside of the carriage museum in 2014. It may be hard to notice again, but this is before construction. That front of the building you see is about 50 feet closer to me now:

I guess it’s not easy to portray through video of the changes exactly. The museum did a good job showing the progression of their construction. I never even noticed they extended out the building until I watched their video.

Here is the latest version of the carriage museum. They acquired 20 more old carriages, one even came from an old movie set:

I think all these carriages were donated for free because they became obsolete and virtually worthless to everybody except the Amish. The mail carrier carriage was sitting in someones front yard caked in mud until the museum decided to accept it.

There was a time when everyone could afford to have a carriage in the 1800s, similar to how everyone can afford a car today. The construction methods were efficient and repair parts were in great supply. Imagine an auto parts store that only carries carriage parts. The auto mechanics would have been carriage mechanics instead.

Even though carriages were invented in the 1500s, all these carriages in the Raymond museum are from the 1800s, when they were at their most affordable, I believe. I don’t think that carriages were used a great deal before the 1800s, especially in America.

I recorded information about how horses were treated during the carriage days. People had many problems with violence that was initiated and physical evidence of abuse.

There is one racing carriage that young rich males would race each other with. People race cars all the time, so you can be sure that carriages were also drag raced as well.

Slept in a Clinic Parking Lot, Woke up refreshed

maybe it’s the Raymond festival going on, but I feel a little more confident that the cops hands are too tied up to harrass me in my car in the dark. I have been harassed a couple times in Raymond already and it’s annoying. Don’t they have anything better to do? I guess not -unless there is a street dance going on. Then the cops want to show off their new bicycles the one time each year. How nicely polished they bicycles look as they barely get ridden.

I see more cops driving up and down the main road and everywhere else instead. Do they practice stalking behavior. They certainly put the mileage on their cars. They love giving tickets to the tourist visitors I think. There isn’t much of a revenue coming in from all the abandoned homes and businesses, at least. They probably have to rely on fines to pay the towns bills. This is not a sustainable government when they resort to fines as income.

The city seems to rely on a lot of tourism and possibly the carriage museum. I see the carriage museum got a very nice renovation. I wasn’t planning on checking it out in any great detail ( I only peaked through the windows), but I like what I see. I captured a previous video of the museum last year. I think it would be neat to compare the videos a little bit.

The lumber factory works on Sunday. So I guess they pull in a lot of money for the town as well. There is a forest garden that surrounds the western Washington area and it’s all privately owned by Weyerhauser. They are lumber barons. This area squeezes people out for more woodlands. The land around here will always have a value with all the trees available. You have to give the trees the best, most stable climate to grow big and tall. Humans don’t need such nice weather. Price them out of it instead and let them engage in price wars for crappy lands, like Oklahoma.

I feel a little selfish for driving over an hour west to get closer to the ocean. I think of that poor cat I met in Winlock and wonder if it survived in the 100 degree weather. All that noise creates so much stress, that in combination with the heat makes Winlock a miserable place to be in. 

There are a few wild cats around Raymond, but they no longer sleep in the old abandoned house that I caught them at last year:

Instead, the house is being renovated and cats were all driven off. I noticed a bee hive in the ground where cats used to hang out. I wonder if the cats were partly driven off by those bees too?

I drove over an hour west to escape the Pacific Northwest heat

97 degrees is too hot to deal with in Winlock. If it stayed in the 80s, maybe I could continue my northerly direction. But, when it gets dangerously hot like it has, I decided to head straight west. I know Raymond quite wellas I have been here before. It has been a year since I have been here last and it doesn’t look like anything has changed. Although, I have a slightly different perspective on the town.

My last weeks in the town last year, I had to starve myself because my food stamps ran out. But, I didn’t even know about the food bank. Now, that I know about the food bank, I can possibly prevent myself from starving here -which will be nice. But I don’t plan on staying nearly as long as i did last year.

I also am interested in Aberdeen which has more food banks, including the Salvation Army. I never realized how helpful the Salvation Army is until I got really desperate with my money. I’m just barely keeping my head above water financially, but it’s like I have a stone tied to my foot. So, the rotten and expired free food has been a big help in keeping my finances in better check.

There is a 10 degree difference between Winlock and Raymond and they are 1 hour and 19 minutes drive apart from each other. When Winlock is 97, Raymond is 86. Even 86 is still a little high for me, it is great relief from the 97 degrees. I don’t function very well in the shade even with that kind of heat.

Yesterday, I hung out in the shade after 5pm in Winlock when it was 93 degrees and I felt awful. To know that the temp was going to be higher over the next 2 days was very disheartening to learn. I’m like a frog being put in a boiling pot of water. Although, I can drive instead of have to leap out.

5 Reasons Not all Drifter Bums are Created Equal. Some move fast, some move slow

You see regular bums who may hang around cities for years on end. While, there are other kinds of bums who may only spend a few days in a city before they are off to the next one. How do drifters decide how long to stick around? There are many factors that contribute to a drifters decision process and everyone has their own perspectives.

Many factors include:

1. how restless are the locals

Do the ordinances prevent you from sleeping in your car like Seaside, Oregon does?

2. What are the homeless shelters and food banks like?

Maybe the local churches offer a nice place to set up your tent. At 3 minutes in I capture the tents to the left:

I’m not sure if those tents still stand. The city council decided to start imposing $25 per day fines for the tents.

3. How is the weather? Can a homeless person even survive the outdoor conditions?

The scars on my face are from early frost bite:

4. How is the free food centers? Do they civilize the distribution of food to food banks and are people forced to dumpster dive?

5. What are the bathroom conditions like? Can people find a good place to relieve themselves?

Some homeless people love the sunshine and warm weather. But others can tolerate the cold a little more, especially if there are good clothing distribution centers. Some homeless people are a little more responsible than others in their health and well-being too. I think the healthier ones might be more likely to bounce around from city to city. The ones who suffer addiction problems may have a harder time travelling into unfamiliar territories.

Age is most likely a factor as well. The younger people seem to enjoy travelling longer distances in shorter time, while older people tend to travel shorter distances in greater time.

People who live in their cars are still homeless. They are at odds with police and how the police treat them determines whether they stay in the city long or not. Having a car still can give a person a sense of power with mobility.