How fair have Disorderly Conduct laws gotten in the US?

The laws has certainly changed over the years. After looking at the wording between 1900 and today, it looks like disorderly conduct wasn’t really used early on. They adopted the word later at some point. 

One historian believes that during the time of the Great Depression in the 1930s, a lot of vagrancy laws came about. More people were caught sitting around and not doing anything. Since the frontier was completely explored at that point, all the land was claimed by either the government or private citizens. 

Because the government was getting tired of cattle prodding people verbally, they decided to write down the law to recite to people verbatim. Many new added amendments have been put under the disorderly conduct charge, so much so that it sometimes gets struck down by courts for being so broad:

Disorderly conduct charges based on lawful business is unconstitutional 

We all have human rights, but cities are encroaching on our human rights through the standardization of city codes and ordinances. The president may seem to have ultimate authority over the people, but it’s the cities who carry the most serious charges against peaceful people.

The worst example of city ordinances that I have ever come across was Seaside, Oregon who gives out $700 fines to people who sleep in their cars, even during the day. They violate human rights and get away with it because they have cops who run people out of the city. I had a regular citizen who brandished his guns in front of me and asked me if I lurched towards his property.

But the lawful business charges impede on reasonable commerce. I have s habit of parking in one parking lot and walking around to other businesses. However, lawful business charges make this exercise illegal and troublesome. I am breaking the law by leaving my car at one business and walking to another or several others. The law has gone too far.

Obese women may be more likely to get disgusted by rape than slender women

Looking at the difference in hormone levels between obese people and slender people, we know that fat tissue increases the volume of estrogen in the body. Higher levels of estrogen will decrease the desire for sex. So, if a rapist attacks someone who has a low desire for sex, that victim will be more disgusted with that rape and more likely to file a complaint.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to rapists choosing the victims. Recently, I saw a rather long list of reasons in Pinterest. They interviewed prisoners who were successfully charged with rape. One example that was the first example, which is hard to tell was the most popular reason or not, was that if a female had long hair, a rapist could use that to their advantage.

There are many factors in analyzing the situation of rape, and I’m just focusing on a narrow viewpoint here. I’m not exactly saying that women with higher testosterone want to be raped. But I believe they will be more likely to accept sex and be satisfied with sex. Whereas an obese female may be less likely to have satisfaction with sex and also more likely to turn down sex, thereby disappointing their suitor. Some men take no in different ways.

This is not to say that only women get raped. Men have been victims as well. Obese men are also less likely to enjoy sex and get satisfaction than slender men. So, in a gay relationship, the overweight males will lack lust for their partners, which can cripple a relationship. 

So in conclusion, a healthy society will be more likely to have fewer reports of rape than an unhealthy one.

Police Harassment leads to Disorderly Conduct

While playing on the internet at Lowes, I got harassed one night. I told that cop off and thought I seen the end of it. Turns out a few days later another cop comes by, this one even meaner and he decides to give me a “disorderly ticket”. I was surprised to find the police enforce private property laws so strongly around here.

Apparently, we have to get permission from the land owner for each time that we enter onto the property. I was on Lowes, yet I need specific permission from the landowner to enter their property. This is supposed to happen for each private property too. How am I supposed to contact all these 1%ers to get permission to enter their property? The laws in Idaho have gone too far:

Ford Focus 2004 with high RPM problem

Here are my trouble codes:
B1318 Battery voltage – low
B2230 Air Bag Driver Loop 2 Battery Voltage Short
B1869: Air Bag Indicator Inoperative
C1234 Wheel speed right front input signal missing
P0128 Coolant Thermostat (coolant temp below thermostat regulating temp)
P0420 Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1
P0460 Fuel level sensor A circuit
P0462 Fuel level sensor A circuit low input
P0128 Coolant thermostat (coolant temp below thermostat regulating temp) [confirmed]
P0420 Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1 [confirmed]
P0460 Fuel Level Sensor A Circuit [confirmed]
P0462 Fuel Level Sensor A circuit low input [confirmed]

I have an ODB reader that runs live scans. But I’m not sure which graphs can pinpoint the exact nature of the problem. This is what the graph can read for live scan:

Fuel system status 1
Fuel system status 2
Calculated load value
Coolant temperature
Short term fuel % trim Bank 1
Long term fuel % trim Bank 1
Intake Manifold Pressure
Engine RPM
Vehicle speed
Timing advance
Intake air temperature
Maf air flow
Absolute Throttle sensor position
Secondary air status
Oxygen sensor voltage bank 1 sensor 1
Short term fuel associated to bank 1 sensor 1
Oxygen sensor voltage bank 1 sensor 2
Short term fuel associated to bank 1 sensor 2
Oxygen sensor voltage bank 1 sensor 3
Short term fuel associated to bank 1 sensor 3
Distance traveled while MIL is activated
Fuel rail pressure relative manifold
Control module voltage
Average engine speed
Distance travelled
Instant acceleration
Vehicle voltage

How can I figure out what is wrong? I can’t drive very fast without my RPMs going up to 3000 and higher.