Big Brother is watching Me and here’s the proof!

Ever since I recorded the cop giving me a ticket for having my hood up, there has been a little bit of a backlash where people are making strong opinions and taking sides. Some people may have good intentions, while other people have bad intentions. Either side, they are spreading information around which is putting a stronger spotlight on myself. My reputation is spreading based upon who is talking about me and what they are saying. It’s all out of my control, and what is resulting are sneaky ways to track my movements now.

These cameras may have other uses that are supposed to be more important, but they are using the cameras on me. I can understand that the local cops only are aware of me as far as my recording them. So, they probably need to learn more about me to understand my motives. I would also ask, “why is this guy up walking around here at 3am”. But not everybody has criminal motives all the time late at night. Many criminals take advantage of the daylight instead.


3 flags of Coquille, Oregon: Black flag, Sovereign Citizen flag, American flag

People are rallying behind different flags in this small town and it is becoming a concern. First we have the long-standing flag that has been steadily waving for many years. However, newer offshoot designs are emerging, with their own set of values and philosophies. As people pair off with faithful oaths to each flag, we can see a wedge of dissonance slowly build up between the factions. What are these flags? What are they supposed to stand for?

The American flag is still the most commonly accepted flag that we learned to salute and honor. So that is well-covered.

The Sovereign Citizen flag is something different, which communicates that we are our own people. This flag was developed in the 1930s and not used much. I never seen one flying before until I got the Coquille, Oregon. But I have to wonder if it might be something emerging, possibly from the rise of the black flag?

Reading Comprehension for Police is at an all time low, even with mobile internet; Coquille, Oregon

Cops have become so confident in the internet that they don’t bother thinking about the law, when they can easily do a search on the Internet and make something up. Furthermore, when they can have their City Manager on the radio advising them, they can put all the responsibility in decision making with their supervisor instead. I may as well have been approached by a robot and had the City Manager print me out a ticket.

People should read old literature. You can really see a major dumbing down in America because people have reduced attention spans. When their aren’t so many distractions like the Internet, radio and phone, then the cop can actually have more clear-thinking about what the law says. When a cop gets easily distracted, they will write bogus tickets.

Plus there might also be the perception that I will not look up the ordinance myself. Or that maybe, because I’m Travelling, I will prefer not to stick around and just pay the ticket without any questions. Could the cop have really known that he was over stretching his legal boundary? If that is so, then the whole police department needs a major audit because it’s hard to tell how badly it is corrupted.

This “camp host” acts just as bad as a landlord; Sturdivant Park, Coquille, Oregon

When I got into southern Oregon, I started noticing more people living in the parks. Yet they are the only ones allowed to live in the parks? That doesn’t sound right to me. They post “curfew hours” all over the place and then settle in for a good nights sleep in that same area. What makes these people more qualified than other people to sleep in parks. You could say that they are professional bums. Do they get paid? Do they have to undergo some kind of rigorous training? Whatever, extra benefits they are given, it’s all going to their heads. They act just as bad as the landlords.they have the same NIMBY attitude.

You don’t find this kind of bad attitude coming from other establishments where the “caretaker” is not allowed to sleep on the property. The real problem is allowing people to “live” on these parks without much regulation for themselves. This is why other states don’t allow these “camp hosts” to live in parks. You will get problems with them being abrasive about all the park rules that exist and also exist in their heads.

This park host, in particular started trying to quote me the law, in which he didn’t actually know verbatim. How am I supposed to trust this “park host” to really kno what he is talking about? He might have let his perceived powers get in the way. The best way to stop these assholes from harassing good people on the park is to stop letting these bums sleep in the park in the first place.

Why are First Amendment Audits not more popular with the public?

It almost seems that the people are very torn between which side to choose in the matter of who is justified or righteous? If someone was in trouble, would they call a 1st Amendment Auditor for help? Most likely not. The First Amendment auditor is a critic of the people who were trained and took an oath to protect you. Cynics are not exactly heroic people to look up to. You have to ask what solutions does a cynic have to offer about a problem that they identify? None really. The cop, on the other hand paid to make decisions.

When you make a decision there is a good chance that you will make some people happy and other people unhappy. The cynic or 1A Auditor can usually be expected to fall in with the unhappy crowd. They will find something to nitpick about and rally the other cynics. What is their solution to a perceived problem? Fire the cop? Maybe the cynic could be more level-headed and rational in their decision.

Cops may not always be very rational in their decisions either. There is a lot of factors to consider about the first winces that affect a particular decision. This is why it can be helpful to have a watchful cynic to point out the inconsistencies of bad decisions. People can sometimes benefit from the input of a knowledgeable cynic, but you have to take their views with some caution.

Living in a broken car will make me vulnerable to cop harrasment

I guess I have been falling behind on good cop videos. But a broken car is always a great precursor to getting them sniffing around me a lot closer. They aren’t mechanics. They are always quick to offer a call to a tow truck. You know why that is? Because the tow truckers make more money when the cops call them, compared to when it’s a regular call. The cops know the tow trucks make more and sometimes they work in collusion. I will get my car towed against my protestations, in the best interest for “public safety” or some other lame excuse by the police. It’s very frustrating to deal with, especially when I am legally parked.

Money motivates them. They aren’t thinking about helping a homeless bum save money by buying time. The cops want me to keep it moving. But it’s also the public that puts pressure on the cops as well. People don’t want to see broken cars on the side of the road. 

My gut increased my anxiety and tightened over the appendix area again

This is a little frustrating. I went a couple days without any problems like this. What could be the issue this time? Let’s look at my diet. Right now I suspect it could be the dried milk, which I consumed a lot of. Or it could be the expired oats that I got from the food bank. I need to isolate these food items and test out eating other things to see what what happens. I can’t have this terrible tightness. It invades my life and consumes my attention, which is short enough.