Starvation is Easier to Manage with no added Sugar in the Diet

I find that sugar extracts make me crave food in unnatural ways. Because of that, in the past, I have feared starvation for long periods of time. But, as my knowledge about the harmful effects of sugar become more well-known, plus my crippling poverty have both taught me some necessary lessons about starvation.

You don’t have to become bulimic to face starvation. I don’t fully understand how they can motivate themselves to not eat with easy access to food and sometimes die. They have some serious body image issues. I will eat when I can, but I am limited because I make no money. I have to rely entirely on Food Stamps and Food Banks.

I can’t cook, nor refrigerate foods, so my choices are limited to room temperature types of foods. I need to chose the best options for my limited abilities. I used to take any and all Food Bank foods, but I hated how my gut started to feel extra soft. I felt rolls on my gut fold over and it made me feel gunky and uncomfortable. I guess I understand a bulimic in that respect.

Whenever I chose the high sugar-added foods, I found that I couldn’t stop eating them until they were all done and I felt sick to my stomach. I was battling an addiction to stop overeating processed sugar extracts and I lost every time. It got me mad, so I choose to reject foods before they reach my car as best I can. I still slip up, but not as badly as before.

You want to consume foods that don’t stimulate the appetite. Sugar extracts are the worst substance that stimulates appetite. It’s much better to consume foods that suppress the appetite, although that can be hard to do. Usually, the best appetite suppressors are bland food. I may go through periods of starvation, but that is still with food in my car. However, the food is so bland that I eat it very slowly.

The smart experts say that a bland diet is best to consume and I completely agree with them. I know it’s tough, but you just need the right kind of motivation to live with a bland diet. Having crippling poverty is the best motivation that I know for being smarter about what I put in my mouth. I feel that anyone can do it too.

We all have to suffer in different ways. Poor people suffer. Rich people suffer. But there are smarter things to suffer with over other things. excess consumption, to me feels worse than under consumption. Although, my weight has been relatively stable, I guess a little suffering can be better for the long-term especially when it comes to weight gain.

The first major instance I had to starve was last year when I ran out of Food Stamps money and had 2 weeks to go. I was struggling for the first couple days, but then the starving got easier. It was the summer time, and it’s easier to starve in hot weather than cold.

Banning Farm Animals from the Cities Started the Dogs vs Cats Wars

Many young people may believe that dogs vs cats has been going on for centuries. It may feel natural to have these kinds of debates. But, we have to take a step back from our existence in this moment in time and realize we live a lot differently from people 100 years ago. Our ancestors used to have a wider interaction with other important animals as well, both domesticated and wild. Just look at how much people are altering the breeds of dogs because they are not satisfied with them:

Clearly banning other animals from the cities may not have been the best solution for the long term. The nation-wide bans in each city has opened up crazy breeding and feuds between 2 different groups of people. It’s all getting out of hand too. Many people are associating their pets with human qualities all the time and I thought The Dog Whisperer could help clear up the misconceptions. He did for me at least. I understand the dog psychology much better thanks to him, but many people want to outright reject his scientific basis. It’s nuts.

I notice a lot of pics showing up on 9Gag showing a preference for even larger dogs and cats with more stubby, deformed legs. People are taking these 2 species to such an extreme, much more than the city councils anticipated back when they banned farm animals from their cities.

It’s too bad that we have to concentrate the debates between these 2 species. The breeding practices are extreme. Did you know that some people microwave seeds to create different orchids? One fanatic puts his seeds in the microwave for just a few seconds to slightly alter its DNA. I believe there are people experimenting with this in places as well. I’m sure the activities are very low-key but certainly being done.

Look at the fame of “Grumpy Cat” he’s a million dollar sensation. I actually saw pictures of grumpy cats face in a hospital in Ocean Shores, WA. Many people want to have a freak cat like that which can make them millions as well. They will stop at nothing to get that “prize money.”

Let’s end these freakish behaviors by loosening up the regulations against farm animals in the city. Bring chickens back, and goats and all the others. They can’t possibly leave more poop around town than the dogs do.

Inventions that reduce 2-handed work to one-handed work

As I was trying to read a book in one hand while holding my bag in another, I couldn’t help but think how great it was to read from an E-Reader instead. I love the convenience of the one-handed operation. It was nice that the Rice Lake, WI library could lend these wonderful devices out. But, unfortunately I have not been able to use one since. That was about 2 years ago.

But my desires for the one-handed operation got me to thinking about how many inventions have improved our efficiency. Just look at the automobile. It went from having a steering wheel that only a man could turn (without power steering) to driverless cars. Reducing our needs for hands can free us up for other things, which tend to be more desirable.

Computers took many hands just to carry from one place to the next and now we can just talk to our wrist as we eat a bagel and hold a cup of coffee. To have the ability for free hands to do other things can subsequently give us more free time.

What other operations do we require 2 hands for, but could reduce to one hand in the future? It’s like a one-handed revolution.

Do Single Family Homes Encourage Families to Stay Together? Clearly Not

It’s amazing how architects design homes to encourage certain kinds of behavior, yet still get the opposite effect. After all these Levitowns and Prairie homes, we still have over a 50% divorce rate between couples, with more people choosing to cohabit instead. With the cohabitating option, the other lover can leave freely without any attachments.

Not even the architectural designers themselves could keep their family life together under the Nuclear Family ideals. Take Frank Lloyd Wright for example. He was building single family homes for other people and still was a womanizer who cheated on his wife with several other women, as well as fathering more kids. What did he know about the best design for couples? Apparently not enough, but he may have pleased people more with his agreeable personality and willingness to listen.

I walked around a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house here in Oregon Gardens, Silverton, Oregon:

To know the background of these designers lives can be helpful in understanding their perspectives towards their own work. Ofcourse, opinions change over time and Wright was said to have abandoned his prairie homes designs, probably because of his love for other women besides his own wife.

The reason I write this is because of this news article:

Self-Defense Courses Were Never as Important as they are in these Modern Times

I watched another video on 9Gag (they used to be gif form until about November 2014). Here’s link:

I can’t help but think about how the early pioneer hunters never needed to learn self-defense skills from other humans. Everyone already carried a gun anyway and most people didn’t try to shoot each other in cold blood. Many times they would challenge each other to honor duels and make it clear of their intentions that they wanted a fair fight.

The last president Andrew Jackson served with a bullet embedded in his chest from a duel in the early 1800s. His best defense was luck and also killing the opponent with a more accurate shot.

These days, people may be getting a little more desperate amongst each other. It’s not so easy to just kill an animal for food and leather whenever you want to. There was a time where humans had to work together more to overcome the dangerous elements of nature instead of the cold human nature.

I guess self-defense courses can help a person become more confident in their ability to fend off an attack. But I feel confident in myself already. I have good physical strength from exercise and I also look very poor. I think that those two in combination can show that I am not worth attacking. You will get little gain for a lot of pain.

But what about the rich people? They are the ones who need to learn self-defense more than the other classes. I suppose they will need to shell out a little more money for protection. Some people accumulate enough money to the point where they can’t protect it all themselves. Just look at what the government does to get your money:

Here is the best way that I can defend myself against cops:

Bicycling around Silverton, Oregon and seeing interesting things

7:40 stray dog with leash still attached to its collar

8:53 Hazelnut tree farm

10:46 Gallon House Bridge between Silverton and Mt Angel

14:26 Hops getting to 5 feet tall so far.

18:25 Mount Angel Abbey sits on a hill and looms over area with a strong presence.

17:40 free range chickens

Cops will Lie and Charge You Money to Find Out the Truth. What a Scam

When this cop approached my car and initiated an altercation, I asked him if I got any complaints. He said that something with a shed happened a few weeks ago, so they are checking everybody out. I asked him if I could look at this report and see what exactly happened. He said that to get a report, it would cost me money. But, he also sounded like he wasn’t sure if this incident with the shed was actually reported though. He said a lot of times the information gets passed from officer to officer.

Ever hear of the telephone game? This cop was playing it with me and my freedom to sit in a church parking lot at 4am. He was passing along information that was not officially recorded, but from other officers. No one can verify that there was any incident with a shed, but it sounds believable enough, so they go with it:

I have heard time and time again how I haven’t generated any complaints for them to approach me. They just initiate the contact and make up a lie about how there was some kind of undocumented crime that happened in the past for the area.How am I supposed to trust these guys who engage in this frequent use of deceit to harass other people.

His other concern was that I am suspicious because the time was 4am and I was sitting in my car. You see, there are specific times that are more suspicious than others. What if I was sitting in my car at 4pm in the church parking lot? What level of suspicious behavior would I be at? It seems to me that if the time of the day is the determiner of suspicious activity, then that opens up a lot of other reasons to be suspicious about other people.