The Hypocrisy of Waging Wars against the Homeless and Marijuana together

It’s the government that wants to cut our knees and stab us in the back at the same time. The system is brutal in its approach to dealing with poor people. They ticket the homeless and pull “illegal grow farms”. The government will slap the doobie out of our hands, ticket us, and tell us to get a job to pay for the ticket. It’s like being born into this world already in debt. The control that the law enforces over the people has been going on for so long, you have to take more than a step back to see the “big picture”. You need to take a big jump back to begin to understand where the government is getting away with enforcing laws to make homeless and marijuana both illegal.

But, like a lot of people say, “you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.” There is a lot of “false propaganda” to drive “false narratives”. People are getting paid to lie and promote their own agendas in publications, with the impressions that they should be “trusted professionals”. Who can you trust? Who has credibility enough for you to trust what they tell you? That is what keeps the “huddled masses” confused and allows the government to continue enforcing their propaganda. In the mean-time, homeless people are getting kicked around and ticketed while marijuana is demonized and pulled. If you keep the marijuana out of the paupers hands, you have control over them, right?


Demonic Acid lurks along the pacific coast. If you sleep outside, it will possess you. 

The forces of nature have many interesting spells that they can conjure on people. All it takes are the correct ingredients and conditions, a little timing and the proper victims. Humans share a lot of common biological functions with seals. And when you learn that the seals are being slaughtered in large groups, then it’s only a matter of time before the humans also fall victim too. The only difference between our species is that we might have a little protection with the barriers that homes provide. But houses can prevent all air leaks from entering the homes.

When the mists get stirred up at night as the temperatures cool down. The ocean can carry its diseases to the shores and beyond. Those people who sleep outside near the beaches become victims of the toxins and can suffer all the same elements that the seals do. Acid clouds of the red tide has a powerful friend in the winds. 

The high moisture content that coats you also envelops you in an acid slime. If it hasn’t rained in weeks, yet you are still experiencing the high humidity of the ocean, then you are putting yourself at risk of this acid too.

High numbers of Milennials living homeless in North California

I have only been mostly near the coast, so that is all I am observing so far. But the numbers are rather staggering. These people have mostly dropped off the economic radar and live in the elements as best they can. The cities leaders have taken a strong opposition to the homeless activities. It takes many interventions from the compassionate homeless advocates to give the homeless people in this area the support they need.

If you collect the history over the past hundred years, you see there was a lot of construction projects that generated a lot of labor. Many amazing buildings were erected in the late 1800s and into the 1900s. But then awareness of the ecosystem came into our conscious and many potential projects were abandoned in an effort to save the extinction of nature. For example, the spotted became a rallying cry for environmentalists in the 1980s.

The result of all this environmentalism are young people who now practice living below their means as best they can. They decided that a roof over their heads all the time, was too much of a luxury. They seek shelter only when it rains. Otherwise they choose to manage their health against nature out in the open on the streets. Granted, the natural seasons are not as fierce as further inland, there are still many challenging winter nights and hot summer days.

I walk around in the morning to see where the people sleep. Many of them are awake at 4am, especially after a rain storm. Many of the homeless will try to sleep in the libraries. However, all libraries have ordinances against sleeping. Although, it depends on who is working. But these hippies have to sleep during the day many times because the night may not be comfortable enough. 

I have no idea of the state of their health. I find myself struggle to sleep in my car right now, in the winter. I assume the young hippies just don’t sleep if the temperatures drop below 35. They use their youth to survive it.

How do you extend curfews from kids to adults?

It’s the same process that works with marketing. You advertise to them their whole lives that this ideology is just a part of the culture. People will rationalize why certain laws are the way they are in their own heads. It just takes time and a lot of drumming in the same message. Make a catchy song, slogan, image and people come to accept it as just a part of life.

But park curfews, for adults in particular, have not always existed. There were times, during war that entire cities were on lock-down. In France, for example, during WW2, people were shot by Nazis if they were even on the street. So, I guess I could be a little thankful that I don’t get shot for being in the park “after hours”.

I don’t have my own personal army to fight the oppressors who institute curfews. The city councils decide the rules because they have their own army (police) to do their bidding.

Evidence from the Lumberjack days still exists in the forests on the California Coast

I can walk through the forests of Fort Bragg and others further north to see massive stumps still protruding from the ground. These trees were cut down over 100 years ago, yet their massive stumps still remain intact and well-preserved. It is a humbling sight to witness first-hand. 

I was always amazed at the size of the trees that were cut down in Wisconsin. But no more stumps remain from that area because of freeze-thaw, moisture, mold, rotting, accelerated decay processes that seem to happen in those forests. Vegetation can get churned a little more violently in Wisconsin and then frozen for half the year. It’s an amazing extreme of seasons that move decay into fertilizer.

But in California, the climate is mild and stays mostly dry. So even dead vegetation can take a lot longer to decay. You would think that there should have been a lot more relics from the Indians time because of the excellent preservation from the old dead tree stumps. This makes me question what European pioneers might have decided on doing with many of the Indian relics. You don’t see any evidence of activity from the past outside of a museum these days.

Bicyclists vs Hitchikers. What evidence is there with class differences in California?

I noticed a big difference occurs between mid/south Cali and the north parts of the state. I was constantly passed by bicycles through San Jose, San Francisco and north into Novato. These bicyclers almost always wore their biker spandex leggings and everything that communicates that they are serious riders. They would ride in very large groups, sometimes at 20 people. It was a spectacular show of commitment to a bicycling culture.

But as I get further north, the numbers of bicyclists dropped off to maybe one or two every so often. Bicyclers tend to wear more common, every day clothes in the north parts, pushing into the Redwoods. But also, on top of that, you start to see larger groups of very poorly-dressed people walking around. The Hippies seem to dominate the area in larger numbers around the northern parts. They will throw out their thumbs, hold signs asking for handouts, drink alcohol and smoke marijuana on the sidewalks. 

It’s quite a different culture that can be a bit of a shock coming from the rushed movement that bicyclers stir up in the southern parts.