What do Black people and Skateboarders have in common? Loud Noise! These are my observations

Many reasons why black people and white skateboarders catch a lot of negative attention is because many of them create a lot of short bursts of noise that can be aggravating to hear. But when things become quiet, it’s almost like it never happened, right? But we do have the sense of hearing which can have its limits in sensitivity at the time.

I have noticed time and time again these two different groups of people drawing my attention frequently. Whether it be the loud banging of wheels on concrete or a car booming bass at its loudest decibels. I get annoyed listening to these kinds of explosions of sounds especially when they are unwanted.

The reason I point out loud cars as an example, because I never really thought of them as a problem while I lived in wisconsin. But when I joined the Air Force and got stationed in Louisiana, the raucous from many car stereos got to be annoying on the air base. I took note of who the people tended to play their stereos loudly and it appeared to be more black people than any other group. Or at least, they didn’t have the respect to turn their volumes down around residential areas. I knew a few white people who had big loud stereo systems, but they seemed to choose better times to turn up their volumes.

Even Fire Departments are sensitive to their noise problems when they drive through residential neighborhoods. They want to be noticed but not so much that they receive scorn for loud noise complaints.

Skateboarders create a lot of banging that turns heads frequently. People may not notice the tricks performed so much as the loud noises that come from slamming their skateboards down on the concrete. One lady described it as the sound of breaking bones. Yet, people fail to mention the noise when they complain about skateboarders.

Loud unwanted noises create tension in the form of stress. Sometimes people may not make their best decisions when under this kind of loud noise stress. They just want it to stop and to never be heard from again. Other people may have different ways of dealing with the loud noises by trying to get used to it.

When I talked to a Homeless Shelter administrator in Aberdeen, WA about how the traffic sounded very loud right outside the door. He said that he is getting used to it. To that I replied that the only he gets used to it is when he loses his hearing.

Hearing loss is certainly a solution to the loud annoying noises, but hearing loss can take a long time to happen. We all do lose hearing, as it’s a natural part of the aging process. So, in the mean time it might be best to regulate loud noises as we go through the processes of our own hearing losses. Imagine the reduced stress that you will feel when those annoying noises get drowned out through regulation or natural hearing loss.

Also, to mention, I don’t just want to say that they only form of noise that black people create is from their cars. I think they get very loud when approached by Cops. I think the black people get much louder and bolder with their noise than white people do. This elevated noise is one of the difficulties that law enforcement officers have to work through. When the volume is up too high to speak through, then action will next need to be taken. It’s unfortunate that the louder noises uttered from people lead to increased violence, but that is human nature.


It’s important to keep the homeless people moving along

im surprised that some people want to provide everything from food, shelter and medical for the homeless all in one location. I don’t think that is a good idea. It had been shown to be a bad idea with the early insane asylums in the early to mid 1900s. Getting all these homeless crazy people rounded up in one place can be a bit overwhelming for the staff who have to look after them. It’s best to keep the crazy people separated from each other and moving along.

Perhaps some climates and landscapes make it more difficult to separate homeless people from each other. For example, the cold climate extremes in Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin need to have effective shelters to prevent people from succumbing to the weather. Mobility is much harder in the winter, and maybe striving to provide all the benefits for health is much needed.

But there are other climates where people can enjoy nice weather year round. Being inside is not as essential. For those kinds of climates, you may want to focus on spreading out the services to keep herding the homeless people around more and making them more uncomfortable.

It has been shown time and time again with inner city gangs that if you give a group of people control over an area, they can practically control it and make cops scared to enter into the area. If you give the homeless a central area that they feel they have central control, they will come to dominate the area and make a stand when they develop some strength and numbers. It’s better to tackle the homeless encampments early before they become a bigger proble. Later.

I would compare this theory to the “broken windows theory” where police should enforce the smallest infractions to help prevent bigger ones which could result later. However, many people claim the broken windows theory to be useless. It’s very controversial. To try and simplify social enforcement with this theory doesn’t factor in the resilience of human nature. Many of the criminals learn to work around the simple theories. 

Regardless, small problems can turn into larger problems later on if they aren’t dealt with in a timely manner. It’s similar to saying that power can corrupt our leadership. There need to be time limits for everything. Our very own loves have natural time limits. The big controversies should come from what a reasonable amount of time should be allowed for particular lifestyles and behaviors.

It’s difficult to find free food on the Internet

it seems like I need to actually get into the city first, then visit the local churches to find out where there are free hot meal sites. Many of the websites for each city don’t seem to be accurate and they insist that you call them first. I see one website tries to compile food pantries for each city, but it doesn’t look very accurate. Many donation sites will change locations and that can take a long time for a national website to update.

Google maps has improved its library information very nicely at least. Not only can I find the city library, but I see on Maps what the hours are too. This is very helpful for timing a visit. But there is still a lot of work that could go into timing for hot meal sites.

I suspect that many free pantries don’t want to advertise their services too much in case they might get overwhelmed by bums. It’s not like they are competing to give things away or anything. They want the poor person to do a little work in researching the times and locations, most likely.

I feel like when I find a good city that provides a lot of meals, it gets a little harder to leave and start over in another city. This is why I dig for more information on the Internet. But it’s not that easy. I have to physically go to the next city and walk around to learn more about it.

I think there might be a sweet spot for the population of a city. If the city is too small you won’t find many meal sites. But if the city is very large, then you might expect long lines for free food. Although the choices might be better in larger cities.

10 Funny Meeting Strategies to Make You Look Smarter

These strategies came from someone who has been in a lot of meetings and fully understands their dynamics. These are hilarious suggestions brought on from years of being in the field of meetings:

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How to Detect a Troll Alert: Justinhsquishdog, on Instagram, is a threat; here are some reasons

I was recently contacted about another bogus proposition to offer me money without doing anything. As the saying goes, “if it looks too good to be true….” This guy is just another player in the game of cat and mouse, and I’m the mouse. It’s hard to tell how these trolls are collaborating with each other, but from I understand about 8chan, 4chan and baphomet, it’s all very novice in nature. Should I be afraid about the threats that I read? I’m not sure, but threats shouldn’t always be ignored either.

This is another fake proposition to get me to meet with a total stranger for sinister means that I am not interested in.

Here is his profile:


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The Progress of damage from Metabolic Syndrome from the fetus to adult years

First the damage starts at the egg with low mitochondrial activities. Then the fetus doesn’t get enough nourishment to be fully developed. Then, the fetus is subjected to excess weight from the mother which causes an added constriction on the fetus. The mother will have more of a congested liver, or fatty liver disease which will allow toxins to build up in the blood and further damage the fetus. High blood pressure, diabetes and metabolic syndrome further add damage to the developing fetus.

When the baby is born, they are fed a high sugar and unnatural diet. They will suffer tooth damage on their first set of teeth and possibly have dental work done very early. They will suffer the effects of sugar consumption that their mom is already addicted to. Obesity and diabetes will come on early. By the time baby is 5 years old, they will be more massive than it’s healthy siblings. The effects are not always reversible.

Growing into adolescence and teenage years as an obese sufferer can bring early fertility. The excess fat tends to carry extra estrogen hormone which is damaging to the body. With the onset of diabetes, the child will need intervention of will suffer terrible swings with their health. Further consumption of sugar extracts leads to more organ and tissue damage and general weakness of the body.

It’s hard to stop the damage from sugar extracts. Even if the teen survives their obesity and finally decides to lose their weight in their 20s, the damage has been done. They have been adversely affected by their weight problem both socially and physically. They will not ever be 100% clear of the addiction, but many can reach 99% improvements in their health, depending on when they decide to turn their lives around and slap their mommas.