Dakota Fire Hole is Not a Stealth Camp Fire

It will get smokey at times and easily give away your location. It is great for controlling your fires, but it is not a guaranteed way to cook undetected. Wood loves to get smokey at times and nothing prevents a little smoke from billowing out of your fire.

The best way to cook in city limits and not create clouds of smoke is with better fuels than wood. But, then you have to deal with the toxic fumes they create. You can breathe in a lot more wood smoke than chemical fumes and survival. You have to look at the kind of situation you are in to determine which is more ideal for you.

Donating Blood, Bloodletting, and Cutters: What is the difference?

They all reach the same kinds of results -losing blood, albeit in different ways. Yet, one form is considered more acceptable than the others. Why is that? When losing blood can help relieve symptoms of a disease, why not accept all practices of losing blood? Here are some reasons:

Donating blood can help save a life. Although, many times the extra blood is thrown down the drain from not being used. I saw a statistic that 1 in 20 bags get wasted on average. This isn’t a fact that is widely spread around as the donor doesn’t want to hear it. They would rather think that their blood is going towards saving a life.

But there are personal health benefits that come with donating blood. The concrete evidence that physicians stand behind is that iron levels get reduced and that iron can form free radicals and be toxic to the body. The doctor will recognize toxicity in the body from iron, but they ignore other detoxification procedures, such as herbal therapy. Doctors cannot profit off herbal therapy.

However, doctors are profiting off of donated blood. They can make around $200 per pint of free donated blood. So, it’s in their best interest in harvesting blood for charity -not paying the donors a dime. They sell the donors on the fact that they get a free medical check-up to recognize early signs of a disease. Although, doctors largely ignore early signs of disease anyway. They are more trained to tackle major disease, which is more concrete.

Why bother donating blood when it serves the self-interest an expensive medical system that most poor people cannot afford anyway?

Bloodletting has a long history in Western culture, but seemed to have been abandoned by the early 1900s, largely because of a different understanding of disease. The medical professionals starting throwing every old procedure out the window if it was tied in with the old way of thinking. This is unfortunate.

Bloodletting is associated with infections, dirtiness, disease-spreading and everything that Medicine Doctors who are untrained delve into. There is little profit to be realied with bloodletting, except for an herbal remedy that the doctor could sell to the patient. All of these procedures usually required the doctor to come to the patients home, or meet somewhere discrete.

The cutters are the most dangerous bloodletting group of people. They have no discipline with their cutting practices. They cut themselves out of an emotional problem. They cut risky sections of their bodies. They may have mental problems. I think if they could recieve better training with cutting themselves, they could enjoy their cutting rituals and self-harm in better ways. I wouldn’t encourage them to stop what they are doing -just develop a healthier approach to their passions.

Night Cops Never Let Me Sleep Peacefully When I Get Harassed

Last night I got harassed by another night cop again at about 12 midnight. I was in a deep sleep and he woke me up in a disoriented state then started to ask me if I was ok. He asked a lot of stupid questions as fast as he could -possibly taking advantage of my stupor. But this seems to be typical of the interactions I get with the night cops. They all are usually pretty bad with excessive aggression and questioning of my motivations. Day cops and night cops are alot like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (mostly).

I wasn’t able to get back to sleep for over 3 hours after getting harassed. I believe that it’s normal to not be able to sleep after a night cop harasses me. I suffer into the next day as well from the lack of sleep too. My brain doesn’t work optimally until I can get back into my normal sleep cycle again. I think it will take a few days to get a regular sleep again.

What makes it hard to sleep normally after being awakened by a night cop is that I live in fear they will wake me up again the next night. Also, my sleep cycle is disrupted, so I may wake up again at 12 midnight simply because I was conditioned to wake up at that time the previous night. It is a combination of both problems.

As cold as it’s getting at night, I would rather focus on sleeping through it rather than pacing around the city waiting for the fatigue to return.

Fat People Will Actually Quote the Foods that are Bad For Them

But they won’t stop eating the “bad foods” because they are addicted to those foods. They are eating the foods that increase the size of their white fat cells. Not many food sources can actually increase the size of their white fat. In the majority of obesity cases the white fat is increased by sugar extracts.

Fat people know the foods that increasingly make it more obvious they are obese, but they are too addicted to stop. The are like sick addicts who don’t want to give up the bliss they feel from consuming sugar extracts. aq2xKRZ_700b

Theory on Herbal Oils and Staying Below 212 Degrees Boiling; Coffee Brewing

After reading, “Onward” by Howard Schultz, I believe that all herbs and spices share a similar extraction method in common with each other. As our ancestors have done for many generations in their use of tea pots, they boil water at 212 and then pour the hot water over whatever tea they are brewing. By the way Howard describes making the perfect cup of coffee, they wait a couple minutes and let the water fall a few degrees below boiling before they mix the tea in.

This procedure is pretty standard for all teas. But not everybody may understand the reasons why tea must be made with less than boiling temperatures. It’s not like other teas will get bitter if soaked in boiling water, like you find with coffee. But, they are classified as oils, and all oils operate in very similar fashion.

5 Reasons that Door to Door Salesmen have turned to Prank Videos Now

With the stigma of door-to-door sales, the people who naturally love to try and fast-talk their way into a sale have turned their attention away from the art. It is a continuing added story of, Death of a Salesman”. I am noticing a lot of similarities between the style of door-to-door sales people and the personalities of the people who do prank videos. They all sell their souls for entertainment.

What has caused this transition from independent sales contractors to Youtube video stars? There a lot of reasons:

  1. Youtube has made it easier: As long as your content is clean, Youtube will host it. Most salespeople who are successful have to keep their tactics at least PG-13 rated. They work on trying to be the victims friend or entertaining enough to get other people to like them.
  2. A viral video is like hitting the jackpot: You can sort of hit a jackpot in sales where every house is a sale, but a viral video is digital and more of an infinite appeal to it. Also, salespeople tend to be big gamblers anyway and may enjoy the rush of excitement from a successful performance.
  3. Social media is more comfortable to use
  4. Audiences are growing and pranksters can reach more people: More people are opening up to videos, with faster internet reaching more remote places. The salesman would have to drive long distances to get a sale in the past. But they can rely on the internet to reach their victims a little more effectively.
  5. Anybody can do it: A lot of regulations make it hard to go door to door. You have to pay fees to the city to sell. More people own media devices than cars. For some people it’s easier to search information on the internet than go to a location to find the same information.