Bend, Oregon has the prettiest females in America. How is this possible?

I’m not saying these are women who were born with very attractive supermodel features. They are not natural super models. But, they have developed excellent muscle tone that enhances any appearance that they were born with. The ultimate form of appealing physical characteristics is to have excellent muscle tone. 

Strong calves, thighs, butts, and slender waists are very common in Bend. Their calves have nice round features, in relation to their knees and ankles. Their thighs are fleshy and snap to attention at every step. Their butts move and visibly flex when they walk. Their waists remain slender, in most of these local females. 

Many times, in other cities, when I see a round butt on a female, I will also see a round stomach, which is unfortunate. When I see larger legs, they will have a protruding belly. Women in other cities have no visible calf strength. Their knees or even ankles might be the same size as their calves in one straight line. You can see that women also carry themselves with less vigor in other cities. I question why other cities suffer such ill health.

What factors lead to Bends excellent health? It’s a secret that I have not discovered. You can say that money is a big factor. Maybe it is, but I swear that I have seen rich neighborhoods where I was not impressed by the physical presence of those wealthy bodies. They may dress nice, have big homes and fancy cars, but underneath all that luxury, there is a lot of ill health. Maybe it’s the kind of industry that motivates these people?


Bend is Burning Down! Oregon.

Apparently, a prescribed fire means that they blanket the entire city in smoke. Does this happen often? It can be a sketchy activity to engage in. The “professionals” must be very confidant in handling the changing wind conditions. Currently, the air is awful. There is all the smoke, and little relief from it.

I lost a second taste bud within two weeks. What is the explanation?

I felt a sharp pain in the back of my tongue. So I start sucking on the surface, which increases the pain and then out pops this little ball of flesh. It happened twice now:

Am I losing taste buds or something? I am 42 years old. Is this the age where the large taste buds start dying and free up from the tongue? I never experience this issue before. It’s a perfect ball of tissue and when I split it in half, it’s slightly redder in the center. What was its purpose? Did this piece taste for me all these years? Or did it recently develop, like a tongue pimple?

Is this cat covered in Dow Chemicals or nuclear waste? Elma, Washington.

Someone recently mentioned in the comments to my video that the cat might be covered in oils. I never really gave that much thought before because of how wet the area was that day and many other days, since this is a very heavy rain area. But, what if this cat managed to become exposed to harmful chemicals? It didn’t exactly seem that old. But I did assume it was starving because it got lost? How easily do cats get lost? They do have some sense.

I have watched cats make many other kinds of mistakes in the past. These woods don’t really yield many little critters for the cat to effectively catch. The wet, damp, moldy, grimey woods. Animals generally don’t feel very comfortable here. Not even much big game bothers to stick around the wet coastal area, west of the mountains. Animals are actually healthier in the drier climate, but not too dry that it is desert.

I have to wonder if people dropped the cat out in the woods. It’s hard for me to believe it wandered into the woods so deeply by itself. But, they don’t all have the best instincts.

Don’t elect Brett Pruess for 15th Crony Coos County Seat; Oregon

This guy has been in the mix “helping the poor” according to his self-written bio and that is far from the truth. He said that he volunteered at the Legal Aid office, but it appears that he left it in shambles, with no successor to effectively take over the duties. Give his old office a call sometime (to congratulate them on a good job), they don’t answer.

Pruess only understands that justice means fines. Can you believe that? He worked with the indigent and volunteered for kids all those years, yet still finds that monetary charges, which can lead to jail time, equate to justice. Did he find that the poor people really weren’t poor, or something? What did he even do at the Legal Aid Clinic Center? If his work is similar to what is going on now at that office, he must have sat on his thumbs much of the time and gave bad advice.

In my experience with the legal system, I’m finding that judges will throw the book out of the windows ( in Coos County) and rule on who they believe to be more credible. Judge Costello demonstrated that quite well. You can see her sitting in the witness stand as Pruess is sworn in for his temporary term. These judges seem to worship cops (who have more credibility than the rest of us?). Cops are the ones who put the blindfolds on these crony court jesters. It’s time to break up their crony system at this election, or you will see cops acting like the judges, while the judges sit back on the merits of the cops. 

Crony judges, like Pruess, are looking for easy work. Maybe reading law hurts their eyes too much? Either way, they all know what their internal memos say, “wage war against the poor”. Try and request an FOIA on documents related to their memos. I tried to find out what the cops had written down for my name, “Travis Heinze”. The cops just ripped up my request and never gave me a response. They pull their law-stretching stunts because they know they have the crony judges in their back pockets in Coos County.

People need to wake up and learn how badly the Coos County Crony system has trampled on your freedoms and stretched the laws in such distorted ways that they aren’t even recognizable “in the books.”

The difference between YouTube & Liveleakers for editing requirements are night and day. Here’s an example:

Originally I upload the raw video of my dog bite on YouTube. But someone filed a privacy complaint and it was pulled down in less than a week. So then I uploaded the video to Liveleak and they featured the video in its entirety:

So far, it hasn’t been pulled down by any moderators. 

So, I edited the video for reupload to YouTube here:

I removed any location information down to the city. I did say it happened somewhere in the USA. Also I blurred out the people involved as well, mostly. Maybe YouTube will allow the video to stay?

I uploaded the raw video to Facebook and they pulled it down right away. 

The difference between these 3 platforms is that two of them never get blocked at libraries. Can you guess which two? YouTube, Facebook, Liveleak.

How Does a Homeless Guy achieve the Perfect Orgasm? It’s not easy.

As I travel I, have to go through many months of unsatisfying orgasms. It’s frustrating, but there isn’t a lot of privacy for the places that I park my car. I can’t always plan my parking for finding the best spot to enjoy a nice refreshing orgasm. But this isn’t about achieving a perfect orgasm while masturbating in my car, because those masturbations have always fallen short of the perfect release. E

Even if I park nearby a great wifi signal that allows me to witness the free porn video websites (which offer an elevated level of satisfaction) I still can’t achieve the best kind of orgasm that will leave me exhausted, while in my car. The best orgasm seems to require me to be on my feet and working a squat-like position. By opening up the channel between your legs with a nice deep squat, you can improve the energy down there. This is something that can’t be achieved in a car, in a seated position.

I found that squatting hard and deep enough to destroy the strength of my legs will translate into a deeper orgasm than usual. But there is more to it than that. 

The tools I now swear upon are the vibrator, squat strap, coconut oil, and anal probe. Each tool is used at a different time in a sequence to achieve the maximum pleasure….