(Video) The Younow Trolls Terminated my Youtube Channel, then added my videos to their own channels

I recently typed in “Travis Heinze” on Youtube and came across a most peculiar channel here:

This is the same guy who hurled insults on all of my videos when I used to have a channel.

He threatened and belittled people on a routine basis. Now he is using my work as his own. He is trying to ride on my coattails after destroying my channel and stealing my videos. It’s like playing some sick copyright game where the trolls become their victim.

I hope he tries to apply for monetization. That way, he will reveal his own network of trolls. Because somebody has to physically handle the post card that Google sends to confirm he is a real person. That is evidence to help identify him and his friends, if he should follow through on monetizing my videos for his personal gain.


(Video) Hero Cops can also be Corrupt Cops Too.

I had a dirty cop give me a ticket for something he decided against a few minutes before. But when I asked for his ID, he decided to arrest me and write me a ticket for the reason he approached me. His attitude completely changed, he didn’t sound professional, he talked about his emotions and how upset that he was with me. 

Emotional cops can perform heroic tasks, but they are more likely to be unstable human beings on a psychological level. You can be sure to find great things and awful things come out of their performance while working. This is why people demand that video recordings be allowed for all interactions with cops. The unstable heroes can be better vetted for their performance over the course of their duty.

Hero cops will always step up for the recognition of being called a hero for entering “dangerous” situations. Many have a need to feed their egos. In turn, they want to hide and forget the situations that make them look like the opposite of being a hero. They will blame other people for their bad performances, and use excuses to justify why they made their mistakes.

Cops can experience a wider range of stressful situations. Where they will be and what will happen can be hard to predict from one minute to the next. They experience different levels of challenges. For example, one cop told me that he runs to danger to protect the public. However, I had a lot of run-ins with cops. Am I part of the danger that cops are running towards? It seems so. It feels like I am being counted as part of the statistics for heroic situations that cops face.

(Video) Behavior of a Dirty Cop is Distinctive from a Clean Cop

1. They refuse to give their full name.

2. They avoid use of body cams, dash cams, and will delete your video too.

I had a mix of run-ins with various cops and am learning which cops act dirty and which aren’t quite as dirty. Ofcourse, when a dirty cop is allowed to stay on the force for years, he is also being covered up by good cops who turn a blind eye. So there can be a stain on the whole police force because of the lack of discipline within its own ranks.

I’m hesitant to say that night patrols will have all dirty cops, because I have run into day cops who also act dirty. People say that the day cops are more political because more important figureheads are out doing their errands in the daylight. You want cops who are more hesitant to use bullying tactics during the day against questionable people of importance. But, some cops put in a lot of effort to learn the psychology of who looks like an important person and who doesn’t. If you are being bullied by a cop, then you are targeted as not being important. It may not matter if it is night or day patrol.

I’m also hesitant to say that small town cops could be dirtier than big city cops too. I have found a mix of both problems with personal experience. Maybe noticeable factor in how dirty cops can be found is that they base their judgements largely on emotions. If they are feeling irritated, you will be bullied in an effort for the cop to feel better about themselves. You can find these emotional bullies in either a big city or small town.

No matter how much training an emotional bully gets to check their emotions during an interaction, you find that the threads can become loose and they resort back to what feels more natural for them. Expect to find an irrational emotional bully who fails to ID themselves, expecting their costume to identify who they are and when it has to come down to your word against theirs when the cameras are turned off.


(Video) Reading Book Covers Reduced my Suicidal Tendencies

While I was suffering severe gut pain, I paced up and down the library aisles to warm up and get the ciruculation going, but having little luck. I puked earlier, which only gave a little relief. The agony was so great that if I did have a gun readily available, it would have been so easy to end the suffering immediately.

But, while I was trying to figure things out in my tired, delirious state, I found some comfort in the book titles on various interesting subjects that I knew nothing about. My curiosities started to overpower my thoughts of death and I found a new kind of will-power.

Lucily, later I finally thought of the heat packs used by Acupuncturists and decided to start warming up my gut artificially. My gut felt cold, painful and dying. The heat from the hand warmers started to turn around my suffering and allowed me to sleep again without pain.

It’s been 3 days since the enormous pain, but it continues to subside every day. Google Search said that it can take a week for my digestion to get back to normal, so it seems that my symptoms are very much in line with the medical advice.

(Video) Food Poisoning shut down my Middle Burner

I didn’t realize how important it was to artificially heat up my middle burner. It was extremely painful and felt dead. I suffered from about 4am to 12 noon before realizing that I was not getting any better with anything that I was doing.

When I first started feeling stomach pain, I got on the internet at maybe 7 am. All I did was type into Google Search, ‘stomach flu” The immediate advice was to consume ginger, rest and stay hydrated. This was not good enough advice. I was not immediately getting any better.

The Chinese Medicine approach works best under these types of diseases. Western medical advice fails for these kinds of sicknesses. Maybe people would argue that I mislabeled the disease and that is why I had a misdiagnosis. This could be true, but not every disease is really that much different from the other. Many times similar diseases can overlap in symptoms, which can allow you to overlap the treatment as well.

To be clear, my stomach was in absolute pain. My face grew white from the suffering. A flu can appear similar to food poisoning. Either one of these cases can be treated with warming the guy. I got bad advice from Google search initially.

If you want better advice from Google search for health ailments, you need to fit Chinese Medicine into the search as well. Western medicine fails on so many levels. If I stuck with the Western advice, I would still struggling with a lot of pain right now.



Krissy Lynn Bertone Criminal Copyright Claimer emails; Youtube; is this fair and balanced?

Dear Sirs,
We are involved in a legal matter with Mr. Travis William Heinze who has listed your address at 525 Americana Blvd​, Boise, Id 83702​ as his permanent legal address at which to receive legal correspondence regarding this matter (please see attached document). 

We are under advice that Mr. Heinze is “homeless”, or without permanent legal residence, and is no longer located at this address. 

Would you mind confirming whether Mr. Heinze is able to and permitted to receive service of legal documents at this address?
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Re: [7-5776000015262] New Copyright Counter-Notification

Please be advised that the DMCA Counter-Notification for this claimant is invalid (see below) . Please request updated correct contact information or invalidate this claim.  
Thank you!

Re: [7-5776000015262] New Copyright Counter-Notification

Please be advised that the DMCA Counter-Notification for this claimant is invalid (see below) . Please request updated correct contact information or invalidate this claim.  
Thank you!

Mr. Heinze,

Be advised you are required to provide an accurate legal physical address in order to submit a valid DMCA Counter-Notification. Failure to do so invalidates your petition. We have confirmation (see below) that you have provided a false address. Please also be advised that a P.O. Box or other non-residential address is not sufficient to receive legal process service.