Shelton, Washington is very Counter-culture

even though the white population is only 85% of the city, I don’t quite see many Mexicans running around -but I do see a lot of whites. I see alot of young white people who are making the best of poor conditions. This city seems to generate a lot of money with the timber industry, but not a lot of people are sharing in the profits.

I have seen some very nice homes on the tops of the valley and some of the most dispicable buildings in the valley. Everybody must know what is going to happen when the next flood hits here. The merchants, who couldn’t afford to acquire the high ground are all at risk. Just check out the depression the people in the lower valley live in: 

These beautiful land features have shaped people’s attitudes and the culture. There is a lot of green and fog at this time of year. The city is separate from the other major cities like Olympia and Tacoma, so it is under its own influence. 

As I hear another police siren whizz by, in the morning, I can guess that this city has legal troubles. Once again, there are a lot of young poor people here. They dress dark and poorly. They congregate in large groups. They don’t seem to do much with their time. I walked past a couple young guys in the valley and they asked me if I smoke weed -perfectly legal question, but gives a glimpse into how careless the young are here.

There is a moderate amount of Grafitti here. It’s not as bad as I have seen in Woodburn, Oregon. Mexicans really love their grafitti. But, the run down and seemingly isolated buildings have their grafitti, not saying anything in particular, just young males marking their territories. I don’t suspect gang rivalry. I’m sure the jobless have more united against the police than anything else.

There is a lot of natural life in the form of vegetation. But the only animal activity involved is about only humans. It’s kind of boring here. Once you see everything, then you might start getting to know people after a while and may come under the influence of peer pressure for drugs. It’s probably best to keep moving along through here.

Google Maps Team Actually Listened to Me and added a New Feature to their App

I still have other problems with Google Maps, but they seem like they care about people who rely on their Maps app heavily. I had a problem in Salem where there were like 8 food banks spread throughout the city that opened at different times and days. I went to Google Maps on my computer to plot all the address points. But, when I tried to find my custom map on the Google Maps app, it wasn’t available. I could only access my custom map through the laptop. Now I can access it through my iPad. Too bad I’m not in Salem anymore. It only took Google about 6 months to fix my complaint:

bandicam 2015-09-02 17-19-16-090

What is the Deal with Windows 10 Wasting my Laptop Battery?

Bill Gates even said that the newest version is always the best one. Also, many people say how badly that Windows 8 sucks, but I have more problems with Windows 10 than Windows 8. I think I would rather go back to 8.


  1. wastes battery life by turning on spontaneously with laptop closed.
  2. Gives message every hour that Cloud is full.
  3. Takes longer to turn on than Windows 8 (more bulk?)
  4. Gives more error messages for actions, like transferring files
  5. I can no longer download Hearthstone, for some strange reason

What I Took Away from, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: a History of the Hip Hop Generation” NWA (Straight out of Compton)

13. Slumlords hired thugs to burn down their buildings for the insurance money. Insurance also profited by selling more policies.

14. “in housing, the final stage of captalism is arson”

25. in 1966 anyone who had twisted hair was a badman.

27. Ghettos are the same throughout the world.

46. if gangs stopped robbing, stealing and mischief they could be a force for revolution.

70. 1973, Herc learned that, after counting his profits, a sound system dance hall to play the latest beats could be a big thing.

76. firefighters can and will steal things out of a house on fire calls.

79. DJ Herc focused on the breaks of popular songs to keep the beat flowing in clubs: 

96. 1971 Bambaataa grew tired of race wars and focused his socializing skills towards peaceful ways rather than war.

114. People cared less about speaker size and gravitated towards showmanship and style. DJ Herc lost his crowds to Grandmaster Flash: 

115. There appears to be a thin line between martial arts and hip hop. 

117. dancers strived for shock value.

122. grafitti was considered the first street culture that started in the 1950s

149. A complete culture should have music, dance, and visual art.

159. By breaking (b-boy) your goal is to make the competitor look bad in war.

199. the height in popularity of grafitti writers ended at the Janis Gallery with the rich and famous.

233 White flight out of neighborhoods begins at between 10 and 20 percent black immersion.

243. White Panthers aligned with the Black Panthers to take on police problems.

244. MTV started out as a rock channel and excluded black music.

260. People are used to a perfect predictable world, but when that world is off a little bit, it becomes weird.

274. Between violence at rock and rap concerts, it was the rap concerts that got the most attention by authorities.

277. The Spike Lee movie, “Do the Right Thing” opened 2 months after a “wilding rampage rape occurred of a white female in Central Park. There was a lot of concern about racial tension.

284. Henry Ford turned Detroit into “2 cities” with whites in Dearborn and blacks in Inkster.

299. We want “poems that kill.” Assassin poems, Poems that shoot guns. Poems that wrestle cops into alleys and take their weapons leaving them dead -Amiri Baraka

306. Niggaz wit Attitude got popular with Boyz N the Hood. Eazy E sounded a little nervous and well as Dre’s beats for such an aggressively lyrical song.

307. Some black people got rich on racial fears: 

311. The dog with the coldest heart got the bone, not the loudest barks.

314. The post-war generation got what they could out of their lives and pulled up the ladder on younger generations.

318. NWA took “Black Power” in a different direction by referring to nigger this, nigger that, fuck that bitch fuck this fuck shit nigger. They skipped peaceful protests and went straight to rioting. They skipped seduction and went straight to fucking. The empowered themselves with street knowledge.

324. Cops made black men put their hands on the hood of the car, which was hot from driving all day and then, upon removing hands from the hood, the cops took it as a signal of resistance.

335. Young people don’t feel old people can learn from them. The old people want war on gangs, which emcompasses the youth -so it turns into a war on youth.

344. “But every nigga on my block can’t stop and he won’t stop and don’t stop” -Crip motto

350. Koreans are misunderstood frequently and have trouble getting media coverage.

389. Sweep laws, anti loitering laws, anti cruising laws, and curfews are some of the many ways to limit the movement of young people in public spaces.

399. Ice T left Time Warner in 1992 because Time Warner couldn’t be in the business of black rage. It got scary.

409. Go-go’s got the same problem today as it did back then. You don’t have no good storylines. Hip-hop, tells stories.

416. When the first Billboard chart based on Soundscan was released on May 25, 1991, the results shocked the music industry: 

420. G’Thang off The Chronic album begs to ask: didn’t all boys everywhere want to party, bounce in hot cars to hotter beats, hang with the crew, and spray conceited bitches with malt liquor?

425. Hip-hop had triumphed over America in a way the civil rights movement never had.

434. DJ Kool Herc reflects on starting a culture with hip hop at The SOurce music award show. 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, The Bronx, New York. Also, the rap industry got out of line with Suge Knight.

439. Hip Hop on the radio has faced challenges with the buying run that started after the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Clear Channel overpaid for many stations and needed to cut costs as a result.

447. Media monopolies favored artists who did not merely produce hits, but synergies of goods, In this new corporate order, a song could become a movie could become a book, could become a soundtrack, could become a music video could become a video game.

459. Police called Homies peace efforts a front for the creation of a “supergang” and increased their surveillance.

Home Dwellers Tend to Risk Going into Debt than Homeless People

Because the home dwellers are so comfortable on the notion that their houses can still be converted into liquid cash, they spend money more freely. They don’t have to worry as much as those without homes in spending. Sometimes the government will pick up the tab for a home dweller if they get in over their head. The homeless don’t quite have such a luxury.

When you own a piece of property, it can take a long time to lose it to foreclosure. There is an achievement that the home dweller reaches that helps them feel a little more comfortable about their positions. But the price of comfort is sloth. Somehow the drive to succeed is less of a concern and the motivation to make the home more comfortable turns on. Maybe they might want new furniture or to remodel the bathroom.

People who don’t live in homes may appear to be homeless savages. But those same people are some of the most conservative cultures you will ever meet. They learn the value of the dollar and what priorities are more important than others. They aren’t worried about what to put on their wall as an art piece. The landscape is our art and is beautiful enough without needing to niggle about what color to paint the kitchen.

Home dwellers are addicted to the sales pitches and heavily influenced about keeping up with the Jones’s. But sometimes, the Jones’s don’t even live next to the home dwellers. Instead, it’s in their heads thanks to social media, marketing and advertising. Home dwellers learn about things they don’t have through Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook and so on. They are conditioned to search for more comfort in their homes and blindly charge their way into debts.

You don’t have to worry about the debt of the homeless. We know what’s more important in life.

Windows 10 Burnt out my Laptop Battery Again Overnight.

My battery is completely empty again from the computer turning on over night last night. This time I didn’t catch it happening, so I burnt through the entire battery and my screen seems harder to see now. Did the laptop burn out some pixels? Either way, my laptop can’t keep taking this abuse. There is cleary a glitch of some kind that causes my computer to turn on from hibernate when the lid is still closed.

I can see why this upgrade was free now. I will have to use that money I saved to buy another computer when Windows 10 burns this one completely out.

Redneck Challenges: Light a Cigarette with a Ferro Rod (fire steel)

I see on YouTube there was a challenge going around that was similar to the ice bucket challenge. People were lighting their smokes with a fire starter and after being successful, then challenging their friends. They had set up some rules to also make the response to the challenge look genuine. For example, no video editing cuts were allowed between lighting and smoking it.

The reason I came across this challenge was because I am looking for a good fire steel and I thought that if one could light a cigarette with it, then it must be really good for other fires. Just as important as it is to fight fires, it’s also very useful to start fires, especially when you are homeless, like me.

This cigarette lighting challenge has no #hashtag as far as I saw. That could be part of their problem with failing to get it to take off in popularity. But more than that, people will call it an unhealthy obsession. Although, I disagree because the more people make it harder to light a cigarette, the less often they will smoke. Imagine if Bic lighters and matches were banned. Starting fires would be more of a challenge and people may smoke less as a result.

Matches don’t have a very long history. It was not always easy to start a fire quickly to light up a cigarette or pipe. People, as a result, tended to smoke less often because of the more difficult methods to start a small fire. Even the high sparking Ferro rod was not around 100 years ago. One of the resources used to make a good fire steel is rare earth material (the kind used for neodymium magnets. Yes magnets will spark). Rare earth is not that rare, just difficult to process.

Can a cigarette be lit by just a flint and steel? Unlikely. They may produce sparks, but those sparks are few and far between. The ferro rod looks like a sparkler from the Fourth of July when struck. This may be a bit excessive for lighting fires. The most important part of lighting fires is having good conductive material that will easily burn, such as using char cloth (which can be homemade). 

So, in conclusion, the Ferro rod challenge is just something relatively easy to do, like the ice bucket challenge. It can get your friends talking and watching your videos at least.