Everybody Lies, but when it is to get You shot and Killed then that’s a problem.

I could pretend to know the law like the parks manager in Coquille, Oregon. I could be the one to advise the cops of the law. I would be amazed that the cop listens to me, but if it works that way, I will want to maintain that kind of power over the cops. This will certainly leave people who is really in charge of the city police. Clearly, the police here are not their own entity. They gather a lot of influence from the the other corporate agencies as well. How convenient is it to launch offensives against the public on your own whim. The parks manager must surely enjoy having his own little personal army to do his bidding.

What really sealed my suspicion about the park manager controlling the police interpretation of the law was not his trying to cover his own ads in my magistrate trial for having my car hood up. No. The light really shined when he attempted to erase a video I made that had a few seconds of his business card. He is desperate to avoid controversy in his hometown because everybody adores him. Nobody wants to see him in any dimmer light than the ones that must have been shining on him for a long time now. That light can reflect his bright orange work shirt to a dazzling blaze.

Just listen to him at the city council meetings about the great work he is doing securing grants and rebuilding the entire town single-handedly, and making valiant attempts at covering the parts that are getting moldy from disuse. But nobody really knows what happens in the city council meetings, because the newspaper stopped showing up. There isn’t any media coverage of the city council anymore. They are ignored and this allows them to create their own narratives, which, of course, will involve a lot of back patting.


Privacy Complaint for a business card on YouTube? Only in Coquille, Oregon.

This is a first for me. I’m curious to see how YouTube rules on this one. My past privacy complaints have been from 2 cops not wanting their images on YouTube. Ofcourse, it’s not the cops who are accepting rewards and just don’t want the recognize for the award -because it’s all in a day’s work, right? The cops have to mount their own “Public Relations” campaigns themselves. Other cops do it. Just look at “Mike the Cop” on YouTube. He is wildly popular. Anybody can do what he does. What’s holding them back? Ofcourse, nothing is holding people back from trying to attack my channel. What’s the big deal? It’s not like I even get a lot of views.

Here is the video that is currently under attack for privacy concerns:

It was just a couple weeks ago when a cop from Coquille tried to take down this video for privacy. Was she mad about the lighting or something?

You people in Coquille, Oregon, if you are reading this, you need to get it together. YouTube is for everybody. Just as much as I can make videos from my viewpoint, you can also make videos about Coquille from your viewpoint. We all are allowed to post videos to YouTube. It’s not some kind of secret contract exclusive to the privy. Not like the secret deals that the government of Coquille hatch to further oppress the local citizens and keep them victims of abuse. That is different.

You can also create your own WordPress and and say whatever your tiny, little shriveled hearts desire. Let people know how great you are. Keep the dialogue going, talk to the community. On the note of “community policing” though. You have to understand that project doesn’t work. Read Rudy Giulianis book called, “Leadership”. He found that CompStat was right in analyzing that “Community Policing” doesn’t work in New York. He reasoned that maybe the criminals know where the cops are easier with that activity. 

Victimhood is a a way of life in Coptown, Coquille, Oregon

You can’t do this, you can’t do that. Nothing is allowed, I can’t do anything myself. All the laws work against. We need a permit to sneeze or we will get a ticket. Nobody questions why all these added rules are created, they just have more to complain about instead. The cops even stretch the laws even more to create even bigger victims out of us. The courts support the stretched law, people give up and the cycle of Victimhood continues to spiral downward.

Here’s a couple victims imposing their Victimhood mentality upon me and actually winning: 

Here’s a book review of Dick Tracy who never seemed to be a victim in the 1930s:

Lady Justice is not Blind in Coquille, Oregon; She peaks and tips her scale.

The legal system is perfect for the government of Coquille, but not quite for the local residents. or did the residents prefer their system to be so corrupt against them. some people are gluttons for punishment, i guess.

it all starts with lying about the law:

and it ends with more lying and ignorance of their own local law:

this is a law that the city council approved in 2008. Somehow, the enforcement of it has gotten more and more perverted over time. streets are not parking lots. Parks are now private property. everybody is the criminal and the criminals are paraded around as dignitaries:

Orgasm of the Week; Play of the Week; A Week in Review; Rekt of the Week?

Social media is bringing us some of the most wide-ranging interests more frequently that a person could start a top ten list for every category. I am finding new porn every single day on 4chan. New conspiracies, new fan art, lots of new objectionable art. It’s all coming at such a fast rate that I miss most of it, but the stuff I do see is shocking. I can’t imagine what the stuff is that I miss. Should I have acess to so much media coming in at lightning pace? The majority of it is human related, whether it be controversial, or sharing love, I don’t usually get into watching humans normally outside of the Internet. But this is different.

Can the Internet mind-control me? It certainly does captivate me, but I’m no prisoner. I am addicted to coming back for me, but it’s not a drug.

Coquille Cops Enforce Laws that only Support their “Credibility Brotherhood” in Oregon!

In the above video I am treated like a piece of shit by this pig. He acts like such an arrogant asshole, it seems like he was told about all kinds of dirt about me. After having listened to the “camp host” I could tell that the pig was being lied to from beginning to end. By the pigs attitude, I can tell he was buying every word from the “corrupt camp host”. People comment in this video that I needed to “follow orders”, but all those commenters are just “Beta Pigs”. They can’t even convince their mommies to extend their curfews an extra hour. They want everybody to weak as little girls, just like themselves.


In this other video, you see how the pigsbarely sniff around my car. One pig does drive by, but was too lazy to get out and look closer. Was he looking for tools to steal? Mind you, I was written a ticket in the other with no visible work being done on my car, just that my car hood was up and all the lies the stupid camp host told the pig to try and get me shot.


I try to go over everything the crafty camp host said. The kinds of lies he tells are the ones that get other people killed. He wants to see a little excitement in his boring life at Sturdivant Park. What better way to get that by watching a cop shoot someone. He’s an old man and I have no doubt the camp host has done this kind of thing to many other people in the past.

Coquille Copland, Oregon: They act tough in this part of the woods, but they are just fighting their lack of passion.

With a moderate climate year round, no desperate cold, possibly some stifling heat waves, you might expect a laid back, easy-going culture. That’s just what you will get too. The locals have lost their passion. Everything is just the same way it was yesterday, and the day before that. People can’t recognize many clear signs that they entered into a new season. Maybe the extreme rain can be an indicator. They get their diapers all wet around these parts very frequently. Just when they change their diapers, another 3 day rainstorm hits. So maybe, the seasons can be put into 2 categories: rainy season, and not quite so rainy.

 In between the rain, the locals try to find tiny ways to pick up their spirits a little. They can’t expect any major excitement. The town doesn’t have that much money. It was all spent long ago on the timber industry. There was a mad land grab and rush to buy timber for a short period of time. That’s all over now. Conservation has made the government very consciounscious of how the lands are used properly. People don’t question why the government won’t let them put more mud trails in the woods. The people just try to work around the laws instead. There are still plenty of trees around, from the local Coquille bums perspective. 

In between the rains, there can a significant amount of time to find something to do. The resources are limited, so the choices might be the same ones from yesterday and the day before that and the day before that…. So when something different rolls into town, no matter how quaint, things have potential to get interesting…..