Kids seek simple patterns while adults can follow more complicated ones.

As I waited in front of another library, so kid sits near me and starts playing a video on his mobile device. I heard a consistent cheering from the sound and it got me thinking about how kids have difficulty following complicated patterns. They probably are very entertained by simple patterns and find comfort in those patterns. It might give them a sense of control over their small lives. But at what point do they get bored of it? Or can you really get bored of certain observations?

When a kid learns their first word, probably, “daddy”, they can repeat it constantly. The kid might think “daddy” can be applied to everything, until they are taught it’s more complicated than that. The learn the pattern for daddy is very short. It only connects them to their dad. When the child learns more complicated patterns, they understand that there are even more complicated patterns of “daddy” to observe.

Need more Cream Corn in Your Life? Here is an easy way to prepare it.

Using frozen corn kernels immediately after they are frozen might be the best way to crush them them. At least, that is what I have found so far to be the case. If you wait until they are thawed, they can get a bit more rubbery. But I really haven’t tried it yet. This is a new discovery for me and there is room to expand options and choices. 

I almost feel like the guy who invented peanut butter. You simply crush until it’s a complete creamy texture, which is very nice to consume.

Who’s Jealous of My Level 8 Rank as a Google Guide? Top Rank Expert Here.

This rank never even existed a few a days ago. But with the update to the Google Maps they added more features for the Googles Guides that are interesting. They didn’t really offer any extra perks of any significance, but certainly gave us bragging rights. They separated the men from the boys in expanding the ranking system. 

I was remained a high level 4 in the end game of further point collection. A lot of other level 4s relished at being in the highest ranking at the time. The only goal after that was just to get as many points as desired without anything in return. It was just about the enjoyment of the process in collecting points. But I wasn’t even sure how the point system worked exactly, since no diagram was easy to find. But it all changed now, giving us a nice, clear perspective on what is going on with the Guide system.

Yelp is hard to find value with when they delete pics without notice

I’m so frustrated with Yelp. They could relax their tight anuses a little bit about the captions. We are only allowed like 140 characters. It’s just a simple Twitter feed put into the caption that not everybody sees anyway. Some people might even miss the caption if they don’t click on the pic. 

Yelp ignores businesses paying for good reviews and goes after people who post something that might be called promotional in a picture caption.

How does Hearthstone Matchmaking Work? Is there a mechanic to pair similar decks?

After playing for a few years, I notice that when I make a new deck, I will tend to get some wild opponent deck that may not be so good either. It’s like they reset any kind of algorithm placed against my deck and pair me against a very random player. But if I start winning and beating a lot of people with that deck for the first few games, I am quickly given opponents that have opposite decks that are better at countering my deck, or I’m even given an opponent with the same deck, like we both looked at Icy-veins together.

Could I keep changing my deck to get more wild opponents that make risky decks as well? How many cards do I have to change to reset my deck algorithm? Or am I making a wrong assumption about how Hearthstone match ups occur?

Chinatown, Salinas, California is run by Black Thugs

I was surprised by the numbers of gang members in the area. One black started shouting orders to several other black guys to stop me and find out why I was “video taping”. Why were they so concerned and why is there such lawlessness in this area? Maybe this kind of activity is what led to the mayor declaring war on the homeless in Boise, ID. 

When you can’t walk in the area where these homeless are and feel safe, there is a growing problem. The homeless and the people with them need to be scared of authority to learn to be respectful of other people’s rights!

(Video) Is it Smart for Charities to Buy the Things they Donate?

I never really gave the charity situation much thought until I went to the Seventh Day Adventist foodbank in Bakersfield, California. One of the volunteers said that they can’t maintain a regular distribution schedule because they buy all their own food to donate to us. Since they don’t always have the money available for purchasing in bulk, they have to skip some of their distribution days.

First I question why an organization gets involved in charity work. Is there an attractive tax benefit to spend some resources on giving free food to the poor. This has always been curious to me. I can understand that the charity volunteers might get first pick of the food, or even a little extra portions for themselves. Although some people need to work off some kind of debt to society through the legal system too.

Second, how does a food bank charity get involved with the food distribution networks. Can it be too hard to maintain good relations with some of them? If the charity organizations can’t maintain good relations with each other to maintain an effective food distribution network, them channels of delivery break down. This can lead to waste, where the grocery stores, or even the farmers resort to dumping their produce into the trash.

I have always looked at the food banks as being one step above dumpster diving. When the food banks can’t maintain a good relation with the local grocery stores, then people may have to take a sneaky step backward and camp out behind the stores for when the foods are being dumped. What system works best for people in the region? Every situation is different.

Also, this food bank not only spent their own money on the food bank items, but they also purchased mostly unhealthy junk food as a result. Feeding the poor junk food does not help out their situation. Sugar extracts have been proven to damage our health and lead to rising healthcare costs. Whatever deals the charity groups think they are getting are in turn lost through the sugar extract products that were cheaper.