April 25, 2015 random thoughts

facebook.com/ oregonvoices might be an organization. I saw them protesting in an undisclosed location and asked them what their Twitter handle was. I didn’t want to read their signs. They wrote too much to read. They need to learn to protest better. They choose a slow time and didn’t have any slogans. They just wrote their crazy beliefs on cardboard and tried to get some kind of a message across. 

I have participated in one protest but I don’t even know what I was doing. It supposed to be about the Rice Lake, WI school shutting down the athletic program or something. So somebody decided to start a walk out from the school. I thought it was just a great opportunity to skip class. Looking back now, it seemed kind of stupid, especially with all the incredible funding that came pouring in after I graduated. 

I bet the locals hated how Ernie Columbus was running the football program. He was absolutely terrible. When I played we only averaged 1 win per season. So, the record each season was 1-8 each season. I believe we tended to beat Eau Claire North which was the ghetto alternative to Eau Claire Memorial. 

But, protesting tends not to get much done. It may shed a little light on a problem, but many people don’t know what needs to be done about it. It takes the smart people with money who have the leisure to sit down and think about solutions. It’s hard to figure long term solutions when you are busy. It’s about careful consideration. 

I only saw 4 protestors. They are making a very small impact for change. At least their activities are getting them out of the house and meeting different people. We shouldn’t always need a cause to fight for as motivation to get out of bed though.

Random thoughts for April 24 2015

How does the Google maps GPS know where I’m at all the time? I don’t even need to be near a wifi signal and it can find me and even show me which way I’m facing. I’m guessing that it uses cell phone towers. But I can’t do any searches though. 

I got a little lost in a big city and as I was. Walking down the sidewalk, the GPS easily found me and I saw where I was. Because it was quickly pointed out where I was, I could quickly figure out where I needed to go. It feels like I’m cheating or something, it’s that easy to locate myself on the map.

I was fed baby formula as an infant in the late 1970s

i believe a lot of powders were becoming popular back then. When got to my teens, I started consuming the protein powders. I was surprised when my mom told me that she thought my consumption of protein powder was no good for me. She was the one who fed me the baby formulas which is not much different. How hypocritical and unhealthy can a person be?

I believe my prospects for a long life have been stunted. I was a fat baby. I can’t remember feeling shame or anger about being fat, I just assumed this was how everybody lived. I thought it was normal to struggle with obesity at age 2. Apparently, it’s not normal at all. It causes problems in development and later in life as well.

My brain is slightly low functioning because of the struggle for health. I always performed less than my peers. Also, even though I exercised as hard as I could, I never really seemed to put on any significant strength or muscle. I couldn’t ever get my bench press above 300 pounds, for example. My blood was too weak to any major strength gains.

Many people say that the protein powders and supplements don’t work. So, it makes sense to me that the baby formulas are not going to work either. They were a cheap and profitable experiment by scientists. They studied nature and tried to remanufacture it for a profit. With little to no regulation to control these baby formulas, they caused more problems than they are worth.

People still use baby formulas today. It’s like a single pull that is supposed to cure all of a babies nutritional needs, which isn’t true.

I’ve Given up Much More than the Average American, and still I’m told to give up more

It’s always more, more, more with people. They are never satisfied until you are wasted away to nonexistence. That is the attitude in America. Oh, it’s ok that they recieve all the splendor and not share it. But when someone also receives similar benefits to them, or if they feel they are paying for your lifestyle, then they will hate you for it.

People seem to be unhappy about me being on Food Stamps. They would rather see me starve than pay for me to eat. For some reason, to them, it’s better that the benefits get cut off entirely from everybody. Their thinking might be that if you can’t make the money, then you are not allowed to eat anything.

Ofcourse, they probably have some compassion for kids under 18. But adults who are unable to pay for food from their own money are sucking on the system and draining it. It’s like the poor are such horrible people that they are the ones who are supposed to make the government collapse. Eliminating the benefits may seem to solve that problem.

I don’t want anybody’s compassion, I just want to eat. I’m not in jail, nor am I committing any crimes. I just need to feed a basic human need to stay alive. I don’t particularly like having to use the Food Stamps system, but the way the regulations are set up, I have no other choice. I can’t self-sustain a diet outside of the governments control, which also is not a sign of laziness.

The government seems to control who makes the food, where you can fish, what the farmers can grow. I can’t just take an empty plot of land that may have been unused for years and start growing crops. I will have to deal with no tresspassing property rights issues. I can’t just start fishing where I want, for what I want any time of the day. The government controls it all. I need licenses and permits to request permission to be subsistence. It’s so expensive to fish that it’s pretty much for sport more than anything else.

Getting a job that is mindlessly numbing will tend to make me get fired because I get attitude problems with boring jobs pretty quickly. It’s not normal to take drugs for attitude problems either. But people seem to insist that I need to get on medication. I tried Aderral once and hated how I couldn’t think clearly as a result of taking it.

My lifestyle leaves a smaller footprint than the average American. I don’t waste nearly as much stuff as other people. But, society doesn’t care how conservative I am, they want to tackle the fact I use their money for Food Stamps. Maybe they should think about how we got to the Food Stamp problem from the start, instead of target individuals who are stuck on it now.

Studies of Twins Proves that the Gays Choose to be Gay. Just like I always thought

The gays are trying very hard to warp our minds, just like McCarthy did during the Red Scare of the 1950s. Repeat it enough, with the right politicians and throw some people in the fire, and it gets peoples attention and scares them. Should I be scared of thinking that gays choose to be gay? It feels like that is what they want. They can’t use science to back of their claims of genetic roots, so they use politics instead.

The gays have gone too far with their agendas for gay marriage. It’s time to seriously push back against their assaults on marriage. Why do they want to control our views on so much? They are just attention seeking whores, that’s all. How many different kinds of parades do we need to support the gays? Parading them down a marriage aisle for tax purposes seems like a stretch to me. Even I can’t get that kind of attention for choosing not to have children or a relationship.

Every kind of relationship between 2 or more humans should not be entitled to a ceremony. There are just some unions that happen and people adjust their habits accordingly. As much as gays love to throw parties, there still needs to be time for clean up duties as well, which fail to get their own ceremony.

Throwing frisbee over ducklings heads

When I was about 6, I lived on a hobby farm with just a handful of animals. They all were fun to play with, but I found that I played with them all in different ways. They all had different unique traits for their species. For example, with the ducks, I was always amazed at how closely they watched a frisbee fly by. So I got more daring and threw the frisbee past them as closely as I could without hitting any. Unfortunately, one got hit and its tiny head started bobbing in circles. I got scared, thinking mom would see it in that state, and quickly grabbed the duckling and threw it over the fence. I thought it was going to die. But, it turns out that it recovered and started cheeping for attention later in the tall grass.

I wished it would stop cheeping and I never went to find it. I felt so guilty for leaving that duckling in the tall grass for dead. Mom mentioned something about there being fewer ducklings later. I didn’t realize she counted them. I regret having thrown the frisbee so close to the ducklings to begin with. Then further making things by removing the duckling from its family to die starving outside of the fence.

My one small blunder may have contributed to the hobby farm failing. We later moved to the trailer court where I couldn’t be near any farm animals again.