Fat people suffer a loss of self control -they have more trouble rationalizing their outbursts

this is a classic symptom of addiction. The addict, many times, can’t explain their actions in a reasonable way. They best way to describe their behavior is being under the influence of the chemical they are addicted to. Sugar extracts have taken many people down the road of irrational behavior. Something in their brains gets manipulated and clouds their clear thinking.

I suffering through my childhood with unclear thoughts. After quitting sugar, my thoughts became much less cloudy. I would suffer in school because I had trouble following the teachers lessons.

How do people appreciate financial saving stories

For example,

When the fledgling ski area was struggling to pay its debts in 1953,[15] Simplot bought its ski lifts and other mountain improvements from the Kingcliffe Co.[2] and leased them back to the Bogus Basin Recreational Association for $1,500 per year for ten years.[3] His intervention averted almost certain financial demise and won the everlasting gratitude of a generation of skiers.

What really happens if this ski mountain goes bankrupt? Is it really that bad? It’s not like the humans can bulldoze a mountain down and turn it into a golf course instead. It’s just a piece of geography that was used for a specific purpose, which, frankly, shuts out use for other purposes, thereby making it a very biased area against certain activities.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for people and businesses that think they need some kind of financial bailout. I don’t appreciate most of the stories. To me, life will continue to keep moving on anyways and people will learn to live with the setbacks. Nature does not care if you are in debt. In fact, debt is an advantage for nature, since you can’t afford to tear up a piece of certain geography anymore -which gives life a chance to grow back.

We probably need more debt and austerity in society to help give nature a better chance at survival against the humans.


Chief Bigfoot was an Indian Terrorist in Parma, Idaho

There are stories about this Indian that scared many travelers coming through Idaho. He was a killer and criminal who alluded police because of his high mobility and supportive terrorist network.

Here is a statue dedicated to commemorating his legacy of being a terrorist. There is no debate about this statue or his memory. However, there is a lot of debate over the Ten Commandments monoliths that stand in some public parks:


Here is the monolith:

Ten Commandments in a public park. Oh the humanity. #Parma #Idaho

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The story of Bigfoot is fascinating and maybe a little more exciting to fantasize about than the rules of living as instilled by the Ten Commandments:

I have to ask what people find more appealing to see as a statue in a park. Would they prefer to see a statue of a killer, or the Bible rules?

Small towns are no escape from environmental pollution

I have been to big cities that feel clean and big cities that make me sick. I have also been to small towns that feel healthy and small towns that also make me sick. Before entering a few towns in Idaho, I usually assumed that small towns tend to be healthy. But the central towns of Idaho have sapped my energy and made my heart race. The northern Idaho towns seem ok, but anywhere from Weiser down south has been a lot of trouble for me.

As I sit in Parma, Idaho, I notice my energy struggling again. My heart is racing and my head feels heavy like it is on the verge of another headache. Anything east of the Snake River (borders Oregon and Idaho) has felt very toxic for me. I want to travel further east, but can I find relief from these toxic symptoms further east? How far in do I need to go?

It took me almost 2 weeks to figure out why I was feeling so ill. I blamed my problems on my diet mostly and tried to change it frequently in hopes for getting relief. As much as it is helpful to have a nice varied diet, it failed to cure me of my ill feelings. I had to focus on the diet first, since I can be in more direct control of it.

It wasn’t until I noticed that my health problems were getting worse at night that I realized the environment of western Iowa is toxic. Most people sleep in their homes at night, while sleep in my car. I don’t heat my car and just endure the cold air. While I am out in the cold, everyone else burns their trash to warm their homes. They are protected from breathing in all the toxic fumes at night, mostly. I am more vulnerable to the toxins because of that difference in lifestyle.

Food Stamps aka Fence Insurance ensures that farmers control food production

I see a lot of vegetation that goes unpicked in fenced-in areas a lot. It’s very tempting to cross the fence or cut it down to get through to the fresh food. But then I think that I do have food stamps to help offset my food costs, so I avoid destroying that farmers fence and make due with the free handout. However, times are slowly changing…

Food prices are going up. Food manufacturers are doing nothing to remove added sugar to make more foods healthy. The grocery stores simply prefer sugar added foods over other healthier choices. The food, in general, is getting sicker, from the tomatoes getting harder, to the chicken getting softer.

The centrally controlled food production is destroying a generation of kids growing with their greed. The health problems people suffer today are vastly different tha 150 years ago in America. People aren’t dying from the excess, they are dying from drug overdoses. The drugs are put into food to flavor them and make them more addiction. The drugs are not just prescription medication or even illegal black market drugs. They are legally injected into the foods.

How most Americans define drugs is very different than how other countries define them. The food manufacturers have lobbied very hard on the Internet to define what a drug is. They don’t need to turn their attention directly to the White House as much as they used to. The drug manufacturers can to to the social media.

One hard argument to make about going back to nature with food is that just cooking a wheat berry is not very tasty. I agree it does need some mechanical processing. But mechanical processing is as far as the food production should go. When they start using chemical extractions, it should no longer be classified as food anymore, it’s a drug.

Because the grocery stores sell more drugs than a drug store, people need to start considering cutting down fences to make their own food again to get healthier. The farmers have allowed their produce to get injected with drugs and the grocery stores are drug sellers.

City Ordinances are just a truce between rival neighborhood gangs

It was easy to create the ordinances and it gets harder to quash them. When the ordinance is first brought up, it may have been looked at as revolutionary and creative by the leaders. They salivated over giving their police more social tools to work with. But when the ordinance becomes too much of a burden for the community, it isn’t looked at as being very creative to erase it. The person who wants to relax an ordinance might be seen as a hippy and generally has a lack of enthusiasm as support.

Communities can suffer for many years from oppressive regulations and rules from ordinances and never question why they are put into place. Kids are born into the ordinances and learn that is just how normal society works -but it isn’t. The heavy-handed rules were put into place to serve an immediate purpose that evolved from complaints. 

Neighborhoods learn that individuals do not change much policy. The people had to collectively notify police of an action that they did not like seeing, particularly from people they also did not like. What happens when people who don’t like each other plot to subjugate each other? Ordinances come about. 

Sometimes the ordinances can be fair and sometimes unfair. It’s all about politics. You have to look at how the city council is getting along. They will bring their personal views to debates and if they don’t like someone, then there can be a more enthusiastic push towards stronger arguments against the disliked person or people. This social interaction can also be found in gangs as well.

How do we deal with these oppressive ordinances as a citizen of a city? You can try to reach a more favorable consensus with everyone. But if there are enough stubborn people who don’t want any change, then you are stuck with virtually no other option but to leave the city. Give the stubborn people what they want. You leave and take your money with you, so that it stops supporting heavy handed ordinances.

Many cities are grappling with the problem of being too small and poor to keep paying city officials to enforce ordinances. So, when the town shrinks down small enou, you can file to have the local government absolved and reset. Getting rid of the entire government and burning the ordinances can help people restart and rebuild with a blank piece of paper. It’s much easier than having to interpret old ordinances that served their purpose at the time.

An economic war against America is worse than a military war

China is flooding the market with addictive prescription pills that are legal to buy. India has a surplus of sugar extracts they are willing to sell at discount. Russia and Eastern Europe are hacking into the vital infrastructures. Mexico is taking our factories. Threats from other countries, like Iran and Best Korea go unchallenged.

What are we to do about this fight. We have to get smarter. Unfortunately, college is getting more and more expensive and that is becoming less of an option. People turn to the Internet to get their advanced eduction, but a lot of information can get hacked.