If the children are separated at the Mexican Border, how do they handle pets?

If the children are treated like dogs, then the dogs must be treated even less. Maybe the Border Patrol just has a pit that they throw the pets into, a pet pit. Or do the Mexicans even smuggle their pets with them? A dog would probably be the easiest pet to bring as a refuge, because they are the most likely to follow the owner on its own. You won’t see any refugee canaries in detention awaiting processing.


Intense pain and swelling in the spleen area for hours.

Yesterday evening I experienced increased painful pressure around my spleen. It was a dull ache. Currently at 2am, it still feels like that same dull ache. I’m not sure if the dull ache was what woke me up at this time. The past few nights I have been waking up at 2am. I went to poop at this time, with no relief from the dull ache. If nothing else, an extra sharp pain has come back around my appendix area. 

I am at a loss for this pain. What did I eat today? Some unusual things, like 1 saw palmetto pill, that is old in my car. Also, I had a fresh catnip plant, that I harvested from a property. I suspect the catnip is causing severe problems. Although the, the catnip looked and smelled healthy, maybe a chemical was added that I was unaware. I couldn’t tell. It was an ornamental catnip a part of a garden.

I have never had problem with catnip like this before.

I feel like my lymph system is failed. I have been meaning to get barley, but not many stores sell it, so I have gone without for weeks. I’m not sure if barley can really take away all pain.

Currently, I also started feeling pain on my anus too. It’s nothing that magnets can resolve. It’s some weird infection that is very unpleasant. My only remedy is cayenne pepper right now, not sure what else I can do. I think I need to stay hydrated, although I’m not thirsty.

Reddit is Pouting about “Net Neutrality” by shutting down their stupid site. Cry babies!

What a bunch of cry babies. They are the only host site to be shut down right now after a severe decision that rules against their worshipped net neutrality doctrine. What else can a cry baby website host do? They tried everything else, like making every single post on the Front Page be something about how bad losing “net neutrality” is. They might have even slipped in a post from “Girlsgonewild” about net neutrality.

You know what cry babies? Try going to any library in Utah and you will see what no net neutrality is like. Utah blocks all the good ones. But the internet is still functional. The Mormon people still act somewhat normal, even under the closely scrutinized censoring programs held by their elders. Nephi would be proud of the net religious security. In fact, the US government is proud to keep their NSA data center south of Salt Lake City. Mormon take information censorship to a level that could maybe rival China.

I’m willing to guess that none of the Reddit administrators are Mormon or else they would never have whined and cried so much about losing net neutrality.

At least Girlswithsixpacks won’t get touched any time soon. Who would want to block them?

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Lewis & Clark historical art has them pointing in some direction. How would they feel about this?

If you think about it, they probably did do a lot of pointing to each other, up hills, down steams, to the wildlife, Sky, vegetation and anything else that may have looked interesting. They certainly pointed their guns at a lot of wildlife, but probably even more, they pointed their fingers at things that didn’t need to die, or was already dead.

Lewis might have felt a little offended that to sum up his work involved a lot of pointing. He might have looked at his experience as much more involved than all the directional finding. He had to be a disciplinarian with his troops, ambassador for the country, Hunter, builder, canoe sailor, survivalist and much more. But he probably would understand the shortcomings of artists. How can you display all the talents that he had in a statue and still make the statue look good in public? Comic book artists understand the value of creating intense and cool poses for their characters.

California has to stay Liberal because millions of fools keep Travelling to it.

How is the state supposed to handle the massive amount of travelers that come to the coast every year. I’m surprised the collective weight of the droves of people hasn’t sunk more of the coast into the ocean. Or maybe, the massive amount of people who come to California are a factor in the erosion on the coast. It’s a beautiful sight, but extremely dangerous. Keep your distance.

California has to tackle the tourism as a whole. The tourism along the coast is not an isolated incident. For example, a couple, man/wife team could be in Los Angeles on Monday and then San Francisco on Thursday. This is not a singular example. It’s probably happening thousands of times a day. Thousands upon thousands of people are traveling the coast line north and south, south and north. They explore, discover, breathe it in, share it on social media, gloat to their friends, encourage others to take the same journey. It’s wonderful, it’s breath taking, take a deep breath, it’s the ocean, the land of milk and honey. All your dreams can be postponed as you wander into such a free land. But is it free?

California has gotten very constricted. The heavy numbers of tourists has inspired a need to control their behaviors. There are still many parts where you can break away from regulated parts, but you have to look a little harder every few years. The government has to deal with the mess of the tourists. Most tourists try to avoid making messes, but something will slip. You may drive with your windows down and a McDonalds package flies out the window and into a birds nest.

California cannot leave management up to the individual cities. The people travel multiple cities. Tourists don’t just visit one city. They want to visit many, many coastal cities. California needs to liberalize the tourist trade across the whole state. How do they it properly without looking like the jerks to the rest of nation? That is the challenge.

Your First Question to Always ask Cops when they stop You should get right to the Point.

Usually, my first question is, “what’s the problem?” I can’t help it because I want to know right away what is going on? Is there a killer who was reported on the loose? Did I do something wrong? Was there a complaint? Or did you initiate contact with me by yourself?

The cops can legally lie, so you know they can make up some random excuse like, “the grass is green” or “does a bear shit in the woods?” They will stretch the law to their benefit. So, being silent can help many people when confronted by cops. But to make for a good YouTube video, this is the perfect time to start a constitutional debate with the cop on the street.

It’s best to form the debate on a questioning basis, because when you are asking the questions and the cop has to answer, then you are in a better position to use the cops words against themselves. You are sparring with the cop for being the bigger questioner. Cops will always try to overstep your questions by insisting you answer their questions first. They will answer all your questions afterwards. They are conducting an investigation. You are obstructing their investigation with your own questions. On and on….

If you train yourself to ask very relevant questions, then you get an upper hand over the cops authority. Starting with their basic views on the constitution can help reveal who they are. Are they for or against the constitution? Do they want to search me and violate my constitutional rights? They will say one thing and do another all the time. Capturing this activity on video will help your case. By questioning their stance on the constitution, you are practically reading a cop their own “Miranda Rights”.

Pioneers didn’t have any building codes. Look at the farm house in The Dalles, Oregon.

I walked around this very old farm area near the dam in The Dalles, which is along the Columbia River. Although, I ask how much is it a river anymore with several dams holding up much of the water. Sure the water is still flowing, but it is under a strong human influence now. You could almost call it the “Columbia Canal” instead of River. A river is a free-flowing rush of water that is not impeded by barriers, right? You should be able to float a canoe down a river.

But the Columbia River did have its share of challenges that people had to deal with or die. Just like in building structures on the sides of the rivers, they had to be careful navigating the river as well.

On another note, now that I think of it. Maybe this farm complex wasn’t an actual farm that holds cows or sheep. What if this collection of buildings was used more for catching and processing fish? I did get that impression upon walking around it. All I saw was a haphazard planning project, with some hints for what the buildings were used for. Take s look for yourself. It’s towards the end of the video: