Ok, my lower gut pain might be resolving after 6 days. What happened?

Two weeks before I had even worse pain from salmonella infection. Then this pain comes on. Could I have eaten a service berry with bird shit on it? So many questions have been running through my mind while I suffered. It most certainly has to be an infection. Infection in the lower gut though? It started right in the lower gut first and pervaded the whole time. I felt like I had to constantly pee, poop, fart but many times nothing could come. Even after pooping and farting, I still didn’t get any relief.

What this pain has taught me is to try more variety in my diet. I get into routines, such as eating roasted peanuts everyday. Then I find myself looking for foods that taste good with peanuts. If I can break away from peanuts more often, then I have to consider other options. It takes more time to consider other foods to mix. Recently I mixed this, which I do like:


Over 3 days of lower gut pain and I’m confused why it still pervades

There are so many possibilities that are going through my mind as I continue to suffer this lower gut pain. Could it be from the salmonella infection that I had a couple weeks ago? Is there another flare up? My gut could still be repairing from that pain and I did something to make the proble. Worse again. 

This pain isn’t so bad that I feel I need aspirin, but it is catching me when I walk or make sudden movements. I have to be cautious in my movements because of the acute sensitivity of the pain.

Did I eat too many cherries that are causing a weakened gut? I admit I never ate so many before and they were mostly sour ones. But the pain didn’t start until at least 5 days afterward. That seems like such a long pause before the pain begins. It doesn’t make sense.

The tap water tastes very bad in Spokane. I have been in the city almost a week and reduced thirst has been a problem with the bad tasting water. I finally decided to start buying water. Could I have giardia infection? Some of my symptoms coordinate with the medical diagnosis. They say 2 to 6 weeks. But they also say some people experience no symptoms. I guess the best way to find out is getting tested for the parasite.

I was also striking my body near the gut area for therapy. I wonder if I caused some kind of blood clot issue? It’s hard to tell.

What is wrong with doing warrant checks on a regular basis at police stations?

I enter a new city, look for the police station and ask them to check me for a warrant. Is there anything wrong about making that request? I thought that is what the cops get paid to do all day. Their primary job is to put people in jail. They are experts at finding reasons for putting people in jail. I don’t believe I even need to have any direct police contact to get a warrant for my arrest. They could make up some kind of investigation for a crime that I am a suspect of and then put a warrant out for my arrest on it.

The cops are strongly supported by the local citizens. I can’t find a single video of mine without a comment about how good the cop is. It doesn’t matter what the cop did, they will always have supporters. Maybe sometimes the support may waiver a little bit, depending on the situation. But there are such hardcore cop supporters out there who will never waiver. I’m guessing these people are cops themselves or want to be cops.

Get Your Info on Nuclear Safety Advice Here First for Richland, Washington.

When you hear the sirens, it still may not be too late. When there is a fire within 10 miles of the facility, the fire department must treat it as a potential nuclear meltdown. Please do not be alarmed. Using the highest standards of safety to exceed the government guidelines is the departments policy. You can also do your part, within the cordon, by keeping essential gear that can help reduce your exposure to most nuclear fallout. Ofcourse, all equipment has limits, but remember this is one of the safest nuclear facilities in the country, despite its two recent shut downs.

I love my exercise sticks so much that I wish I saw the benefits when I was younger.

For a long time I had an infatuation with suspension training or TRX. HOwever, it’s nearly impossible to find a good “anchor point” which is something you are heavily dependent upon to effectively use. 

I’m a traveler, so I need to keep my exercise gear very light, and I need to work with the environment that presents itself. Also, I am motivated for exercise in different ways from other people. I just don’t understand how people can do repetitive floor exercises over and over again and stay motivated to keep doing it. I get tired of the exercises that I perceive that I do already in my daily movements. I want exercises that work against my common movements.

For example, as I’m hunched over this computer, I then do more rows to fight the rounded shoulders.

“Broken Windows Theory” from New York has morphed into “No Shoes Theory” in Idaho.

As Idaho continues to work hard on making their laws and policies more extreme and in line with their Mormon neighbors, the state can come across some snags in their ambition. Sometimes, there will be a rookie cop who just can’t quite figure out how to conduct an investigation without causing too much controversy. Take this video above for example.

When the cop first saw the suspect, or subject (cops seem to prefer suspect much more) he made some notes to himself. The suspect is laying on the top of a picnic table and also the suspect has his shoes off. There may not be any clear sign of criminal activity, like a broken window of a car, but the essence of a broken window is still there in a loose manner. To sum it up differently, you could say that the suspect is not following typical normal habits that the cop is used to seeing on a daily basis. Simply, if the cop don’t see this kind of activity every day, then it’s out of the social culture of the city and needs to be straightened back up to prevent any further break down of the system.

What is this tumor on my upper lip? Either the salmonella or aspirin may have caused it.

I know the aspirin won’t make a problem like this go away. But could the aspirin have caused it to grow? I never had a swelling so large before. What do I do about it? It scares me that this could be something that leads to my choking to death. But the salmonella infection could also have killed me as well.

When I increased my aspirin dosage I felt two weird changes. First it felt left my left ear drum broke, and may have swelled somewhere inside. Second, the lip swelling, which was minor a couple days ago, so much I forgot about it. Then, when I ate some sushi, the lip started swelling at this rapid pace. The hottest part of the sushi was the wasabi. I did torture my mouth. I wonder if that caused the swelling to expand faster?