“You know nothing, Jon Snow” is a phrase that has been around for hundreds of years

while reading a biography on Mark Twain I came across an interesting excerpt about a group known as the “know nothing’s”. They existed in the early 1850s mostly in Saint Louis. Here is a description of them:

The nickname hung on nativist American party by Horace Greeley, in reference to members penchant for saying, “I know nothing” in response to all questions about their organization. Greeley intended the label as an indictment, but party members grew to like it

-Mark Twain, a life by Ron Powers page 68

As you can see that people relish in the know nothing phrase and it has risen and fallen sporadically for the moment in time that influences it. I think the phrase is neat and adds drama to tense moments between Jon and Ysidra. But she isn’t exactly the first people to trumpet this kind of statement for other people to take hold of with relish.

minor salivary gland cancer early signs and symptoms

I notice that I have been getting a recurring small discoloration on the outside of my cheek on the left side. It feels like it lost feeling too. Then upon using my tongue to feel the inner portion of my mouth around the same area, I notice that my salivary gland is swollen, compared to the other salivary gland on the right.

I have not been brushing my teeth very much and the teeth row in the rear tend to feel dirty and gunky for days on end. For some reason, the right side always feels cleaner than the left. I always have to clean the upper left row of teeth more often than the right. Also, I feel the most pain in the upper left row of my teeth after eating sugar foods.

I think the dirtiness of my teeth and the lack of care has caused the swelling of my left saliva gland. I will need to keep my teeth cleaner to see if that can reduce the swelling. It feels like a very small donut with a larger hole. I looked at it and it does look a little larger than the right side.

Also, the darker color on my skin on the other side of my cheek may be related. I need to pay closer attention to it. It seems odd, but maybe a combination of my frost bite sores and lack of teeth cleaning, as well as a lot of sun exposure while sitting in my car (the sun hits my left side a lot) may have contributed to the changing of tissues. I’m not sure.

Grocery Stores that carry over 50% items with added sugar should be fined

or at least, they should be labeled as candy shops. In their pursuit for profits, they have neglected the health of the people for too long. The U.S. Is suffering the worst cases of obesity because the choices for sugar are too high. It’s hard not to buy something that does not contain sugar.

It’s been said time and time again that grocery stores have over 80% of their products with added sugar. This is an unregulated practice. The grocery store managers have been corrupted. They don’t know what is really good for the public. 

People talk about how it’s not fair that a fat dietician should not tell us how to eat. But, I think we need to go further with that and say that fat grocers have a lot to do with how we eat. There should be a government appointed dietician who overlooks what the grocery stores are allowed to sell. These middle men have sold foods unregulated for too long.

We all can save money as a Nation by regulating the sugar access. Corn producers have gone too far in their production and need to be punished for pushing their crops on people excessively. We have turned into a nation of addicts for this HFCS. People get scared when cocaine, and corn sugar seems to be ok for some reason. It doesn’t make any sense.

How many fatties are in a leadership position? Much less than the population percentage by ratio

You see that over 1/4 of the American people are fat overall. I think it’s even higher than that because the standards seem to be loosened up too much for the scourge of obesity that has plagued this fat nation for over 40 years now. If you look at the percentage of fat people elected into political positions, they seem to fail to represent the high percentage of fat people that waddle the streets occasionally. If I were to guess how many chunks are in leadership position I would say it’s more where Germany is.

Fat people have hurt themselves with their awful addictions as well as their abilities to effectively lead any significant group of people. The Nation of the US has grown very sloth, and as it may seem that policies are changing us into more healthy individuals, it turns out to only be an illusion. Nobody is treating the problems with HFCS because the surplus is still incredibly high. Nobody is putting a stop to the extractions coming out of the corn fields. The methods are getting more efficient for this addictive substance and the leaders ignore it.

Most leaders are in good shape and know not to overeat the corn syrup like addicts. People still find the side effects of sugar addiction as being funny to watch. Fat people are funnier than average sized people. It’s a sad clown trajedy that is going on in the US.