The landscape that San Francisco built upon is very similar to the north side of Golden Gate Bridge.

So much work went into developing the city. It can be hard to appreciate where it started from. If you check out the nature preserve north of the city, you get an idea of what they early pioneers saw before they started building.


What is wrong with the Amazon Locker? I have to call for the code?

Amazon caught me off-guard with the lack of seemless delivery. I could easily order my socks, track the package, and know exactly when they arrive at the storage locker.

But that is as far as it goes. Three days later and it’s sent back to the shipper all because I can’t afford to call for the code. The lack of a phone is my bottleneck. I probably overpaid for those socks anyway.

Last year I ordered something to an Amazon Locker in Las Vegas, and got the code immediately. I didn’t have to try to contact them or anything. Has the Locker security measures changed? Does everybody have to call for a code now? What happened with the locker codes? I can’t tell if I’m being picked on individually or if this is a business problem?

[Video] Views of the Golden Gate Bridge you haven’t seen before from Sausalito side; California

The area is nice and open in the mornings. But there are times where it can get extremely busy. You just have to pick the least popular hours to avoid the heavy, congested traffic. It can get extremely busy. It’s hard to keep track of the massive volume of people who come to this area.

You can also see my Hoover Dam videos if you type in “Hoover Dam Travis Heinze” in YouTube search. There aren’t nearly as many people to the dam.

The Utah Nurse Arrest by Police got my channel more views on YouTube. How does that work?

How does that work? My channel has nothing to do with the Utah nurse. What I believe happened was that her videos triggered my Utah police video to show up in a lot of “up next” choices. So, my Hyrum, Utah video looked interesting o people because it was considered to be very relatable to the nurse incident. What also may have looked especially shocking was that I put in the title that a gun was pulled on me during the interaction.

It looks like when people search in one location for a video, they will also get other relatable things that happened close by. People can see there is a serious disregard by the cops for the law in Utah. This is great for YouTube.

[Video] San Francisco Gay District is not shy about promoting their interests; California

As I walked through the Mission District and witnessed all its squalor, then came the adornment of flags that lined the 16th street of Mission Dolores, otherwise known as the gay district. You go past Church Street, with its many tall spectacular churches. You can walk into this area at any time of the day, like did and find a very busy shopping area highly populated by men and women who have a slightly different persona abou themselves. 

You have to be open to different views on life in this district. I wonder what incredible things go on behind the walls of their many tall buildings. For the high population, the area looked clean enough. Although there is the tunnel just after the huge flag that probably could use a remodel to suit the architecture of the area. I’m sure the local politicians are hard at work trying to figure out the best options to revitalize this spot.

Otherwise, this walk was very interesting, but I don’t want to do it again for a long time.

Why do we have to start another Free Speech social movement in America? 1st Amendment Audit.

Our oppressors are showing the world how little they regard our First Amendment Rights in the US. Pushback for recording on public property seems to come with territorial challenges. Security details will lie about where you can stand and record a video. Can we trust the property care takers to put our freedom in their best interests? No! We have to learn where we really are legally allowed to record videos. We cannot be dictated and told where to stand when it’s not reasonable, and especially when it’s not legal. 

I always felt annoyed by Tom Zebra trying to breathe down a cops back for some video footage. But the cops tell him that he needs to move over 100 feet away from a crime scene, making it much more difficult to record. 

Do White People seriously care about the Sex Trafficking Slave Trade?

Since brown people are more likely to get involved with sex trafficking and gang activity, white people cant relate very easily to it. There are certain traits within personalities that lead people into the sex trafficking realm. If you study Chinese Face Reading you will find patterns in appearances with greater detail on the types of people who get involved in sex trafficking gangs. Brown is just one very general description. Not all brown people are involved. Certain brown people, with certain facial characteristics. You can have different backgrounds, but your motives will all be the same if you look similarly. That’s not to say if one person is good at the piano, that doesn’t mean a similar person, in appearance, is also good at the piano. But the motivations for music can be similar.