1st Amendment Auditors are just Sidewalk Surveillance Soldiers. No difference between ghetto and police station.

If you watch enough of these First Amendment Auditors, you start to see a pattern develop. They stay on the sidewalks, while government officials tell them that the sidewalks aren’t for setting up a surveillance point. I think both sides have a point. We all have a right to travel on the roadways and sidewalks, but they aren’t exactly meant to camp out on.

Standing on a sidewalk is no problem, but your surveillance could be interpreted as suspicious by people in the area. The police who approach these “auditors” keep making a repeated claim that the suspicious activity could be information gathering used for a future assault. Finding out the persons background becomes paramount.

Many of the seasoned “auditors” seem to relish in telling the cops that they are well-known by important people, or on YouTube. So it sounds like an attention-getting high they seek.

Has anyone ever peeped in the windows of YouTube Headquarters?

There is no serious fence around the building and they present everything with open windows for people to look inside. That tells me nothing of any great importance is laid out at the ground level of the headquarter. But they want to make it pleasing and open to the public that passes by.

The more important tools for their business are probably on the higher floors, which are impossible to view at an angle from the ground.

The set-up is similar to what you find in a Barrio. The building is close to the street, and the fenced backyard is where they have their outdoor set-up. They don’t want to have anything fancy in their front yard.

Cats introduced me to grieving over death at an early age.

I cried over a close cat friend that died suddenly by getting kicked in the face by a horse, but I never cried over my grandpas death. I was closer to my cat. If I remember correctly, these events occurred within about a year of each other, my cat dying first. Maybe it’s the sudden loss that brings out the most emotion? My grandpa was gradually dying and they seemed to put a little effort into distracting me from his suffering.

When Cops can Search and Seize Your Belongings without Repurcussions, they can steal things too

When I was arrested again, the cops kept me in handcuffs while they went through my bag looking at everything. I believe they stole $10 out of my bag. They can get away with a lot now.most people are not that interested in stopping cops from overstepping their boundaries. People might have enjoyed the punishments from their parents and the cops are about the only organization that can continue to punish people into adulthood.

But the extra discipline comes at a cost. Cops can take advantage of that extra power and get a little something extra for themselves with their victims are vulnerable.

[Video] The Cyst Fan People are almost worse than the ASMR Fan people.

I post a series of videos of me suffering with a cyst and there are people who watch only for the drainage part. These are not genuine people who feel your pain. They are sick, demented people who get off on watching things being squeezed out of other people’s skin. Just read the comment section of these medical cyst videos. Look at the view counts. There audience demand for this kind of “entertainment” far outweighs the videos that the sufferers can provide. 
I haven’t searched yet, and just thought of it. But what if there is some kind of highlight, compilation video of the best drainages out there? OMG, that is disgusting. A compilation of cysts popping one right after another. A video like that would get millions of views. It’s something to think about. 

I’m forming my opinions about this subject recently because of the large number of views my personal cyst videos have gotten, followed by a ton of neg hands. One lady commented that I talk too much. She only cared about the popping. What goes through her mind? These people are turning cyst poppers into “Rock Stars” on YouTube.

[Video] Pacifica Police Play Stupid Games; California

If you watch cops enough you start to notice they have certain patterns in their behavior. This is from the same standardized training that everyone gets across the nation. But there is some discretion amongst individuals that can also be seen. Some may not be so hardcore in their practice of the laws. 

It only takes one hardcore cop to make you expect them all to be hardcore. The more radical disciplines are the most noticeable. You will remember the most radical attacks by cops. They will threaten to toss you in jail and place their charges on you. Then it’s up to the prosecutor to support the cops petition. 

When there is an unusually nice cop, you have to ask if there is something wrong with them.