#Contact Information *Here*

My name is Travis William Heinze. I’m currently in Tillamook, Oregon

Here is my contact information:

Twitter.com/Acumagnet                                                    Youtube.com/Acumagnet                                                                                      Facebook.com/Acumagnet                                                          Pinterest.com/Acumagnet                                                                                                    Linkedin.com/in/acumagnet
                                                                                                                     Phone: (715) 257-0034

8 thoughts on “#Contact Information *Here*

  1. Hey there,
    I tried to phone text you, but I guess it’s a bit early out there or maybe you are not reachable by phone, I’m not sure. See my private contact info below. I wanted to talk with you about home and possible job.

      • I’m assuming you have my email from me filling in the details below – or is that only to connect word press comments?? Perhaps you don’t see the info. I don’t want to post my email publicly, but I don’t mind if you email me directly or any other ideas for communication – I am open to.

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