5 Reasons why Manpower Hasn’t Made a Revolutionary App to Change Their Business: What Do They Think of App Recruiters?

Why hasn’t Manpower or any of it’s competitors gotten on board with the employment apps that are coming onto the scene? You know why? Because they still don’t see them as a threat yet. But more apps are coming out, like CityQuest, and they are getting better at finding specific work for people. These apps are very successful at aggregating and churning out negotiations between employers and employees at a rate like never before seen.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the problems that the Taxi Cabs are having with the Uber app right now. The app is a bridge which connects passengers with drivers very seamlessly. As a rider, you can look at the GPS map and watch the Uber drivers more around on it.

Then with your payment information already inputted into the system, you can request rides through text typing. After the experience is over, you can rate the driver. To be able to rate the driver, and in turn, for the driver to rate the passenger, is a great system. It’s similar to a lot of other E-Commerce services like eBay where you can rate your buying experience too. A bad rating can really damage someone, if they are genuinely bad.

In turn, you can also rate the employer on the Temp Agency apps as well. Generally, I assume things are going alright at a company until someone decides to complain, then I get really curious why that is. The people who have something to complain about tend to have more lasting impressions for people.

Reasons why Manpower cannot start a revolutionary app to change their business:

1. The company is too large and bloated.

It’s the difference between trying to throw a large boulder or small pebble. Manpower is a very large boulder that no single person can pick up and move. While Taskrabbit, for example, was almost singlehandedly written and coded by one person.

2. They are comfortable with their customer base:

After years of negotiations with other corporations they have secured a lot of good faith deals. They have political clout and are seemingly well-supported by the community/

3. They have a long and strong tradition:

Their company goes back to the 1950s. They have been the office that the unemployed have been going to for years.

4. They probably want to ignore the threat until it seriously cuts into their business:

As of right now, Manpower must be happy with their profits to continue working in the way that they do. If they do feel a little bit of a threat, they may try and be a little more forceful in securing stronger contracts with other businesses right now.

5. Manpower is designed for professionals to find labor:

Manpower finds work that offers a few more hours than the apps. Although, some job posters on Taskrabbit have offered work that can last a few months. Generally, the work is a one time deal. Manpower is more steady employment than what the agency work apps can provide.




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