Tech News Today June 13 Notes: US Marshal, Apple Smart Watch, Tesla, Priceline, Open Table, Google Fit, Xbox, Breaking Bad

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, opened up patents to 3rd parties. His companies 200 patents can now be considered as Open Source patents for any serious manufacturers. The patents need to be used fairly by others, and he promises that he will not sue anyone who doesn’t take blatant advantage of his generous offer.

The reasons that he has opened up his patents to the public are several. Two clear possibilities are that he wants to welcome the possibility of licensing out his patents to anyone who is interested in building on Teslas discoveries. Also, he needs partners if he hopes to expand his brand out further. He can’t go develop his cars solo with no support.

Tesla really needs a big change in community culture to be successful. They are taking a very different approach to car manufacturing. The government and many other businesses rely and created laws for the combustible engines. The car engine is deeply entrenched in society with strong support around the country. To be able to bring in more Electrical car charging stations is a large undertaking. Tesla said they in talks with BMW in getting support for their cars.

Another reason that Tesla made their announcement is for publicity. Many people are already in awe of what the company is doing and this can further enhance our captivation with it. Unfortunately, the Tesla sales are still quite low in comparison to their competitors. Their vision is still very much a long term goal.
You might know William Shatner from, well his company recently bought the app called: Open Table for $2.6 billion. Open Table is a restaurant app where you can reserve a table. They have prepared themselves to be integrated into other services that are similar. They have the potential for being plugged into SIRI for easy accommodations setting.

Open Table services 15 million diners each month. They make about $30 million per year. They are in the Stock Exchange and have a 46% premium on their shares.

The app isn’t exactly a service that stands alone by itself. It is design better as an add on feature.

Many people question if this was a wise buy from Priceline. It seems overpriced. But Priceline has the cash and is making more aggressive moves into controlling the leisure market, which includes vacations and restaurants.

Google Fit is working on their software to quantify data from sensors. Their competitors are other major companies such as: Apple Health Kit: which aggregates data in one place. Apple has also partnered with Mayo Clinic. Microsoft is taking a different approach by allowing a cross platform. Another competitor, Samsung, has a platform for health care and hospitals.

Google bought Nest, which is a home thermostat. Many people wondered why Google made that purchase. Some joked that Google plans to put ads on the temperature gauge. But, many other people understand that Google is making further moves to collect our personal data. The company is further learning our human habits.

Google is learning which search words are more valuable to us. For example, the search term, “diabetes” is very expensive.

Xbox created a weird commercial starring the young guy from Breaking Bad. In the commercial, he says, “Xbox on”. This supposedly causes people’s Xboxes to turn and and they have received complaints for it. The command is standardized and therefore unchangeable, so be careful of the commercial if you have an Xbox.

There is a Kinect bundle for sale at $400.
The Apple Smart Watch is coming out with all kinds of features. It will be called the iWatch and has a sensor-based smart band. You can expect to see the iWatch later this year for sale. Apple is working on several health related benefits for the watch. It can have a pedometer and glucose reader.

Many people use the Nano as a watch, so, this new model will be an improvement. There is speculation as to how the iWatch will use headphones. Many people think that Apple will do away with the regular head phone jack and use the fire connection for speakers. This can help make the watch more compact.
Us Marshals are auctioning off 30,000 Bitcoins they collected from the raid of Silk Road a few months back. To qualify same a bidder, you need to put up $200,000. Many people think that buying currency sounds dumb. Its bizarre. Someone joked about how maybe the Winklevoss twins may put up a bid to buy the Bitcoins.
Hackers use crude measures to obtain victims numbers. One popular method is to make a carbon print of a credit card holders card. Then the numbers are inputed into their network and used at their pleasure.



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