Too Much Trench Foot has Given me an Idea.

Too much trench foot has given me an idea < Acumagnet > 09/26 09:46:14

My toes itch, mostly because I neglect washing them. Because they are being neglected, I think that could explain all the extra skin that sloughs off and itchiness that occurs around them. It has been a huge pain dealing with my toes.

I focus on keeping them dry, which helps a little bit. But I think I need to work on cleaning and drying more than just the dry part. Here is my idea: I will keep a regular toothbrush with me and brush my toes with it from time to time. I will focus on trying to clean them every day.

The sinks are usually a hassle to clean my toes on. I’m somewhat flexible, but I also have to be concerned with balance as well. Then, I also need to dry them effectively afterward. This is an extra challenge that needs to be a part of my daily habit if I want to stop getting trench foot, I think.

I think my lack of washing was allowing the bacteria to remain between my toes for long periods of time. Keeping the area dry may not be enough. Bacteria will still be there, but they might slow down their activities during times of dryness. Scrubbing can eliminate this pesky organism.

I hope the brushing works. This problem has been plaguing me since the Spring. When you have no access to a shower, you need to find better ways to use a sink. I am a little more confident in looking at a toothbrush in a different way.

I haven’t taken a shower in months, but, at least I don’t have any major infections yet. I have gotten some minor infections, but none bad enough to make me run to the hospital though. I just need to keep on scrubbing when I get the opportunities. This toothbrush should allow me to scrub harder to reach areas, such as between my toes:

Here is the best solution I can come up with. I’ve been fungus free for 4 months after suffering 2 years straight. No more itch:


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