Suffering from appendicitis symptoms for weeks with little relief. Constipation caused it.

I took a very long time trying to get into a good habit of cooking. Much of the reason that I struggled was because I was homeless in some large cities that don’t give any privacy for outdoor cooking. So I gave in to eating too many prepared foods with added sugar and fat extracts. My biggest breaking point was when I consumed an extra large box of Grape Nuts within a short time -hoping that it could bring some relief to my constipation. Instead, the cereal attacked my appetite and colon with a force that further compiled damage and led to a permanent tightness around my appendix now. 

I believe there are many other people like me who fall victim to these additives and not have any great way to work around the sugar extracts. Statistics are announcing, that more young people than ever are living homeless. What are the implications of living homeless? One of the worst things is that they give up on cooking and use their food stamps for prepared extracts at local gas stations. The convenience of prepared foods are sacrificed instead of healthy cooked foods.

Already, young people learn bad habits of buying junk foods while living as home dwellers. The problem compounds itself when these people suffer the health effects of their poor choices, become homeless victims and don’t develop positive cooking habits. 

The best way for the young to save themselves is to cook. Cook good whole, real foods, and cook it often. If you don’t prepare your own foods, then the prepared manufacturers will be preying on your health and preparing you for an early grave.


Making a daily journal for a boring life is hard

Reading the Louis and Clark journals, I see on their journey that Clark was the primary journal contributor. He wrote every day while Travelling. But when he wintered in Fort Mandan, you noticed that he would skip days of the life on the camp, because there was much less activity and excitement. He wasn’t discovering anything that particularly interesting while waiting out the cold winter. As excellent of a journalist as he was, it looked like it was hard to come up with anything interesting to write about while dwelling in one spot for a long time. Even though, he had a lot of spare extra time to make more writing.

He was more keen to the Indian dramas that occurred in the area. War parties were still mobile in that cold winter. He wrote about how two Indians came to the camp after sleeping out in the -30 cold overnight. A boy froze his toes so badly that they needed to be cut off. While an older man looked perfectly fine. The Indians may have developed an unusual strength to ward off the harsh extreme of winter.

When Lewis and Clark were Travelling and discovering new areas, they developed many more new insights and discoveries that probably inspired more writing. Writing really is more interesting as people make their discoveries. No book or story is complete without an unusual discovery.

Are toxic plagues tearing families apart in Eureka, California?

This is a silent assault on our health that is hard to measure. But it is significant and can’t be ignored. Many times throughout history there have been major toxic fallouts that have driven cultures mad, without any other explanation. If you look closely at medical statistics over time in some places, you will find unusual activity. 

People want to blame themselves for their health problems. But they are sometimes mistaken in doing so.

The Hypocrisy of Waging Wars against the Homeless and Marijuana together

It’s the government that wants to cut our knees and stab us in the back at the same time. The system is brutal in its approach to dealing with poor people. They ticket the homeless and pull “illegal grow farms”. The government will slap the doobie out of our hands, ticket us, and tell us to get a job to pay for the ticket. It’s like being born into this world already in debt. The control that the law enforces over the people has been going on for so long, you have to take more than a step back to see the “big picture”. You need to take a big jump back to begin to understand where the government is getting away with enforcing laws to make homeless and marijuana both illegal.

But, like a lot of people say, “you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.” There is a lot of “false propaganda” to drive “false narratives”. People are getting paid to lie and promote their own agendas in publications, with the impressions that they should be “trusted professionals”. Who can you trust? Who has credibility enough for you to trust what they tell you? That is what keeps the “huddled masses” confused and allows the government to continue enforcing their propaganda. In the mean-time, homeless people are getting kicked around and ticketed while marijuana is demonized and pulled. If you keep the marijuana out of the paupers hands, you have control over them, right?

Demonic Acid lurks along the pacific coast. If you sleep outside, it will possess you. 

The forces of nature have many interesting spells that they can conjure on people. All it takes are the correct ingredients and conditions, a little timing and the proper victims. Humans share a lot of common biological functions with seals. And when you learn that the seals are being slaughtered in large groups, then it’s only a matter of time before the humans also fall victim too. The only difference between our species is that we might have a little protection with the barriers that homes provide. But houses can prevent all air leaks from entering the homes.

When the mists get stirred up at night as the temperatures cool down. The ocean can carry its diseases to the shores and beyond. Those people who sleep outside near the beaches become victims of the toxins and can suffer all the same elements that the seals do. Acid clouds of the red tide has a powerful friend in the winds. 

The high moisture content that coats you also envelops you in an acid slime. If it hasn’t rained in weeks, yet you are still experiencing the high humidity of the ocean, then you are putting yourself at risk of this acid too.