Why Vote in a “Primary Election” when some Bad Candidates can ride out the Wave to Victory? What is Brett Pruess’s affiliation for the 15th Seat in Coos County? Total Cover-Up!

Just look at this Facebook for Brett Prues, who is running for the 15th seat of the Judical Organization in Coos County: https://www.facebook.com/judgepruess/

He fails to be clear about his affiliation: Democrat? Republican? We don’t know. There may be an “election day” on May 15, but that is a date that needs to be completely ignored. You need to get familiar with the individuals more than the party. Some of these bad characters, like Brett Pruess, can easily slip into office if you vote for his party as a whole. Are there really people out there who believe that one party is perfect for our future on all the levels? From commissioners, judges, sheriffs, mayors, congresss? Just vote Democrat or Republican? That is way too simplified. It’s like deciding between the Guidos or Costello crime family. Which gives me a segue way to my next concern about the crime family that is supporting Mr Brett Pruess. Another boss who creates dockets, while throwing the book out the window is Karen Costello. Look at her title and what she had to say about Brett Pruess:


Judge Karen L. Costello, Associate Judge of the Tribal Court of the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siluslaw Indians

I have served as a judge since 1984 in state-, municipal- and tribal jurisdictions, and I have been the Chief Judge of the Coquille Indian Tribe’s court since its inception in 1997. The tribe’s court and Oregon’s state courts, while separate, collaborate in unique ways to fulfill their common mission of fairness and justice to all. Mutual trust and confidence among judges is vital to this collaboration. Judge Brett Pruess has my full trust and confidence. He is the best candidate for the position of Circuit Judge of Oregon’s 15th Judicial District.

She is someone who worships cops. During my trial with her, she threw the book out (written by the lawmakers) the window, and ruled on who was more “credible”. By default, her logic will always side with the police.  Those cops put the blindfold on her, and she is forever trusting of them for that. While the cops stretch the laws, she turns a blind eye. Only specific political measures can right the wrongs of this crime family of a judicial system in Coos County.

Look, just below, her husband or brother had this to say about Brett Pruess:

Donald Owen Costello, Chief Judge, Coquille Indian Tribe

“I support Judge Brett Pruess for election to the bench in the Fifteenth Judicial District. Since his appointment by the Governor to the position he has demonstrated the intellect, fairness and work ethic necessary to serve as a Circuit Court Judge in our District and this State.”

This is a corrupt status family working to bring in a son in law who helps cover up their misdeeds.

You advance the power of the Indian Tribes in Coos County with Brett Pruess. Maybe the indian tribal council power can explain why the judicial system is so terrible in Coos County, especially in Coquille, Oregon.


Police Organizations need to be broken up just like they break up Homeless Camps.

If you study the homeless camps across the landscape, you will notice some popular trends that emerge. The homeless people who start to feel comfortable in their status within the environment get bored. They start testing and pushing the rules and boundaries of other homeless people in the area. Pretty soon, problems start to develop that involve territorial issues. Homeless people may steal, cheat and lie to each other. The bullies take over control and the victims complain to others about it. They become their own small government where the perceived criminals are watched closer by the cops. Certain roles among the long-term homeless develop and they grow into their roles. They grow into their bubbles or boxes. By the time the police have to get involved, the homeless will feel offended that their problems were leaked to the city and now their established homeless camp is in peril of being broken up.

The homeless can’t see the long-term problems develop within their own camps because the problems are little bits and pieces that occur over a long period of time. It could take months or years for the homeless to forget about the origins of their camps in the first place. But by the time they see problems occurring, they are at the mercy of their own faults. They want to maintain many of their problems because they want to stay longer in the camps, since they don’t see any other alternatives available. Why don’t many see the other alternatives? It’s because they tend to not want to think about it when they feel comfortable with their camp.

Police Stations are similar to homeless camps. When a cop stays on the force for an unlimited period of time, they get too comfortable with their position. They start to stretch the laws. They cover up the faults of the other long-term companions. They push the limits of their power. There is no better way to assert your current power other than stepping over the limits. Because when there is some push back, it may not be enough to shrink your own organization, just simply bring it back to it’s normal operation. Stepping over the line gives the cops a cushion against pushback. They only have to fall back to their lines, rather than behind it.

What is the solution to these corruptions that occur over time? Term limits for everything. There has to be a date for when things get shaken up, and it always has to be enforced. We look at term limits only for the military and politics. When I was stationed on a military base, I knew on the first day how long I should expect to be there. Everyone needs to have a term limit for their position and location. A cop should have to move every 2 or 3 years and that would prevent them from getting too comfortable in one place. Just like the homeless, the corruption could be seriously reduced when they face more of an, “the end is near” psychology. But it is also a chance to start over again somewhere else and offers new perspectives that are denied to corrupt people who think they are “stuck” in one place.

The Winning Strategy of a 4 Run Champ.

The weather must play in the champs favor, slightly cool to allow him to warm up his muscles, dry air to absorb away the sweat, and a little sun, but positioned just right to avoid day-blindness. He needs the perfect environment and climate that works for his strategy. Some deviation from perfectly is ok, but too much and he doesn’t even come close to achieving a good chance.

But games aren’t scheduled for only the perfect days. They both just have to align properly over the course of a season. Playing enough games will eventually land him in the right mix of conditions that work. No delays, no cancelling, just play the schedule, stick to it and don’t think about the weather too much. In fact, maybe try to imagine that every game is really the perfect weather. But make adjustments if the conditions are too extreme, ofcourse. He can use some “mind over matter” techniques, but adjusting to the elements is important too. We are all vulnerable to imperfect conditions.

Once the conditions of the perfect day come, next comes his own abilities, and other players talents, both on his team and the other.

How do You Hunt for the Worst Bad Cop on the West Coast? You set up the proper bait! Copbait.

There are the obvious ways to break the law and get cops attention easily. You could hold up a gas station, leaving survivors to call the local authorities. You could perform some kind of traffic violation that even the most common citizen would say to themselves that you should get arrested. You could simply walk into the nearest police station with a gun and start taunting everybody.

But none of those efforts would draw the real bad cops out of the crowd to draw attention to themselves. You get on everybodies bad side by trying to be extra bad yourself. No, you shouldn’t have to stoop to such low levels to bring out the worst attitude in cops. Instead, you might give the opposite effect, which could show a cop showing extra patience and professionalism in the face of your bad attitude.

Your best strategy for baiting the real, noticeable bad cops is to simply be law-abiding out in public. You just spend a lot of time in the public, being in public places and eventually something will happen where the bad cop will break away from the fray and give you a hard time. You can’t attract the attention of the cops if you are constantly hiding in your house.

I have been approached by cops while walking on the sidewalk, standing in front of a library, in a church parking lot, parked on the side of a road. There are many situations where you can be doing just basic things and the cops will approach you and start demanding information, saying they are conducting an investigation. These are the perfect cops to work with.

Indian Reservations were the original “Sanctuary Cities”. Why don’t Indians welcome Mexicans?

I would like to learn why a sovereign territory would not become a sanctuary territory for the Mexicans. Do the various American Indians not see the potential? It should be easy to argue that the Mexicans were also the original American indigenous people before Europeans arrived. What law prevents Mexicans from living on reservations? If there is such a law, it’s total bullshit! There shouldn’t be any law to prevent Indians from welcoming other southern Indians from moving in. Think of the advantages the dying Indian populations could gain with inclusion of the Mexican refugees.

Or, is it a cultural problem? Do Indians not get along with the Mexicans? That would be interesting to learn. I have no idea what they feel about each other. I can’t listen to most of the local Mexicans because they mostly speak their secret Mexican language. And the Indians are rare to find. 

The territory for Indians stays the same, but the populations seem to be dwindling. Seem to be. I haven’t seen any statistics. But when I do pass through Indian reservations on the West Country areas of Washingtion and Oregon, I don’t see much activity or people. 

The Mexicans live as bare-bones as the Indians and still maintain some survivable health. I can’t say they thrive, as they seem to make many frequent bad choices in their diets leading to a high percentage of childhood obesity. Why should an 8 year old look like they have a gut of a 45 year old man? This is right. The people need to go back to the basics of living and get themselves safely away from the “Americanized diet”. An Indian reservation would be the better fit than a “Sanctuary City” which exposes people to too much over processed, fast food, with sugar extracts added.

World of Basalt in Oregon; why bother with trees?

People can get a little over-zealous with free resources. Basalt isn’t exactly gold, but it can be a useful building material in the proper skillful hands. You need some good stone cutting experience and knowledge on gravity and fitting puzzles together properly to make a wall that will stand up on its own against all the elements for a long time. But not everybody has the patience to learn all the skills necessary to make a safe wall out of basalt.

By the look of many basalt walls, you can see who took the time to get the pieces to fit perfectly, and others who hastily put something together for a short term. How many people sloppily put together loose walls that came tumbling down? Those are the embarrassing deaths. I’m sure they are not many deaths. It’s pretty rare for a wall to kill you. Maybe someone else tried to climb your loose wall and it turned into a stone trap. What a way to go. 

In the early days in central Oregon, they didn’t have all the regulations that we do today. Looking around many cities, I see that the loose basalt walls can only be up to 4 feet high, and also have to be very thick as well. Without seeing the actual building code, it’s pretty clear that a wall of loose stones should probably not be very large. No doubt people put that theory to the test, especially when basalt is more available.

Waiting in the food stamp office and no one else is here?

I see that Oregon has a new form to fill out. It looks like I won’t even qualify for food stamps anymore. I never saw the limitation of 3 months in the application before. Also, there appears to be some kind of work requirement. If I don’t work for the 3 months, then I might get cut off even sooner. The standards for using government money to buy food has almost eliminated itself.
I am using the free wifi at the food assistance office. Not every office offers free wifi, but this one does. It’s a little obscure, but they probably know that curious people will probably look at the wifi options and give the “unsecured” one a try. I just accepted the agreement and I am on. So, it offers me something to do while waiting to get denied food stamps. The waiting and anticipation is the hardest part.

I would be fine with food banks, if they could offer better food. I find myself usually turning down most of their sugary options. Why should I accept their peanut butter when peanuts are healthier? They give out government peanut butter, but it’s not safe. The government seems to think that they need to crush our peanuts for us, and also add hydrogenated oils as well. Plus, to finish the peanut butter off, they add sugar. They have figured that peanuts are no good without added sugar for some reason. I would like to listen to the committee that decided we