“First Amendment Audit” activity has picked up recently. Where do they go next?

Just a year ago, if you asked me what a “1st Amendment Audit” means, I would have no answer. Now, the activity has exploded onto YouTube and other video websites, like Vid.me. The conflict is becoming more standardized with the “professionals”. This is better than “Cops” for the average person, because you can actually listen and watch intelligent people responding to the cops requests and demands. You can feel a better confidence in yourself to handle bad cop behavior with the kind of knowledge that the “1st Amendment Auditors” provide.


Could “Weed Country” be in a feud with “Wine Country”? Setting California Wildfires could be a very dirty move.

Wouldn’t it be a remarkable evidence that “weed country” and “wine country” have been in border disputes with each other since marijuana was legalized? These are two big business enterprises that are toeing the border lines with each other. Now that marijuana is getting a little more established, they may still feel like they can’t get the respect that they feel they deserve. What better way to get an edge over the competition than by setting the fields on fire.

It’s not hard to watch weather patterns and wait for the perfect moment to strike. The “Diablo Winds” have long been known as a fierce seasonal effect that can be somewhat predictable.

The first Night in Novato, during the California Wine Country Wildfire led to strange circumstances.

This schizophrenic was battling his own demons at 2:30am on that early Monday morning. Could he have known the fires were coming? Would he have set the fire in the first place? He has a vehicle and had enough time to set one fire. His increased agitation was very alarming. There might have been a link, or maybe it was an isolated episode.

After he walked away from his vehicle, I started to notice a strong smoke smell and got out to try and find the source. I hoped that it would be clearer just at the end of the parking lot, but that was too hopeful of thinking.

California Cops should switch with Utah cops for some balance in legal procedure.

After the California governor signed his bill to allow more sanctuary protections, the California cops are left with protecting criminals more than protecting property. But in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, most of the Midwest, you will find the cops control many parts of the country with a very strong hand. People have different views of the police more inland. They want to be sheep and lick the cops boots.

Video that I took of Mesquite, Nevada where Stephen Paddock is from; Las Vegas shooting

Lots of casinos around Mesquite. People gamble at all hours of the day. You will never find a time where it’s an empty casino. Extreme hot weather. Very much a wasteland, but it does experience very extreme flooding for short periods of time. They built their dykes very deep because of the massive volume of water that passed through during past floods. The history museum can reveal how the floods changed the town and landscape.

If you can gamble in Mesquite, why bother going to Las Vegas? You might have other motives in mind. The casinos on both ends of the city are Vegas-like in size. Walking around a casino in Mesquite can feel very much like walking around one in Vegas.

Is Paranoia and Health Problems a Common Thing north of San Francisco, California?

Environmental health has always been an interest of mine. I am not above the influence of nature on my soul. There are magnetic forces, ions, chemicals, radiation, sunlight, and various other factors that pervade certain areas over others. Your body tells you what is happening in the area. I feel health problems, coupled with dryness and paranoia. It’s a very unique feeling that I don’t recall suffering as badly in other parts of the country.

My best solution usually is to keep moving along. I don’t know how the locals react to these weird feelings. As some of these feelings could also be seasonal in some ways as well. The way the wind blows may affect how much exposure I experience in the area. 

I woke up at 12 midnight of all times with this terrible feeling. It’s not exactly enjoyable, but it does seem appropriate for the area. This area is on the edge of a wasteland. The population is extremely high and the pollution is very rampant. These locals may want to identify as hippies, but I think they might be using that term loosely. They are serious gas and energy hogs, as much as anybody else. But the energy use is very apparent by the sheer volume of cars on the road. It’s one large traffic jam throughout the whole area. They are spewing chemicals all over the place around here. It’s rather sickening to see. You don’t really have much space to get away from it. It’s not a peaceful experience. Too many people have fallen in love with this area to help make it rather unhealthy.

But I still question, what would happen to the health of this area if the people were removed? Hard to tell. I’m inclined to believe it would improve, though.