(Video) Amazing Trains Caves on trail to Hoover Dam, “the engineering marvel”, overlook Lake Mead, Nevada

If you park at the Visitor Center, it’s free to park. About 4 miles from Hoover Dam and 4 miles the other way to Boulder City. This trail was train tracks, turned into an amazing bicycling trail. I record the ride overlooking Lake Mead and through a tunnel. There are heat warnings on parts of the trail. Do not come here in the summer and expect to survive a hike. I have to wonder how the workers, who built the Hoover Dam, handled the intense heat.

There is a surprising amount of vegetation in the immediate area, more than you would expect in a desert. But as the lake continues to recede, so will this vegetation. I believe the plants were probably on a higher level when the lake was 20 feet higher.

Seeing how low the Lake Mead receded, you can understand why St Charles reemerged from the water. I have video of walking around St Charles. It’s amazing how the dam was poorly planned in that it buried a town like St Charles in a watery grave for about 50 years.

(Videos) Featured on Liveleak; Boulder City Police; Laser Dental; Hungry Bunnies…

So I have been featured on Liveleak for a fourth time. I have something else to upload next that I think will probably get featured as well. They are 2 videos that happened last year. I just want to point out the hypocrisy of the cops in Meridian. It’s mind boggling to see such differences in police standards.

Ofcourse, I will always have new cop content coming in because trolls can be found in every city and town. It didn’t take long to have a troll call the cops on me for being at the library, when the very troll himself was also at the library. He thinks he is more worthy than me

I never heard of Laser Dentistry before. But I suppose it can work if carefully controlled. I hope cops never use lasers. They have enough trouble controlling their flashlights.

These bunnies seem very dependent on humans. I bet people are feeding them candy and making them addicted to sugar. This disrupts their natural migration patterns. However, human activity has done enough disruption to last for hundreds of years.


Just looking around Boulder City, I see it’s quite a tourist town right now. I feel sorry for the people who want to come here in the summer. The city puts up warnings all over about the heat. It doesn’t take long for the 100 degrees to kill you

I would love for cops to spend a little more time learning what their representatives have said at city councils when the lawmakers decide to enact a new law or change an existing one. I also wish the cities would have to follow Trumps policy that if they create one new law, they have to remove 2 old laws.

(Video) My Traffic citation procedure in Las Vegas; Charge was dropped at court.

I got the traffic ticket on January 8, I waited until February 3, checking the website frequently. My name came up on a Saturday, which seems surprising to me. When I came back to the courthouse for the 5th time, the following Monday, I waited 20 minutes for a clerk, with about 45 people ahead of me. Then the clerk hands me a piece of paper and tells me the judge is in the lower level and is there from M-F. When I got to the doors for the courtroom, it was locked, with people inside the room, about 12 of them. There are also about 40 people who sat outside the courtroom with me here.

The judge was Sonny Quan or Kwan? She said I looked like I was going to plead “not guilty” so she said she would save me some time and drop the charge.

(Vlog Videos) Bicycling around UNLV, Las Vegas and also near The Strip

I have never seen a college bordering a ghetto like this before. I see more ghetto people outside of the campus than students. I get the impression that students may prefer to drive to this campus than live nearby and walk to school. There are too many bad people living around the entire campus.

If you zoom into the center, you can see a cat laying with this #homeless person #lasvegas

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(Video) Las Vegas Strip at 3 am/ City Never Sleeps

I wanted to record the neon, LED light shows at night, but wanted to avoid the traffic. But, it’s impossible to avoid traffic, even at 3am. There were plenty of stoplights to hit and sit at for up to a minute, it seemed. Either there were pedestrians crossing or other drivers crossing the intersection.

I didn’t get the impression that the city turns off any of their displays at 3am. If they do, it’s a small amount.



(Video) How to Juice Your Own Wheat Grass without using Electricity.

Let me share how to juice your grass. This is quite easy. It doesn’t require the strength, like it does for crushing your nuts, it takes more skillful focus instead.

I don’t come across many stores that sell wheat grass, in my travels, so i can’t carry around a big machine designed specifically for destroying wheat grass. Instead, I choose the mortar & pestle, which has a lot more utility. Granted, it is heavier to lug around, but it’s more effective than a wood mortar and pestle. 

I’m a little scared when I lose my car and have to travel on bicycle what to do with my stone mortar. It will simply be too heavy to carry. You really don’t see homeless people carrying around stone mortars. I may have to switch back to the wood one at that point.

(Video) Trump block of Muslims will help current American homeless people

If you look at the Boise, Idaho war against the homeless, you see something very shocking. The homeless are bullied out of the city, while refugees are welcomed with warm greeting and open arms. For some reason, many levels of the American government have treated foreign refugees better than American displaced homeless people. There might be a simple psychology that can explain it. I learned or solidified a lesson from a Simpsons episode.

In the Simpsons episode, Homer treated other children better than his own. For some reason he didn’t feel like his own kids appreciated him anymore. But when he took in a new orphan, or became the orphans big brother, he found the orphans interest in Homer to be very endearing. His own kids lost their enthusiasm for the their dad, so meeting new people revitalized Homers spirit.

Perhaps there is a kind of dejection that the city council feels with their local homeless people. Maybe they do feel that bringing in new cultures can spark a different energy within their city. But is it really such a good idea to pull refugees from so far away, who never heard an English word spoken? These safe house cities, like Boise, have taken on too much of an extreme view on changing the culture of their city.

You can welcome people from a couple states away and get a nice revitalization as good, if not better than pulling people in from the other side of the world. Travel brings w nice fresh perspective, and the value of travel doesn’t always relate to the distance you cover. With the speed of travel today, many people don’t even appreciate the distances covered, like our pioneer ancestors.