The Philadelphia MOVE movement from the 1980s was like a homeless encampment.

In Philadelphia, in the late 1970s, this group formed about 40 members who built a hold in a house that may have been owned by the leader, John Africa. He was able to recruit other people through a college professor who taught classes on the MOVE beliefs. Students became inspired by the class teachings and joined the movement. It turned into a cult.

What other kinds of small-time cults can birth an existence through a college course? The college really is a place that people go to become indoctrinated. But the homeless usually don’t attend college and become different people. Some do, most don’t. The homeless are taught not to trust the system, any system, it’s all a conspiracy. People get along on short-term agreements instead. Very short term agreements that need to be renewed daily, usually when they wake up every morning. 

If you give a group of homeless people a section of the city they will take it, no matter where it is. Anything helps, right? Some cities don’t mind giving away unsightly portions of their property. But ideally, it’s best to have every inch of their property contributing to their financial gain if possible. 

I listened to the city council in Coquille, Oregon talk about how they are willing to give away the old PDA property. But they obviously never gave it away to any homeless groups. The city wants to see positive development, which usually means money coming from a source that will buy the city a prosperity for the future. The homeless are a tax on prosperity. Rich people want to hide and eliminate taxes. They hire accountants to manipulate the numbers on the tax sheets and cops to manipulate the faces of homeless people.


Privacy Complaint just filed on my Dog Bite YouTube Video. Watch while it’s still up.

This video is going to get pulled down by YouTube in a few days. I refuse to pull it. It think it makes great documentation about the attitude of common dog owners. But YouTube doesn’t want to spread any ill will between people. The company has to think about profits and love.

What is the more appropriate platform for a video like this? Liveleak? They are brutal there. Many libraries will block Liveleak. It has too much controversy. 

What about posting the video on Newsflare? I will wait until after YouTube pulls my video down. Then I will reupload it to Newsflare. Maybe that website accepts the controversial videos with more clarity.

Show me some #eastsidewhitepride love in Oregon? There can be east side parts too!

When I first got bit by their dog, I made sure to post what I could to YouTube:

People in the comments looked up the dog owner and found that he is very public with his social media, especially on Facebook. They started mentioning that he had an, “East Side White Pride” tattoo on his chest. But he covered it up with a bigger tattoo of something I couldn’t make out. It just looks like a big black smudge across his chest. Now, upon learning that this smudge was used to cover up his hate/love gang affiliations, it makes more sense about many things.

For example, his attitude about me getting bit was very startling. His first words were to blame me for coming into his yard and going after his kids. His dogs never attacked anyone else before and he still doesn’t need to control them. What kind of people take on his attitude? A racist white pride gang member, ofcourse. You can’t speak logic to them, because they are too fixated on blaming other groups for their problems. They might perceive that psychology as being something that makes them more macho and successful.

Playing the victim wins you nothing of value. You learn that lesson in “Game of Thrones”. No gang exists that operates like victims. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? Instead, they attack. If you fight back, they fight you even harder. Everything I said to this gang member, he threw back at me as though I was wrong. It was an amazing display of lack of courtesy. Never give in, never give up. 

I think it’s great to have increased confidence in yourself. But, if you don’t learn to humble yourself at times, the toughness is too linear of a mindset, and the lack of flexibility will be a weapon against yourself. There are karate moves where you are taught to use your opponents own force against themselves. This little gang member has not learned how that works yet.

What do I do when bitten by a Dog? Springfield, Oregon

I recorded right after as I gathered their information as I was bleeding. They didn’t care to offer any help for my would. They also didn’t believe they needed a fence, even after their dog bit me. The bite almost came from two of the dogs. The second was very close to biting me as well.

There was very little barking that came from this dark dog. There was a bit of a growl, fast run, and then the bite. I was shocked. I have seen a lot of dogs in my travels. But I have never been bitten before. This is deep in a well-populated part of Springfield with many homes for miles all around. To display such insensitive attitudes towards the neighbors like this is very irresponsible. 

Both dogs were loose. The front door was wide open. Both dogs seem to come out of the house straight for me. 
There were two children in between the dogs and me. The owner wants to prove that I was on his property and trying to get at his children. My claim is that I was on the sidewalk the whole time. The little boy even demonstrated where I was exactly, which was on the sidewalk just walking by.

I was walking to my car, away from the library. I don’t know the city that well. I have walked by this house before when there was nobody outside. I remember the scoop play toy and thought it looked a little odd and amusing where it stood.

Trump is not the first Tycoon to manipulate the Stock Market like a Roller Coaster.

Read about “The First Tycoon” Cornelius Vanderbilt in the 1870s and it is described that he sent the stock market up, down and sideways. Unfortunately, the book I read did not go into any great details with how he personally made the New York Stock Exchange so chaotic. The biographer simply said that there were fewer regulations in place and Vanderbilt had a lot of money. But Vanderbilt never became a president. He was simply a very rich guy who dabbled in everything and had a very “boorish personality”.

Donald Trump is different. He may be a tycoon as well, but with a lot more power. He is the ultimate tycoon, something for which the world was not ready for, but our stratified cultures certainly prepped the standing of tycoons into greater positions of power. Just look at the history of cultural change of our leaders. In the beginning, George Washington was a general of the military, which maintained a very popular theme for presidents through the Civil War with President Ulysses Grant. 

Here is my channel:

But a change towards economical power gained a stronger foothold and fewer generals had a political chance of becoming our countries president. People value products and the economy more than winning great wars. After Hitler, people would really turn sour towards these military conquests and the leaders who led the charges. There was too much suffering, and suffering that could not be easily forgotten because of the increased use of pictures and videos to instantly remind us of the horrors.

What are the side-effects of having tycoons in power?

Homeless people will get harassed for sitting on grass, while car drivers are left alone sitting in parking lots.

Where is the fairness in equal treatment for people in America? Is the culture saying that it’s more acceptable for someone to be sitting in their car resting than sitting on the sidewalk, or grass. Don’t tell me that the only acceptable spots to sit are the designated seats made available for the public. Those chairs, picnic tables, benches or whatever are not widely available especially in places where people may most commonly want to take a rest.

As a car camper, I currently enjoy the benefits of sitting in my car all day in a parking, sleeping, relaxing, reading a book, sometimes peeing in my jug, eating, day dreaming, or whatever. A homeless person, without a car, cannot walk up next to me and occupy another parking spot for themselves. Without w car, that is not an option. So, the homeless person has to look elsewhere for somewhere to rest after a long walk, and that usually involves the outside of the parking lot somewhere. 

Move to Amazon Park from Creswell to south Eugene, Oregon; We’ll make our stand right here!

So where are the second-best spots to relax outside of the parking lot perimeter (which the car drivers get to enjoy)? Many times the homeless will try spots close to the stores first. Those areas offer w close proximity to the doors, a roof, socialization and convenience. Sometimes the homeless may try and sit somewhere else outside the activity of the parking lot. Some of those homeless will try to be industrious and sit on a corner of the parking lot holding a sign asking for money. Inside the parking is a foreign territory to them since they have no car to park themselves. Asking the drivers, any driver, is like asking an upper-class citizen for some help.

Tear down that McKinley statue for a better reason than he inconvenienced some Indians.

Try reading the “Lewis and Clark journals” and learn how thieving the Indians towards the party. The Indians put this party at risk of starving and not reaching their goals on many different occasions. Ofcourse, there were some generous Indians as well, but they seemed to be very low in ratio, harder to find. The language barriers made discovery of who to trust more difficult. But the best measure was to keep the Indians at a distance and watch them all very carefully. 

The people around Arcata should go south to Eureka and look at the Humboldt Massacre history fort. Great information about the Indian massacre there. Here I recorded my walk around the area:

Do you really believe the white people came up with the idea to murder Indians for the fun of it? If you are white, do you believe our ancestors were blind murderers running up and down the landscape murdering people of other races for hate and fun? If you do, you are completely disassociated from real history. The Mickey Mouse history courses in High School are too general and politicized.

Here is a video I made walking up to the McKinley Statue:

Is McKinleyville going to tear down there name out of shame to follow suit? Maybe they are insulting the natives with the “worlds tallest totem” in their city, since McKinley was apparently so nasty to the Indians. God have mercy!

Here is an incident I had at the library in Arcata: