Pioneers didn’t have any building codes. Look at the farm house in The Dalles, Oregon.

I walked around this very old farm area near the dam in The Dalles, which is along the Columbia River. Although, I ask how much is it a river anymore with several dams holding up much of the water. Sure the water is still flowing, but it is under a strong human influence now. You could almost call it the “Columbia Canal” instead of River. A river is a free-flowing rush of water that is not impeded by barriers, right? You should be able to float a canoe down a river.

But the Columbia River did have its share of challenges that people had to deal with or die. Just like in building structures on the sides of the rivers, they had to be careful navigating the river as well.

On another note, now that I think of it. Maybe this farm complex wasn’t an actual farm that holds cows or sheep. What if this collection of buildings was used more for catching and processing fish? I did get that impression upon walking around it. All I saw was a haphazard planning project, with some hints for what the buildings were used for. Take s look for yourself. It’s towards the end of the video:


Constitutionalists fight for their freedom, but how does that settle the complaint?

Even though I got the property owner to call the cops on me, the cop stop still was not enough to satisfy this property owner after we parted ways. I was still being closely followed by the shirtless red truck driver after he witnessed the cop talk to me for almost 10 minutes. Obviously, this dog owning property troll was not satisfied with just the cop talking with me. The angry complainer wanted to see more done.

Do you think that complainer cares about my First Amendment Right to record? No. He challenges the constitutional right when he believes that it is not fair to him. This is a constitutional crisis at hand. When we get down to our basic psychology of security and comfort, the Constitution doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter on the streets nearly as much as it matters in the courts. But even then, I have seen judges throw their law books out the window and try to focus more on what they feel sounds reasonable to them at the time. Which, for boot licking judges, the police always have more credibility than everybody else.

So, in this video, I could not reason with the property owner and quote him all the great statutes in the Constituion to convince him that he has these rights. He just sees me as some kind of criminal who could be casing his house (watched Home Alone too many times in a row). The people who do bring up the Constitution in situations are treated like a terrorist group. 

You really have to deal with the persons attitude first before you can start citing the Constitution. Referring to the Constitution. placates nothing for the emotions that are out of control.

Justice Department has a history of launching false investigations to disrupt elections.

Reading Donald Trumps tweet:

got me thinking about a little complaint made in the book, “Decision Points” by George Bush:

“Four days before the election, Lawrence Walsh, the prosecutor investigating the Iran-Contra scandal of the Reagan administration, dropped an indictment on former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger. Indictment dominated the news and halted the campaign momentum. Democratic lawyer Robert Bennett who represented Cap later called the indictment one of the greatest abuses of prosecutorial power.”

Police State influence has gotten out of hand. The judicial system asserts their power in very political ways. How do we slow down the rise of the judicial system power? Take away the qualifications for being a judge. Or at least make the qualifications equal to being a politician. Judges are never very neutral. They tend to protect their own. It’s much easier for a mayor to dispute the judicial system than it is a judge. Because of this, it creates an “Us vs Them” mentality for all people involved in the separate branches. A person should be able to run for Judge just as easily as a person can run for Mayor.
Look at all the popular TV shows that glamorize sitting judges: Judge Judy, Judge Jerk, Judge Blackguy, Judge Cool…. We have put these people too much on a pedestal and worship them too much. They make many terrible decisions and too many people are led with a false belief that the judge made the right call because of their overqualified position.

Muslims don’t give a Damn about Tommy Robinson and his Activism.

Look at the history of the sex slavery trade. A forgotten book was written about it in the 1990s. Did that book change any opinions? Apparently not, because the Muslim sex trade is protected by the British government and thriving better now than ever.

What protections does the judge think are important? It’s more like a cover-up of s problem that has been thriving for decades in Britain, particularly around the Birmingham area. Covering up an incident that is happening in real time does not erase all the history of the sex trade between Muslims. How much is the history of cases relevant to the British courts? There is a pattern of behavior between the Muslim men that is fluid between each case. A reporter could simply collate and stitch a series of cases together to show the same thing is happening over and over and over again.

Look at the reporters who are willing to stick their necks out. Oh wait, you can’t. They get shut down by their corporate bosses. Take Colin Flaherty for example. He effortlessly put together clips from many different news sources of the same repeated behavior of black people. YouTube got fed up that he could produce so much material putting black people on display and he got banned. The U.K., Britain, England is even worse than that. Flaherty only got banned. But Robinson is in jail for how long? 18 months? That’s island politics for you. Good thing that government has no influence in America.

TotalBiscuit the Cynical Brit did not take an active role in changing his diet properly.

He should have started a health vlog to inform us of what he was eating. My guess was that he wasn’t willing to give up the chips and cookies, while sitting at a computer desk for 12 hours a day. He sounded like Steve Jobs, who said that he didn’t even know what a pancreas was in his early 50s. You can pretty much guess that Totalbiscuit knew a lot less about his own body at age 33. It’s sad that he didn’t want to learn how to eat properly.

You know that he was a very bad eater too. He may have kept hidden the things that he put into his mouth. But you can’t hide the end result of your bad diet and lack of exercise. Obesity will always show itself and expose you for your bad choices. It’s not about being lucky or unlucky. It’s about standing up against the sugar manufacturers. You know that the sugar producers will separate themselves as much as possible from his death. The sugar extract manufacturers have years of experience fighting the obesity issues. They have the politicians well-funded who support sugar.

Marco Rubio talked about protecting the sugar industry, which sickens me. Why protect an organization that is actively and obviously causing obesity, which lead to cancers? 

More obese people in their 30s need to take another look at their health. Start by reading about how our pioneer ancestors ate. Read the “Lewis and Clark journals”. They talk much about what they ate.

Read “In Defense of Foods”. I did a book report on it:

Make health vlogs, like me. Be open and honest with yourself:

Too many people leave their health up to “gods will” and need to take a more active role in learning how to find balance in their diets.

What’s worse? Pedophile or Petophile? Imgur and Reddit like to blur the lines.

I keep seeing more and more pictures being upvoted of people snuggling with cats or dogs in intimate ways on Imgur and Reddit. These people celebrate the long lives of their pets and get excited about larger than average pets. These people talk about how their pets are more human than other humans. It’s a disturbing side show that goes unchecked. Don’t these sexual freaks, who talk about how soft their animals feel, think about the consequences of their desires? They are nearly pedophiliacs, but with other animals instead. Just look at the definition and you see the two definitions are almost synonomous with each other:

Pedophiles need to be murdered or abused first and then murdered, or made to suffer the same physical turture that their victims experienced, castigated by their neighbors, have their genitals removed, so they become Eunuchs, given drugs to be made sterile, locked up for life with other pedophiles on a pedophile island that has a high amount of radiation. But the Petophile gets upvoted and praised.

People are snuggling with their cats and might be completely ignorant of other animals being abused in factory farms. Why is one animal so important for emotional release, while another is just a food source that has no emotion? If we judge the animals by the softness of their furs, then we have already caused mass extinction to those animals, like the giant sea otter, beaver, mink, and many other soft-furred animals.

Now people are resolving to act out their sexual fantasies on second-rate fur sources whuke keeping these animals alive for as long as possible to get the maximum joy. Imagine having a renewable source of living soft fur that is always available to snuggle with that can rival human skin.

How many of the pedos have turned to being petos instead? Im sure it can be an easy transition. You see the changes they have made in their habits on 4chan by drawing naked pictures of underage children in sexual positions that aren’t quite human, but close enough to offer some sentiments of satisfactions to our sexual desires. Animals have found a way to enter into this mix of soft skin rubbing satisfaction as well. Do you think our pioneers engaged in so much pet intimacy?

We can’t ingore our sexual desires. Suppressing sex is very unhealthy. But how do you redirect the sexual impulses so that you can reduce the number of victims? Well, children and pets are less likely to tell on you. So, trying to convince a peto and pedo that even though the victims aren’t capabe of telling on them, the action is still wrong. Society cannot get these kinds of victims to speak up either, because they just don’t have the physical development to tattle about sexual misdeeds. Keeping the activity in private to further the idea of, “if I can’t see it then it isn’t happening” mentality will silence many critics. The victims just assume this is normal behavior and things carry on.

We can’t create 100% transparency for everything. But the people are working very hard to make petophilia more acceptable on Imgur.


Children of Fat Moms Cry the Most.

I just confirmed my biased belief again as I was walking into another library. When I hear a publicly upset kid, I have to see what the mom looks like and time and time again, the mom is severely obese. The level of obesity tends to lean towards the extra heavy side, where the mom looks practically incapable of carrying her own weight around, let alone looking after another human being.

Big cities will have more crying, loud kids than small towns. This is a common trend as well. I assume that kids are louder because they have more social interactions, larger groups of people, more noisy cars, more cars that will play music so loud you can hear it a block away. So, when you have a city full of fat people, that is a city with a lot of kids who have more trouble controlling their emotions, especially in public. 

Why should kids be more quiet in smaller towns? They probably emulate what they hear or don’t hear more often. The kids of fat moms in small towns may quietly cry or put up temper tantrums. The same amount of upset energy is there, but they may not feel comfortable with expressing the full capacity of their voices. Maybe it’s because you can hear someone further away in small towns with the reduced background noise.

I think these kids are having a real tough time adjusting to the diets of their fat moms. However, these upset kids also were developing their emotions in their fat moms wombs and consumed many of those “empty calories” in their early development. Due to the high acidic foods that leach tissue, the children of fat moms will come up short on development. Their bodies are forced into more of a survival crisis mode to simply get through the bad diets that are fed by the fat moms.

The sugar extracts business has directly caused many of the emotional public outbursts by kids of fat moms. Yet, people will not choose to put those links together. It’s sickening!