[Video] The Cyst Fan People are almost worse than the ASMR Fan people.

I post a series of videos of me suffering with a cyst and there are people who watch only for the drainage part. These are not genuine people who feel your pain. They are sick, demented people who get off on watching things being squeezed out of other people’s skin. Just read the comment section of these medical cyst videos. Look at the view counts. There audience demand for this kind of “entertainment” far outweighs the videos that the sufferers can provide. 
I haven’t searched yet, and just thought of it. But what if there is some kind of highlight, compilation video of the best drainages out there? OMG, that is disgusting. A compilation of cysts popping one right after another. A video like that would get millions of views. It’s something to think about. 

I’m forming my opinions about this subject recently because of the large number of views my personal cyst videos have gotten, followed by a ton of neg hands. One lady commented that I talk too much. She only cared about the popping. What goes through her mind? These people are turning cyst poppers into “Rock Stars” on YouTube.


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