Vlog: Food Bank food got me sick again. Why do I keep going back?

This is actually the first time I went to this particular food bank. I ask my question because I have went to a lot of different food banks throughout the western US. The majority of them have not gotten me sick. Although, I can avoid some food choices that I believe will get me sick. But who am I fooling, it can be hard to tell what is clean just by looking at it.

This infection felt terrible, sapped my energy for a few days and took away quality time as I fought the infection. The only plus side is that I masturbated a lot more during the sickness. It’s so odd to me how the sickness increases my sex drive. Why does that happen so much? My nerves get a little more sensitive and masturbating suddenly feels better.

I like to think that maybe every orgasm can help eject the infection. Is this possible? That would be crazy if true. I am probably just enjoying some pleasure to help overcome my pain. Perhaps the extra blood rush boost can be helpful, I don’t know. 


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