Drain the Mexican American Swamps in California, USA (Video)

I look at the Mexican populations in Salinas, California and see people who don’t appreciate the area they live in. They act like these cities are Gods gift to them. Many, many Mexicans believe that California still belongs to them. Sure they defeated the Spanish to win California. Sure the Mexicans feel robbed that their win was short-lived, roughly 20 years. Who wouldn’t feel like candy was taken from a baby?

Mexico won California in about 1821. Mexico loses the state to the US in 1849. Ever since then, the Mexicans have been plotting to win the state back. If they can’t win the state by direct war(which will never happen), then they will try other methods. So far, they seem to be building their Mexican Mafias that work within only their own cultures. Ofcourse there are some Mexicans who extend an olive branch to the gringos for good business deals, but ultimately the Mexican operatives in America mostly serve Mexico.

Mexicans don’t care about serving anybody else. They will fight to kick people who are not Mexican out of the state and away from their communities. How are the Mexicans so effective at maintaining their cultures? Because they have their own language and customs they practice between each other. They practice racism by mostly favoring other Mexicans. An outsider does not have a chance in competing within a Mexican community. The American Constituion does not apply to the Mexicans. They can work around it, especially with practicing their own language.


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