Kids seek simple patterns while adults can follow more complicated ones.

As I waited in front of another library, so kid sits near me and starts playing a video on his mobile device. I heard a consistent cheering from the sound and it got me thinking about how kids have difficulty following complicated patterns. They probably are very entertained by simple patterns and find comfort in those patterns. It might give them a sense of control over their small lives. But at what point do they get bored of it? Or can you really get bored of certain observations?

When a kid learns their first word, probably, “daddy”, they can repeat it constantly. The kid might think “daddy” can be applied to everything, until they are taught it’s more complicated than that. The learn the pattern for daddy is very short. It only connects them to their dad. When the child learns more complicated patterns, they understand that there are even more complicated patterns of “daddy” to observe.


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