Who’s Jealous of My Level 8 Rank as a Google Guide? Top Rank Expert Here.

This rank never even existed a few a days ago. But with the update to the Google Maps they added more features for the Googles Guides that are interesting. They didn’t really offer any extra perks of any significance, but certainly gave us bragging rights. They separated the men from the boys in expanding the ranking system. 

I was remained a high level 4 in the end game of further point collection. A lot of other level 4s relished at being in the highest ranking at the time. The only goal after that was just to get as many points as desired without anything in return. It was just about the enjoyment of the process in collecting points. But I wasn’t even sure how the point system worked exactly, since no diagram was easy to find. But it all changed now, giving us a nice, clear perspective on what is going on with the Guide system.


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