(Videos) Driving to the Route 66 Museum and sneaking into the Space Exhibit until caught

I was surprised there was a security guard for the space exhibit. A lady walked past me with an authoritative look, but said nothing. Then a security lady walked in and asked me if I was with the city. I guess she suspected I was not (city meeting being held there at the time). They knew I didn’t pay any $5, but they were so busy that no one was at the front counter when I walked past. I seized the moment by recording as much as I could.

I was thinking about trying to hide when I heard the lady walk by, but she made a strong effort to look around every corner anyway. But, this exhibit really didn’t look like it was worth $5 anyway. Maybe I went the wrong way?


I don’t know if my health is typical, but there is a difference in my health status between my 20 and 40s

This Parkour Pooch got me the most up votes yet on Imgure at 14 votes. There was no sidewalk on this side street so maybe not many people pass by very closely to the dogs yard. He can climb the wall very easily and I was lucky he didn’t spring at me.


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