(Video) Amazing Trains Caves on trail to Hoover Dam, “the engineering marvel”, overlook Lake Mead, Nevada

If you park at the Visitor Center, it’s free to park. About 4 miles from Hoover Dam and 4 miles the other way to Boulder City. This trail was train tracks, turned into an amazing bicycling trail. I record the ride overlooking Lake Mead and through a tunnel. There are heat warnings on parts of the trail. Do not come here in the summer and expect to survive a hike. I have to wonder how the workers, who built the Hoover Dam, handled the intense heat.

There is a surprising amount of vegetation in the immediate area, more than you would expect in a desert. But as the lake continues to recede, so will this vegetation. I believe the plants were probably on a higher level when the lake was 20 feet higher.

Seeing how low the Lake Mead receded, you can understand why St Charles reemerged from the water. I have video of walking around St Charles. It’s amazing how the dam was poorly planned in that it buried a town like St Charles in a watery grave for about 50 years.


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