(Videos) Featured on Liveleak; Boulder City Police; Laser Dental; Hungry Bunnies…

So I have been featured on Liveleak for a fourth time. I have something else to upload next that I think will probably get featured as well. They are 2 videos that happened last year. I just want to point out the hypocrisy of the cops in Meridian. It’s mind boggling to see such differences in police standards.

Ofcourse, I will always have new cop content coming in because trolls can be found in every city and town. It didn’t take long to have a troll call the cops on me for being at the library, when the very troll himself was also at the library. He thinks he is more worthy than me

I never heard of Laser Dentistry before. But I suppose it can work if carefully controlled. I hope cops never use lasers. They have enough trouble controlling their flashlights.

These bunnies seem very dependent on humans. I bet people are feeding them candy and making them addicted to sugar. This disrupts their natural migration patterns. However, human activity has done enough disruption to last for hundreds of years.


Just looking around Boulder City, I see it’s quite a tourist town right now. I feel sorry for the people who want to come here in the summer. The city puts up warnings all over about the heat. It doesn’t take long for the 100 degrees to kill you

I would love for cops to spend a little more time learning what their representatives have said at city councils when the lawmakers decide to enact a new law or change an existing one. I also wish the cities would have to follow Trumps policy that if they create one new law, they have to remove 2 old laws.


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