(Video) Trump block of Muslims will help current American homeless people

If you look at the Boise, Idaho war against the homeless, you see something very shocking. The homeless are bullied out of the city, while refugees are welcomed with warm greeting and open arms. For some reason, many levels of the American government have treated foreign refugees better than American displaced homeless people. There might be a simple psychology that can explain it. I learned or solidified a lesson from a Simpsons episode.

In the Simpsons episode, Homer treated other children better than his own. For some reason he didn’t feel like his own kids appreciated him anymore. But when he took in a new orphan, or became the orphans big brother, he found the orphans interest in Homer to be very endearing. His own kids lost their enthusiasm for the their dad, so meeting new people revitalized Homers spirit.

Perhaps there is a kind of dejection that the city council feels with their local homeless people. Maybe they do feel that bringing in new cultures can spark a different energy within their city. But is it really such a good idea to pull refugees from so far away, who never heard an English word spoken? These safe house cities, like Boise, have taken on too much of an extreme view on changing the culture of their city.

You can welcome people from a couple states away and get a nice revitalization as good, if not better than pulling people in from the other side of the world. Travel brings w nice fresh perspective, and the value of travel doesn’t always relate to the distance you cover. With the speed of travel today, many people don’t even appreciate the distances covered, like our pioneer ancestors.


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