(Video) Extracts of plant material are drugs, especially when solvents are used.

This dependence on drugs has gone into a traditional sense as more generations of families continue to grow up with the drug culture. Nobody can remember a time before drugs now. Unless you live on an isolated island that is not under American influence, your mind has been under the influence of our drug culture since you were born.

In fact, the influence is also likely prevalent before your birth as your mom also had taken some drug of some form to influence your development. How natural are these changes going to shape our physical and mental health? I believe these influences weaken our constitution and turn us into more victims than stronger. In the long run, we don’t know any better alternative and grow weak for more drugs to solve our problems.

Do the Chinese have these drug problems as well? Their culture has embraced Acupuncture and the theories of Chinese Medicine. But, also, many Chinese doctors have found some positive effects with Western Medicine. So, how do the Chinese handle drug theories? I can’t read Chinese, so it’s hard to really know.


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