(Video) Centennial Hills looks to have a bright future for Las Vegas

Looking around, I see a nice relaxed, upscale demographic in this area. People may say that Henderson is probably the safest part of Las Vegas to be, but I think that area might be stuffed with stuffy old rich people, who can make living there unpleasant with all their ordinances to criminalize everything. I was surprised to be harassed by a cop in the Walmart parking lot. They want to separate themselves as far as possible from anything related to being poor in Henderson.

But Centennial Hills is much different. Everything is new , fresh and currently in process of being developed. They are working fast and hard to quickly expand this area. Because it’s so new, the homeless might not even be aware this nice area exists yet. The area has enjoyed the security of obscurity for a while now. I haven’t seen one homeless person there, except myself.

I actually dumpster dived behind the Vonns and got some nice blueberries:

I didn’t see any food banks around this area yet. So the grocery stores are left with dumping their expired foods in the dumpster. Usually dumpster diving will progress into food banks, if my understanding of these circumstances is right. 

There is little trash around the city. It’s very clean. The traffic is light, or just the right amount, in comparison to the rest of Las Vegas.


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