(Video) Should you Car Camp or RV Camp? Advantages and Disadvantages.

Since I only have experience with car camping, I can only speak from that perspective. But I have watched quite a few of these RV camping videos and can imagine vicariously what it must be like for many people. So, comparing the two types of vehicle camping is possible with only having experience with one way. They do have some similarities between them, such as being on 4 wheels.

Size probably makes the biggest difference. How much extra stuff can you carry between an RV and a car? With a car, I have to give up a lot of the luxuries that are afforded with RV life. For example, I can never have a bathroom to call my own. Even with the private bathrooms, where either sex can use it, I will have a time limit to be concerned about. There could always be a group of people who come along and need to use the bathroom while I’m in one. But do I really need to hang out for long periods in a bathroom anyway? That kind of luxury of spending extra time in a bathroom can make me complacent anyway. I don’t really need to stare at myself in the mirror -just look quickly, make sure there is no food on my face or clothes and things look straightened out, then move on.


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