(Video) How many racist comments can I make while in Las Vegas?

I keep seeing things around this city that shock and appal me. My observations keep giving me a keen insight into the behaviors that seem related and driven by racial background. For example, today while trying to get free food at another food bank (I failed), I had to listen to the black preacher read one of his reviews for his church (Vegas View) on Facebook:

I tried to find the website for his church and it didn’t come up in the search.

Before, I listened to this racial review, I made more observations and comments on my own. Then I might have made more racial remarks after. By the looks of things, with where I’m at, I think I will probably be making even more racial remarks in the future. The observations keep coming. 

Facebook has disabled my option to “Boost” my racial videos for some reason. They will not take money to allow me to spread my racist views to others. Oh well, I guess I will have to keep it all to myself. What a lonely racist life I live.


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