(Video) Hero Cops can also be Corrupt Cops Too.

I had a dirty cop give me a ticket for something he decided against a few minutes before. But when I asked for his ID, he decided to arrest me and write me a ticket for the reason he approached me. His attitude completely changed, he didn’t sound professional, he talked about his emotions and how upset that he was with me.

Emotional cops can perform heroic tasks, but they are more likely to be unstable human beings on a psychological level. You can be sure to find great things and awful things come out of their performance while working. This is why people demand that video recordings be allowed for all interactions with cops. The unstable heroes can be better vetted for their performance over the course of their duty.

Hero cops will always step up for the recognition of being called a hero for entering “dangerous” situations. Many have a need to feed their egos. In turn, they want to hide and forget the situations that make them look like the opposite of being a hero. They will blame other people for their bad performances, and use excuses to justify why they made their mistakes.

Cops can experience a wider range of stressful situations. Where they will be and what will happen can be hard to predict from one minute to the next. They experience different levels of challenges. For example, one cop told me that he runs to danger to protect the public. However, I had a lot of run-ins with cops. Am I part of the danger that cops are running towards? It seems so. It feels like I am being counted as part of the statistics for heroic situations that cops face.


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