(Video) Reading Book Covers Reduced my Suicidal Tendencies

While I was suffering severe gut pain, I paced up and down the library aisles to warm up and get the ciruculation going, but having little luck. I puked earlier, which only gave a little relief. The agony was so great that if I did have a gun readily available, it would have been so easy to end the suffering immediately.

But, while I was trying to figure things out in my tired, delirious state, I found some comfort in the book titles on various interesting subjects that I knew nothing about. My curiosities started to overpower my thoughts of death and I found a new kind of will-power.

Lucily, later I finally thought of the heat packs used by Acupuncturists and decided to start warming up my gut artificially. My gut felt cold, painful and dying. The heat from the hand warmers started to turn around my suffering and allowed me to sleep again without pain.

It’s been 3 days since the enormous pain, but it continues to subside every day. Google Search said that it can take a week for my digestion to get back to normal, so it seems that my symptoms are very much in line with the medical advice.


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