(Video) Food Poisoning shut down my Middle Burner

I didn’t realize how important it was to artificially heat up my middle burner. It was extremely painful and felt dead. I suffered from about 4am to 12 noon before realizing that I was not getting any better with anything that I was doing.

When I first started feeling stomach pain, I got on the internet at maybe 7 am. All I did was type into Google Search, ‘stomach flu” The immediate advice was to consume ginger, rest and stay hydrated. This was not good enough advice. I was not immediately getting any better.

The Chinese Medicine approach works best under these types of diseases. Western medical advice fails for these kinds of sicknesses. Maybe people would argue that I mislabeled the disease and that is why I had a misdiagnosis. This could be true, but not every disease is really that much different from the other. Many times similar diseases can overlap in symptoms, which can allow you to overlap the treatment as well.

To be clear, my stomach was in absolute pain. My face grew white from the suffering. A flu can appear similar to food poisoning. Either one of these cases can be treated with warming the guy. I got bad advice from Google search initially.

If you want better advice from Google search for health ailments, you need to fit Chinese Medicine into the search as well. Western medicine fails on so many levels. If I stuck with the Western advice, I would still struggling with a lot of pain right now.




9 thoughts on “(Video) Food Poisoning shut down my Middle Burner

  1. Aluminum has been around for the entire history of mankind …. as aluminosilicates. “Alumina and silica are two of the most common compounds in the Earth’s crust and, as a result, they form some of the most common minerals on Earth.” Humans have been drinking water that has passed through aluminum containing clay and soils for a very long time. I limit my aluminum exposure too….even though humans have been exposed to aluminum for a million years. I drink white/green tea and avoid black tea.

    People who get copper toxicity are people who consume too much copper. Some common ways to get too much copper are drinking water which has passed through copper pipes. When I lived in the Pacific Northwest in houses that had copper pipes, I had to run the tap water for several minutes each morning before using the water to limit the amount of copper ingested. I am told that hot showers are a big component of daily copper intake from the steam containing copper.

    Vitamin supplements contain a lot of copper. One way I limit my copper exposure is by not chewing on copper/cadmium wires or sticking them up my nose.

    • How is your health? You probably understand that you have absolutely no credibility with me. Dr Weil has credibility, you don’t. I just read his views on copper, and he is as frightened of the metal as you and your groups are.

      I have read that arsenic is found in impure copper, which causes problems. Maybe your fears lie more in arsenic?

  2. My health is fine….I don’t suck copper wires or sleep on neodymium magnets for good health. My essential copper comes from legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, whole grains, etc. which are “natural” sources of copper somewhat free of lead, cadmium, arsenic, tin, iron, etc. … impurities found in copper wire.
    I also don’t have “abdominal pain” caused by copper toxicity….

    I do fear arsenic …. which is present in my drinking water in my Westport Wa. water supply at near toxic levels. Best to drink “pure Aberdeen drinking water” …. bought from the Aberdeen Walmart for $1/gal …. home of the famous “Walmart train derailment” …. news of which has now been censored because our “World famous news reporter” can’t get his act together.

    LOL! LOL!

    • Ocean City water is much much worse than Westport. Seems strange to me because Ocean City more expensive residences.

      Aluminum tended to be much harder to find in large chunks, compared to copper. I found a book title, “The Northwest Passage” in the Ocean City library dumpster. This book, which was a work of fiction, still used historical references, to give the story more credibility (which you can have a hard time doing). They mentioned, “hillsides covered in copper” in the 1700s. Let me add that people are still find sizeable chunks of copper today. Go to any gem and mineral show. Aluminum maybe seem to be easy to find, but there was no “Aluminum age”. It probably got overshadowed by the steel age. Humans have much less exposure to aluminum than we do copper.

      The reports of water keeping it freshness in copper pots or throwing a silver coin to clean the water are true. I placed a slug in a copper cup and recorded the events. Unfortunately, that video was terminated for copyright. But the slug couldn’t move.

      Copper is toxic to many things, yes, that is true. But some animals develop a tolerance for the metal too. Can you believe there are bugs that can infest a tobacco field with no ill-effects?

  3. Humans do have exposure to aluminum and the effect is detrimental like with copper exposure ….if you want a wad of aluminum to ingest, forget chewing on an aluminum wire and just eat cheese….


    If you want to ingest a large amount of toxic arsenic …. eat chicken!

    As for slugs…. make sure you don’t cook them in copper …. or you could get eosinophilic meningitis and copper poisoning!


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