False Copyright Claims on YouTube Look Easy to Do

There is such a thick layer of bot activity to handle small matters, and it’s not perfect. People with small channels on YouTube will have a harder time protesting against the false claims. In legal jargon you can also call them frivolous claims. Either way, the plaintiffs claim can be made on any video on YouTube. Because YouTube takes claims seriously, they remove the videos that are claimed automatically. The bots instantly take the videos down and let the content creator decide how to respond after that.

YouTube has a volatile history in the legal courts with copyright claims. In order to keep the website up and running efficiently, YouTube will take the side of the false claimants prematurely. When the defendants make a protest that the claim is not true, then it’s the plaintiffs who need to prove that they own the content. This is where many claimant trolls fall short.

For example, my claimant is focusing on my homelessness as their reason that my channel needs to stay down. It’s a petty argument that does allow the claimant to hold my channels hostage for a longer period of time. People who hold channels or videos hostage are criminals. Holding something hostage is a criminal act in any culture. No matter what your cause is, the majority of courts will insist on bringing up the criminality of the situation.


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