(Video) Police treat people like wild animals in Las Vegas. Skilled Hunter attitudes

People argue that the police are turning into soldiers who treat the public like enemy combatants. But in my experience, the cops treat me more like wild prey. I don’t see the battles between two large armies going on with cops. We aren’t exactly at the stage where cops are fully soldiers yet. There aren’t many people fighting back against the police brutalities. Maybe we see some soldier activities during the more violent protests, but that’s about it.

Police seem more like hunters to me. When they got me in their sights, then the hunt begins. They can decide to ticket me  and let me go, or shoot me, possibly chase me if I decide to run. At the very least they have to disable their prey during the time of capture. The cops decide whether they think you are too wild or not to be released back into the public. 

Hunters don’t have to identify else lives to their prey. All they have to say is I’m the Hunter, look at my outfit. The outfit defines who I am. But I ask who are you when you take off the uniform then? Do you magically become an entirely different person? You are still a hunter by training.


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