(Video) “The Thrill of the Hunt” Online is a real psychological thriller

When you post online, you are weakening your defenses by giving away valuable information about yourself to strangers. It can be compared to a wild animal stepping out of hiding and into a hunters view. Human motivation comes from tracking prey and learning about it. Mimicking it, learning animal calls to lure it into a trap, toying with it. 

Hunters don’t always hunt for necessity. When he is well-fed, he doesn’t just stop hunting. He continues hunting for sport. That is why humans have put so many different animals on the extinction list. What is left to give a natural born predator their “thrill of the hunt”? Hunting other people. Preying on the weak and vulnerable. People who post their lives and vlogs are a different sort of prey that require different techniques for the hunt. But humans are very adaptable. Just look at how satisfying video games have become for so many people, in place of actually engaging in real physical war.

The man, Guciffer, could have been a successful hunter 100 years ago, but technology has changed his behavior. Like many people similar to him, they don’t have to travel very far to achieve a thrill in stalking their prey. In fact, one advantage of of having computers available is that less physical people can watch their preys movements on the Internet easier.


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