Website schizophrenia. How one person acts different on websites

This example comes from one of my sisters. It confounds me to think she can say so many strange things online, but that seems to have been the case. Whether it really was her though is the real question, because I can’t tell the difference and have to assume someone was commenting on her behalf over time.

The one thing I’m failing to do that really enhances her multiple online personalities is not calling her and actually hearing her voice. I haven’t actually talked to her in years, since I left Wisconsin, about 3 years ago. We haven’t really talked. In the past when we did talk, it was somewhat respectful of each, but not exactly cordial. I would hear her speak unflstteringly of other people at times. Her opinions were mixed and it could be hard to tell who she really supported when it came to conflict.

That’s why I am confused. In the past we have had disagreements and agreements. It was nice to reminiscent of our childhood, but our current lifestyles were of complete despair. I would be told of enough despair in her messages to me from time to time. She would tell me to give up and kill myself. Or my car was going to break down. There was a clear message that my life was going nowhere and her simple answer was to prod me into ending the hard life already.

She has never told me to kill myself while we have talked face to face. These messages have only been online, although, when under the influence of alcohol, she could get surly. She would drink herself into such a stupor that she claimed to forget what she even said the next day. Her blackouts were not exactly like passing out. She would be able to hold a conversation, but just not remember saying anything the next day. I would find it very disturbing if I couldn’t remember whole topics of conversation. 


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