How the Younow Trolls can take down your YouTube Channel

This is what I believe happened to me. I had over 3k videos and there was a lot to work with in that regard. Even though YouTube has a 3 month clause for copyright strikes, that doesn’t matter if the trolls know how to properly trip the system into believing that you suddenly started posting back to back copyrighted materials. 

All the trolls had to do was find 3 questionable videos out of the 3000 and also over a 4 year course of time and then file copyright complaints all within a week. There was no due course of time with the 3 month grace period, the website simply has to end the channel.

There is no reason or logic built into the system. That is something that needs to be argued in a courtroom in front of a judge instead.


4 thoughts on “How the Younow Trolls can take down your YouTube Channel

  1. You used McIntosh as your own puppet, you coward img criminals. The Striesand effect has made a bigger impact on his life now than he expected. You guys must have had him eating out of your hands before my channel shut down. But now, he took down his Facebook and has to hide even more than he was because of your SJW efforts. But you Younow trolls don’t even bat an eye at his poor unintended consequences.

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