Hurts to get kicked out of the library for smelling bad, while homeless

They want me to correct my bad smell, but how do they expect me to do it? I can’t just run to a shower. I could look for a laundromat though, I do have some spare change. But it’s such a hassle digging through my car in public. I’m just lazy. It’s not too often that I get kicked out of a library for smelling offensive, so this is really embarrassing. I pissed off the security guard earlier in the day when I was sitting in the “out of bounds area”. This is in Windmill, Nevada by the way, only a few miles south of the Las Vegas strip. I was planning on bicycling from this spot up the strip again, but that won’t work now.

With a security guard, who knows me now and obviously doesn’t like me, I can’t return. I don’t want to deal with his attitude either. I thought it was so stupid to be told I was in the wrong spot at the library. He only allows people in the front, while waiting for the library to open. It’s such a prison system mentality at this southern library. The whole area around Las Vegas really seems like such a prison.

If you go to the Las Vegas strip, they herd people like cattle. It’s such a tourist trap. They keep a very tight regulation over people in Las Vegas. More security, higher walls, more gates for cars, more protected neighborhoods. This city is on a serious lockdown. It must affect the locals in a unique way.


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