Disorderly conduct charges based on lawful business is unconstitutional 

We all have human rights, but cities are encroaching on our human rights through the standardization of city codes and ordinances. The president may seem to have ultimate authority over the people, but it’s the cities who carry the most serious charges against peaceful people.

The worst example of city ordinances that I have ever come across was Seaside, Oregon who gives out $700 fines to people who sleep in their cars, even during the day. They violate human rights and get away with it because they have cops who run people out of the city. I had a regular citizen who brandished his guns in front of me and asked me if I lurched towards his property.

But the lawful business charges impede on reasonable commerce. I have s habit of parking in one parking lot and walking around to other businesses. However, lawful business charges make this exercise illegal and troublesome. I am breaking the law by leaving my car at one business and walking to another or several others. The law has gone too far.


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