Why would my car throttle even come down if there was an air leak?

If there was a leak of extra air coming in through a hose, it would be a consistent source of air and cause a more consistent problem, right? But my throttle does still manage to come down in RPMs after a few seconds of being on idle. It’s not like the air flow has been regulated any different. Perhaps something else is affecting the throttle for it to act wildly: https://youtu.be/C6K644rvycA

I have had trouble with the electrical wiring for years in odd ways. The first case was when I noticed my battery being weak and needing to be replaced every year. I was told that cells were broken in past batteries. What would break those cells exactly? 

Then later my dashboard acted strangely with blinking lights. I was confused as to what the problem could be. Because one time my odometer kept resetting and I was advised to add more brake fluid, which was low, and it worked. The odometer stopped resetting on its own. I was amazed at the power of brake fluid and had later occurances where other strange things happened that also were cured with brake fluid.

The car has one of the most elaborate air intake systems around. I’m not sure if that strengthens it more or not. But I have never tried stressing it out by racing anyone or overevving the engine. The parts would have to be defective if they break under my care.

Could the electrical system be getting worse in the car? I can only ignore the problem for so long.


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