How do people appreciate financial saving stories

For example,

When the fledgling ski area was struggling to pay its debts in 1953,[15] Simplot bought its ski lifts and other mountain improvements from the Kingcliffe Co.[2] and leased them back to the Bogus Basin Recreational Association for $1,500 per year for ten years.[3] His intervention averted almost certain financial demise and won the everlasting gratitude of a generation of skiers.

What really happens if this ski mountain goes bankrupt? Is it really that bad? It’s not like the humans can bulldoze a mountain down and turn it into a golf course instead. It’s just a piece of geography that was used for a specific purpose, which, frankly, shuts out use for other purposes, thereby making it a very biased area against certain activities.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for people and businesses that think they need some kind of financial bailout. I don’t appreciate most of the stories. To me, life will continue to keep moving on anyways and people will learn to live with the setbacks. Nature does not care if you are in debt. In fact, debt is an advantage for nature, since you can’t afford to tear up a piece of certain geography anymore -which gives life a chance to grow back.

We probably need more debt and austerity in society to help give nature a better chance at survival against the humans.


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