Chief Bigfoot was an Indian Terrorist in Parma, Idaho

There are stories about this Indian that scared many travelers coming through Idaho. He was a killer and criminal who alluded police because of his high mobility and supportive terrorist network.

Here is a statue dedicated to commemorating his legacy of being a terrorist. There is no debate about this statue or his memory. However, there is a lot of debate over the Ten Commandments monoliths that stand in some public parks:


Here is the monolith:

Ten Commandments in a public park. Oh the humanity. #Parma #Idaho

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The story of Bigfoot is fascinating and maybe a little more exciting to fantasize about than the rules of living as instilled by the Ten Commandments:

I have to ask what people find more appealing to see as a statue in a park. Would they prefer to see a statue of a killer, or the Bible rules?


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