Small towns are no escape from environmental pollution

I have been to big cities that feel clean and big cities that make me sick. I have also been to small towns that feel healthy and small towns that also make me sick. Before entering a few towns in Idaho, I usually assumed that small towns tend to be healthy. But the central towns of Idaho have sapped my energy and made my heart race. The northern Idaho towns seem ok, but anywhere from Weiser down south has been a lot of trouble for me.

As I sit in Parma, Idaho, I notice my energy struggling again. My heart is racing and my head feels heavy like it is on the verge of another headache. Anything east of the Snake River (borders Oregon and Idaho) has felt very toxic for me. I want to travel further east, but can I find relief from these toxic symptoms further east? How far in do I need to go?

It took me almost 2 weeks to figure out why I was feeling so ill. I blamed my problems on my diet mostly and tried to change it frequently in hopes for getting relief. As much as it is helpful to have a nice varied diet, it failed to cure me of my ill feelings. I had to focus on the diet first, since I can be in more direct control of it.

It wasn’t until I noticed that my health problems were getting worse at night that I realized the environment of western Iowa is toxic. Most people sleep in their homes at night, while sleep in my car. I don’t heat my car and just endure the cold air. While I am out in the cold, everyone else burns their trash to warm their homes. They are protected from breathing in all the toxic fumes at night, mostly. I am more vulnerable to the toxins because of that difference in lifestyle.


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