Food Stamps aka Fence Insurance ensures that farmers control food production

I see a lot of vegetation that goes unpicked in fenced-in areas a lot. It’s very tempting to cross the fence or cut it down to get through to the fresh food. But then I think that I do have food stamps to help offset my food costs, so I avoid destroying that farmers fence and make due with the free handout. However, times are slowly changing…

Food prices are going up. Food manufacturers are doing nothing to remove added sugar to make more foods healthy. The grocery stores simply prefer sugar added foods over other healthier choices. The food, in general, is getting sicker, from the tomatoes getting harder, to the chicken getting softer.

The centrally controlled food production is destroying a generation of kids growing with their greed. The health problems people suffer today are vastly different tha 150 years ago in America. People aren’t dying from the excess, they are dying from drug overdoses. The drugs are put into food to flavor them and make them more addiction. The drugs are not just prescription medication or even illegal black market drugs. They are legally injected into the foods.

How most Americans define drugs is very different than how other countries define them. The food manufacturers have lobbied very hard on the Internet to define what a drug is. They don’t need to turn their attention directly to the White House as much as they used to. The drug manufacturers can to to the social media.

One hard argument to make about going back to nature with food is that just cooking a wheat berry is not very tasty. I agree it does need some mechanical processing. But mechanical processing is as far as the food production should go. When they start using chemical extractions, it should no longer be classified as food anymore, it’s a drug.

Because the grocery stores sell more drugs than a drug store, people need to start considering cutting down fences to make their own food again to get healthier. The farmers have allowed their produce to get injected with drugs and the grocery stores are drug sellers.


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