Cheaper gas could be an experiment for global warming

If car pollution is supposed to contribute to global warming, but there are still some skeptics, just lower the cost of gas. Encouraging people to drive more with the warnings of pollution doesn’t seem to affect the individual. We have a tendency to not think of ourselves as the problem with global warming. It’s the other guy who drives an SUV that is causing more problems with pollution.

The military tends to use a large amount of chemicals to function. They don’t even feel responsible for the environment either because the government authorizes the soldier to use whatever fuel is needed to train. You can’t have a good army without investing a lot of energy into them. They have to feel like their is no restriction to their limits to succeed. How effectively can a soldier fight if they have to worry about conserving energy.

It doesn’t take gas to travel. People might be said to travel more with cheaper gas, but that doesn’t mean it is necessary. Gas was never needed in the past and people could travel for many miles. The big difference was that our ancestors could live off the land and eat new foods as they traveled. But today fewer people can eat off the land and grew more dependent on a car to get them to a grocery store. In fact, eating off the land is more dangerous than ever.

If the Muslims have been the biggest factor in lowered gas prices, you know they don’t care about the pollution and global warming effect. in’shalla. It is gods will. Our human nature compels us to take advantage of the deals. Even if the cheaper product makes no sense, we still want to take advantage of the situation. Cheaper gas clearly means we can drive more and buy bigger cars. Think about the short term gains and worry about global warming later. It’s more fun to beg for forgiveness later. 

The threat of global warming is not like the threat of a spider. Many people can’t relax when a spider is nearby. They will not say it is gods will, they will takes measures to personally destroy that spiders life. But you can’t destroy the life of global warming. It really feels like it is in gods hands. But that is the vulnerable default in our human psychology.


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