Using Human Psychology to deter coyotes doesn’t work

I recently saw a bunch of dead coyotes hanging on a fence at 10 minutes into this video:

But coyotes think differently from humans. The coyote can’t comprehend that a human tied a dead coyote to the fence post. The coyote doesn’t even have the ability to learn how to tie a good knot. Why would they learn about knots if they don’t have the ability to even make a knot?

Humans make the constant mistake of applying our own psychology to other animals that look very different from us. That is a major weakness that we all share. To understand a coyote, you have to watch and learn from it.

Did someone actually study coyotes and see that they walk far around other dead coyotes? That would be interesting information to bring to light. I never read about any coyote whisperers before, although, there is a dog whisperer and has knowledge about dogs can be applied to coyotes a little bit. They are all canines first.

Here I talk about the dead coyote graveyard. I think the guy who is hanging the coyotes is a very sick person:


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