Ted Cruz birther issue can decide Abortion rights once and for all.

Between the moment that Ted Cruz was conceived and his birth lies the great debate over abortion. Many people might argue that life begins in the third trimester, which if Cruz was located in the US at the time could give him more of a natural birth right to US Citizenship. We need to look at the complete history of his conception. Where were his parents located when they made love?

Was Ted Cruz also conceived in Canada as well? Or did the duty happen in the US and his fetus was taken to Canada? There are many questions to ask about the complete details surrounding the whole creation of Ted Cruz. His early development was influenced by Canadian resources. He drank the water, ate the food, and was exposed (through his mother) to the environment of Canada. The Canadian environment is very unique from the US, and as we see from how Canadians act, we can tell that they are different in many ways.

Perhaps the doctors use different methods of delivery that are specifically Canadian. Free healthcare will tend to relax mothers a little more than moms who worry about all the costs. This kind of stress will affect the babies morale as well. Early influences in life can have long lasting effects.


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