Baker City Library is run by trolls; Oregon; Hearthstone & 4chan blocked

I have never come across the problem where I can log on to the Hearthstone game but be blocked from playing against other people. The library tech support allows me to look at my cards, but I am not allowed to connect with others to play. All of the other libraries I have been to will block the game outright. Not Baker City library. They prefer to tease and confuse the computer user. But after about 4 tries, I see that it’s the library that is causing my disconnects. Those are 4 forfeits in the game. If I kept trying and forfeiting, Blizzard will take away my ability to earn gold for wins. So, it’s a good idea to quit trying early on to prevent that safety mechanic.

I played around with forfeiting games as soon as they start in the past. I learned that after enough of those forfeits, the wins afterward yielded no gold. This encourages you to play the game all the way through. Although, Blizzard will not penaliz you if you forfeit at the end if it’s clear you will lose. I never got penalized for late game forfeits.

When I checked to see if 4chan was available, it is not at this library. Not many libraries block 4chan. So you know the tech crew here are real trolls when they pull this kind of shenanigans. I don’t agree with their blocking of websites and the online gaming, but that is their choice. If no one complains, then it probably appears that most people support the decision of the tech crew.

I really hate these libraries that restrict user wifi access. The librarians will probably say that if I don’t like it, then I can go elsewhere.mi think that is a great suggestion. I know that not all libraries are created equal. Some libraries are much less equal than others for wifi access.


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