Most hills are privately owned or controlled by the government

It’s very hard to enjoy climbing a nice hill these days without having to deal with traffic blaring by or some property owner waiting to catch you, while holding a shotgun. The upper 1% know how valuable that hills and mountains are to the public. Most rich people are not willing to give this upper land to anyone else. No matter how scenic the view, the rich people would rather be the only ones to enjoy for themselves and a few select guests. How elitist.

I feel bad about crossing into private property to capture a better view from a hill. When the owner looks like they poorly protect a portion of their valuable property, I will take advantage of their lack of security. You have to look for evidence of property owner activity. This usually comes in the form of some kind of tire tracks, since they tend to be lazy and have to drive something over their property usually, such as a 4 wheeler or car.

Part of the reason the property owner marks their territory with fences is because they know how damaging the 4 wheelers can be.


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