Where Hops Grow Well, so should Marijuana

Yakima Valley claims to be the be most productive hop growing area in the entire country, according to this link. If that is the case, they also have great potential to be the best marijuana growing area as well. The plants are cousins and you can successfully graft a hops root to majuana aerial parts and it survive as a hybrid.

It looks like most places along the east side of the Cascade Range is an excellent area to grow many different kinds of farm plants. From what I have seen the main crop is apples, hops, and grapes. There are acres and acres of these trees and vines through the region stacked up in long rows.

Here is a little drive, very close to the Cascade Range, where you can see the large farm operations:

Food processing factories can be found in every major city around this area as well. They have a strong system set up to process the single fruits, such as apples. Also, I saw a sign signifying that Yakima is a protected area from a particular worm. They go to great lengths to keep an invasive worm out of the orchards, since they are so vulnerable. It would be like an act of terrorism to bring in such a worm.

Further east of the Cascade range, you find more hops farms than apple orchards. Here, between Grandview and Prosser I see alot of hops farms:

One thing that has me wondering is how the Yakama Nation Indians are looking at the strong farming conditions in their territory. Have they taken advantage of the growing too? I feel like such an intruder to investigate their land. They own a very generous portion of the Cascade Range in Washington.


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