Parking Position in Large Cities to Maximize Walking

I don’t want to walk too much, but I recognize the need to always get in a good walk to arrive at a destination. Peoples standards are all different. I think people have gotten too lazy with their walking standards, compared to the time before cars.

Every place I park and walk further, I feel annoyed by all the other cars passing me by. I have to deal with the noises, dangerous driving, air pollution, and litter that comes from all the car crashes. In many places I will see tire marks in the spot that I have to walk, which is very disturbing.

I usually feel guilty parking at a business and then walking right off their property to go somewhere else. I put myself at risk for getting towed away at any time. Many of these businesses love to display their tow truck signs to warn customers of what they are capable of.

It doesn’t seem fair that we have to be so dependent on cars and have to drive exactly to the parking lot of the business that we want to visit. But the way to system is designed is to force us to stay near our car at all costs. But, I’m comfortable with walking a good 3 miles away from my car at any time. I live without a house and my car isn’t that great of a shelter anyway.

I do heavily rely on my car for a lot of functions in my life. But that doesn’t mean that I need to be attached at the hip to my car. I should be able to comfortably forget about it most of the day if I have to. But I always go back to it because it carries most of the stuff that I’m unable to carry by hand. My car is like my mule.


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