Federal Government encourages mass shootings

If you look at the map of Washington and Oregon, you will see the federal government owns over 40% of each state. Areas that are designated to be National Forests do not allow people to live in them. Because so much land is illegal to build a home on, people are forced to live closer to each other in concentrated areas, such as large cities. With more congestion in highly populated areas comes larger explosions of violence that can affect more people in a shorter period of time.

If the government would withdraw its protected lands, then people could sprawl out better and reduce the risk of mass violence. The property laws have turned our country into a virtual prison.

Police will harass you at night for curfew issues. cameras cover property lines. Fences and gates are around more places these days than at any other point in human history.

Sure, there may be more trees on the earth than 100 years ago, but part of the reason for this could be because more places are fenced off from public access. Is it really that positive for the growth of humanity to wall humans off from places?

The green areas are all government owned & “protected” property in Washington. People don’t have a lot of room to live here:

bandicam 2015-12-15 15-08-34-054.jpg


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