Comparing Yakima Valley Library to Timberline Regional Library. YKL vs TRL

Yakima Valley Library tech crew supports pornography, but requires a password. They don’t allow access to any gaming platforms online (such as Warcraft) and limit how many devices you can use.  Why does the tech support have so many weird limitations? I can only guess that it’s a personal choice. They must think porn is ok, but games are not. They think that fewer devices being used at their libraries is better too.

I just left the Timberline Regional Library system, which has completely different priorities: all porn websites are banned under TRL, they don’t require any password, Internet access shuts down between 12 and 6am, and they allow game play. 

There is a large difference on either side of the mountain. I hated that TRL was so restrictive, but Yakima Valley Library looks to be even worse, in a different way, than Timberline Regional, in my opinion.


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