Saying “I don’t know” gets you arrested or paid.

On the same day that I was harassed by a cop, and talked to a road crew member, there were 2 different instances where saying, “I don’t know” led to different outcomes on different circumstances. But there are some similarities as well.

When I told the cop, “I don’t know” I felt justified in telling him that and it was a good enough response. But when I got the response, “I don’t know” I felt annoyed by the answer. I suppose the cop was annoyed by my response as well. When trying to quickly get information and being delayed with deflecting responses can be frustrating.

But, depending on the situation and who is in power, the questioner can respond in different ways. The cop who questioned me decided to issue me a “No Trespassing” order from the library property. While, on the other hand, all I could do was try to be more creative in breaking through the “I don’t know” response.

Here is the cop harassing me in Packwood, WA:

And here is my conversation with the road crew at White Pass, Washington:


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