Thermal Cooking is great for Homeless People, but it’s tricky

A lot of people may not understand all the science that is involved with cooking. There are many factors to consider such as the hardness of the water, your land elevation, salt, type of food, and so on… The factors may seem endless. This is why it’s best to negotiate all the necessary knowledge and just chunk some ideas together so that it all fits better for your lifestyle. There are some things we don’t need to be too concerned about if we don’t have much variety in our lifestyles anyway. The people who try to live with the most variety in their cooking need to be the most knowledgeable. But the need for expanded variety is just pure vanity anyway. Most of us can get along with more simple knowledge and repeating that in our heads over and over again until we get it right and stay on track.

I think adding magnets into your homeless cooking lifestyle can still help you maintain your simple lifestyle with cooking and also enhance your results. Let me introduce it here: 


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