Donating Blood, Bloodletting, and Cutters: What is the difference?

They all reach the same kinds of results -losing blood, albeit in different ways. Yet, one form is considered more acceptable than the others. Why is that? When losing blood can help relieve symptoms of a disease, why not accept all practices of losing blood? Here are some reasons:

Donating blood can help save a life. Although, many times the extra blood is thrown down the drain from not being used. I saw a statistic that 1 in 20 bags get wasted on average. This isn’t a fact that is widely spread around as the donor doesn’t want to hear it. They would rather think that their blood is going towards saving a life.

But there are personal health benefits that come with donating blood. The concrete evidence that physicians stand behind is that iron levels get reduced and that iron can form free radicals and be toxic to the body. The doctor will recognize toxicity in the body from iron, but they ignore other detoxification procedures, such as herbal therapy. Doctors cannot profit off herbal therapy.

However, doctors are profiting off of donated blood. They can make around $200 per pint of free donated blood. So, it’s in their best interest in harvesting blood for charity -not paying the donors a dime. They sell the donors on the fact that they get a free medical check-up to recognize early signs of a disease. Although, doctors largely ignore early signs of disease anyway. They are more trained to tackle major disease, which is more concrete.

Why bother donating blood when it serves the self-interest an expensive medical system that most poor people cannot afford anyway?

Bloodletting has a long history in Western culture, but seemed to have been abandoned by the early 1900s, largely because of a different understanding of disease. The medical professionals starting throwing every old procedure out the window if it was tied in with the old way of thinking. This is unfortunate.

Bloodletting is associated with infections, dirtiness, disease-spreading and everything that Medicine Doctors who are untrained delve into. There is little profit to be realied with bloodletting, except for an herbal remedy that the doctor could sell to the patient. All of these procedures usually required the doctor to come to the patients home, or meet somewhere discrete.

The cutters are the most dangerous bloodletting group of people. They have no discipline with their cutting practices. They cut themselves out of an emotional problem. They cut risky sections of their bodies. They may have mental problems. I think if they could recieve better training with cutting themselves, they could enjoy their cutting rituals and self-harm in better ways. I wouldn’t encourage them to stop what they are doing -just develop a healthier approach to their passions.


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